Chick-fil-A dethrones In-N-Out as America's favorite fast food restaurant per survey

By Adrian Mojica

America has a new favorite fast food restaurant, unseating In-N-Out and beef's reign atop the list.

The annual survey by Market Force -a customer experience management company- surveyed over 7,600 consumers on satisfaction and whether they would recommend the brand to others.

In-N-Out received a 'Composite Loyalty Index' of 73%. But Chick-fil-A unseated last year's champ with a quality index of 79%, taking the 2019 crown as America's favorite.

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What even is that?
Americas favorite fast food restaurant is obviously McDonalds.
You won't feel good about it, but you will eat there anyway.

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Also loyalty index in no way correlates with favorite restaurant

In-N-Out is fucking trash.



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In-N-Outs problem is their dead-set on never changing their menu. One can only enjoy animal style fries so many times before it gets bland.

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No, In and out burger literally is just trash.

That’s what makes them great IMO. They are a traditional rock, awash in a sea of faggoty chain offerings like veggie burgers and low fat bullshit.

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in n out sucks

probably because in and out is now located in mexico and those beaners dont eat burgers

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Everyone likes some delicious cock meat.