Vaping can cause throat and lung inflammation

By: Shannon Satterlee

E-cigarettes were suspected to be the reason for severe lung damage in eight teens from southeastern Wisconsin last week. Right here in the Chippewa Valley, one doctor believes vaping is the reason her patients wound up in the hospital.

Health officials said there’s not enough research about vaping, but that the little information we have is concerning.

Over at Marshfield Medical Center Eau Claire, Dr. Adriane Gianlupi said all of the chemicals in e-cigs are concerning especially when they’re mixed together and heated up.

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i read some study on mice or something which showed that vaping caused fatty liver in them. then i was watching a streamer who was vaping all the time and he ended up having early stage liver failure. he just started fasting all the time and eating well to compensate, and got "better". i showed him the study by the way, as usual, these RL noobs go through rationalization after receiving information contrary to their desires so that their habit can continue


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Interesting that the teens all came from the same location.

8 teens all get severe diarrhea in southeastern Wisconsin last week.

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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Meiman with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services said it's unclear what exactly the teenagers admitted to Children's Hospital had inhaled. He says in early interviews teens mentioned nicotine and THC, the part of marijuana that gives its high.

Many of the teens responded to steroid treatment and were released without the need for supplemental oxygen at home. One remained hospitalized

Vaping may be more dangerous than we realized

Maciej Goniewicz, one of the leading e-cigarette researchers based at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York, has watched the shift unfold up close: The volunteers who come forward for his e-cigarette studies seem to be getting younger.

“[These are] people who were breathing pure air for a long time and have never smoked tobacco cigarettes, who now have started using e-cigarettes,” Goniewicz said.

He and other researchers around the world are now scrambling to figure out what impact this new habit might have on developing bodies and brains in the long term. And they’re finding that e-cigarettes may be more dangerous than we’ve appreciated, especially for hearts, lungs, and brains. There’s also a growing body of research suggesting that vaping can lead to smoking.

But before we dive into the latest health concerns, a couple of notes of caution. The new evidence doesn’t mean cigarettes are safer than e-cigarettes. In fact, medical experts agree that vaping is far better for health than smoking, one of the deadliest habits known to humankind. (And that message about relative risk appears to be getting lost, as more and more people erroneously believe e-cigarettes are as or more dangerous than tobacco.)

What’s more, since people haven’t been vaping for very long, the science on the health effects is still preliminary — and far from conclusive.
It may take decades for any diseases possibly caused by e-cigarettes to fully surface, particularly in the young, healthy people now using them.

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Probably a bad batch, but it's always bad to put anything other than clean in air in the lungs. You're free to your own vices and the risks, and vapes are pretty low threat compared to other options.

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Pretty much this. Neither smoking or vaping are "good" for you but if you're going to pick one, pick vaping.

I vaped for a few months, eventually just threw that shit in the trash, only had cravings for a few days, and then randomly once a week for the next month and I was good.

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The flavors in the vape did not used to be tested for whether or not they cause lung problems. I do not know if someone is testing the flavors currently.

Vegetable glycerin and Propylene Glycol are both tested to be generally regarded as safe for inhalation.


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There is a reason the manufacturers say only smokers should use it and non smokers should not. It's better than cigs but it isn't good for you

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