'Prank' Sent Teacher To Hospital Fighting For Her Life After Allergic Reaction

By Lisa Rantala

What may have been considered a prank by a group of middle-schoolers could have cost an art teacher her life. All of the students involved are just 12 and 13 years old, but school security said they were well aware their teacher had a serious allergy when it was used against her last school year.

"That could be attempted murder," a Columbus City Schools (CCS) security officer is heard telling Columbus Police officers in a body camera video. The call about the attack came from Starling K-8 school last November. On the video, the security officer is seen escorting police to the art teacher's door where signs stating "Banana Free Zone" are posted. Another sign instructs students to wash their hands if they've eaten a banana that day.


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I'm surprised it didn't happen her first day

Normal people don’t deliberately endanger the lives of others you sociopathic fuck.

Normal people aren't deathly allergic to bananas.

Yes but she works at an elementary school, not a university. Kids eat bananas and don't understand this shit.

MIDDLE school, not elementary. These aren't toddlers or kindergarteners; they're preteens and early teens aged ~10-14. That's more than old enough to understand life and death and what allergies are. They didn't make a mistake and forget to wash their hands; they deliberately put banana on things she would touch and then threw them at her. This should be treated exactly the same as if this had been a person with no allergies, and the kids threw acid or poison.

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She must be too stupid to move or not to work in that school.

Columbus City Schools. Fully africanized and likely full of conscienceless, low-impulse control sociopaths.

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You must have hung around with really dumb fuckin' kids when you were little. Kids know what it means to be allergic to bee stings, peanuts, latex, all kinds of shit. Bananas is one I personally never heard of but a five year old is smart enough to know that if someone will get seriously ill from being near bananas then smearing them on doorknobs and throwing them at them is seriously fucked up shit you just never do.

Teacher allergic to chimp food works with chimps

Why did she choose to work as

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We need to actually solve allergies someday. Like how we’re solving flu - there’s clinical trials of a new flu vaccine out, which should be excellent for reducing lost productivity throughout the economy. If you think I’m speaking irrelevantly, imagine the lost productivity from teachers alone.

Well imagine my shock

It's not called Killumbus for nothing

As somebody who suffers from alleries, I agree.
I wouldn't want to pass on this kind of suffering to my children.

Being allergic to things you make you unfit to ever breed

K-8 means to the eighth grade m8, as in 13 year olds tops.

Yeah m8, don’t trust the medicinal jew. Even if you take a greivous injury and they fix you up right, they’ll still prescribe you some painkiller designed to get you addicted. It’s one of the most insidious things going on in America right now honestly. Just how controlled our medical fields are by money

Those kids were 12-13, they understood, or should have.

What? They are, sure they may be uneducated negros. But even when I was 6 I understood that being allergic simply meant they cannot be around that thing. I wasn’t allergic to anything growing up, I didn’t find out that I was actually allergic to nickel until I was 20.

Everyone is allergic to nickel.

You actually wrote this, user.

You could say her over active immune system went bananas

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How does that contradict the post you responded to?

It is a nigger school so they don't understand this shit.


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If you're going to work in a school and are allergic to bananas, the last people you want to deal with are niggers.
I agree these apes tried to kill her. At that age they are usually at their most aggressive

Jews are not white. Fuck that teacher.

I'd say that if you have allergy that severe, you maybe should not teach in school, because it's full of stupid and immature kids..


No no, they just all thought the sign told them to bring their ban(d)anas TO class

Was she white? If so, arrest the children. If not, this isn't news.

Do you really believe that or are you just trying to start shit?

To be fair, she should have known better than to deny bananas to lower primates.

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Dayum. I have an allergy to bananas as well.
Wasn't always allergic towards them. In fact it used to be one of my favourite fruits. But some time in my early 20s I started getting reactions towards it and each time I tried to eat them again just to be sure it wasn't just a coincidence it got worse and worse.

You can avoid that by being careful but she wasn't being careful and where she worked in is a nigger school. The niggers are not bright students so it is likely they thought the banana allergy is to mock them for being niggers.

If the hope of you staying alive because of a serious allergy rests on the empathy of a gaggle of dindus… you're in trouble.

peanuts were the first violent allergy in schools. it's been a cash crop for a long time.

incredibly cheap labour. that's all they cared about. agreed, should've never been brought over.

Anyway, I think there is a possibility that they hire her on the purpose to kill her legally without lifting a finger. What do you think?

If by ten someone doesn't understand the finality of death, they are either woefully uneducated or mentally deficient.

If you are allergic to bananas, WHY ARE YOU WORKING WITH CHILDREN.

"Because I really want to" doesn't change shit.

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this tbh
care to refute?

She's an "art" teacher at an elementary school. Clearly her aspirations were low.

12 year old's are not normal people, they don't know, or probably wouldn't believe that someone could be that allergic to anything.

Many teachers retired or change their career after they worked in the nigger schools. It is a big redpill for the inspiring teachers. I agree with anons about her. She really shouldn't work at the school if she is allergic to the banana. I wonder who hired her to work as an teacher?

what's the demographics?
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