Cuba, China Join Forces to Create ‘International Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence’

By John Hayward

Cuban and Chinese universities are moving forward with the creation of a joint “International Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence.” The project is intended to bring economic benefits to ailing Cuba while enlisting more scientists in China’s bid to achieve AI dominance, the countries confirmed this week.

The project is headed up by Cuba’s Camagüey University and the Hebei University of International Studies in China, although most of Cuba’s top universities and tech academies are also involved. Cuba’s Yaile Caballero has been named director of the AI institute.

“The center is also expected to involve specialists from Spain and Belgium,” Caballero said on Monday.

Caballero cited the importance of artificial intelligence technology in many areas of scientific research and economic development, adding that the project would provide an opportunity for Cuban researchers to demonstrate their “capacity and potential.”

Many details of the AI institute have yet to be worked out, prominently including precisely where it will be located, although Caballero’s comments implied it would be physically headquartered somewhere in Cuba.

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China has become the Soviet Union

Oh yay AI mind control yayyy

i was just in cuba that country is a shithole what a joke

Just like every socialist or nonwhite country

I was born there. Havana is bautiful, it's falling apart, sadly. The government is definitely to blame, otherwise it would be amazing. Just look at how they preserve all the fancy tourist hotspots, but allow everything else around those areas to fall apart. The neighborhoods are shit, and certain homes are strategically painted in the more tourist friendly areas to give them life. Anyway, that said, I hope whatever they come up with isn't somehow weaponized, China obviously stands to gain.

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Shouldn't they try to create regular intelligence first?

first it was the (((americans))) then the communists i feel bad for you guys honestly

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too much african admixture in many parts cuba could be like uruguay if it were still preserved

Not bragging or anything, because like I said, Cuba is definitely a shithole, as it is today. But here are a few notes to keep in mind. Cuba has the most doctors per capita in the world, and China actually has Cuban IT specialists flown over to tutor Chinese about systems management. I know because I still have family over there, and one of them works in IT.

The whole CIA angle is tragic to this day. People in the exile community probably still blame it on Kennedy (how involved was he anyway?), meanwhile Kennedy is getting shot by kikes over Nuclear secrets and exposing their masonic garbage.

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what a joke, Cuba only has 10 million people, literally a quarter of the population of California. And said doctors qualifications are also vague. It has so many doctors because American doctors are flown out there from Florida to take care of tick-ridden children

Hello my fellow Cuban.

From what I gather the Phd's have been watered down significantly, yes. But it wasn't always that way. Mind you, technology is still an issue over there, and most people have to soak up thick books to truly be prepared for their field. As the years have gone by though, yeah, definitely watered down. It's still a pretty significant number for an island though, if you were to extrapolate that number to the entirety of California, you'd be looking at significantly different numbers. I've heard Texas is a good example, comparatively speaking.

It is no surprise since everyone is still trying to jump ship and move to another country. One of the biggest problems is the government not supporting the national economy.

Sounds like a nose.
Try Spanish.

Compatriota deja de comer mierda y ponte en talla.

Definitely. Many doctors have just packed up and left. Others (my uncle is a doctor) travel abroad for 6 months out of the year to have enough to feed his family back home. Leftists on these boards have no idea how bad it really is. We've been away for 20 plus years, still sending basic resources back home to maintain some semblance of normalcy.

Hay ta.

IDK, things over there were always a mix of both good and bad. Mileage might vary but in general we are resourceful and can figure out a way to deal with stuff. I also hear they have WiFi now.

The ones who can afford to be resourceful. Now a days just eating out can cost you money you don't have, in CUC. Cuba is largely surviving due to external help.

That's kind of how it always has been, first it was the Soviet Union. Then they relied on foreign investors that were dumb enough to take the deal. Then "la divisa" became the substitute of the dollar making sure that any tourist left every penny over there. The government has always been shortsighted and has failed to create a real economy without depending on foreign investments.

I mean external help from family, neighbors, etc. All these travel agencies and package agencies in Miami and Hialeah are the big boost, along with all the Cubans abroad funneling money in. Those "investors" you keep hearing about, still have to comply with Commie law and the average citizen doesn't feel a dime from the tourism industry unless they work for it directly (or they're prostituting themselves, or setting up a home based kiosk near the hot spots). I'm optimistic in certain respects, I know Cubans always find ways to solve problems, but things aren't looking good with respect to medicine, food, and basic resources we generally take for granted in the states.

Russia is still under Totalitarian control… they just changed names and relocated the Global Communist HQ to China… the world fell for it; hook, line, and sinker…

I was one ignorant and naive like you. You’re on the right track though, keep researching.

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I can't argue with that logic.

They are totalitarian, but at least they are no longer socialist. They are more like a dictatorship now.