Mass Shooting Reported in El Paso; Casualties Reported

By Robert Holguin

El Paso police have confirmed multiple people are dead in a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.
Alerts indicated that police were responding to the area around 11 a.m. Saturday.

El Paso police Sgt. Robert Gomez said there are two male suspects; one of them is in custody and the other is unaccounted for.

A spokesperson with police said the suspect in custody is a white male in his 20s.
Terrible shootings in ElPaso, Texas

Police officials said there are no threats to other El Paso locations.

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So shooting was real but motive is unknown?
>>>Zig Forums13562492

Was it really McLovin'?

democrat going after hispanic trump voters.

BREAKING Leaked Photos of El Paso Walmart Suspect Patrick Crusius and his manifesto

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This site is weird

White male! Also mass shooting drill.

Notice anything different ?

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That looks like Youtube.

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Where is the manifesto

Google it faggot


I assume most of you are from WV, AZ, or FL… No college education, missing some/most teeth, “learnt” from your daddy, and fuck your sisters. Smfh.

Mediocre manifesto writer

According to your aunt

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I think it’s time for all races to throw their differences aside and exterminate whites and rid ourselves of these pink pedophiles that have plagued every corner of earth since it began spinning.

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Oooooh so this must be the dudes with small dicks club huh?? Spineless gullible hillbillies

Just remember, they didn't stop making guns when they made yours. You pussies tryna start race wars thinking you'll win?? Really now? Keep playing with fire and eventually youll get burned 😤😤

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The only way for y'all to get a body count up is by attacking innocent victims doing back to school shopping. You gullible rednecks may feel like your smarter n superior n dumbass shit like that, but you should understand that more and more people are starting to see you for the bitch ass little racist pieces of dog shit that you really are. Embarrassment to our country just cuz you tryna make up for having small dicks, fuckin losers

Step 2

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I figured it out when I met a girl at a party who was acting like everyone's seen her nudes before because her nudes were being shit posted on her computer. Never heard of her and I'm forced to be here 90% of the day for 15 years

Oh I'd like to thank the cloud technology for allowing this to be possible

This is also why no one has ever actually contributed a successful meme. Go ask your friends.

Memes also make it easier for shit posting AI to mimic people. It'll take forever for a 22 year old to figure this out. You know… That they were never talking to anyone in the first place.

That's why I like how wide spread the practice. Facebook makes sure all your friend suggestions are Arabs or south Africans from across the globe as opposed to what takes absolutely no effort .. the dude next to you using facebook.

So wow I wonder if Facebook is involved
The answer is yes and kill them all

Claims he could write a “10 page essay” on corporations unchecked by govt but i seriously doubt it

Yea which is why none of us have heard of him before since all we do is shit post here all day

He addresses this in the manifesto

Terrorists don't deserve their title. Let's call them prey.

Yea and there was never any culmination to this behavior or ranting on this website. We would've seen it.

Look, I'm not supporting your dumb fucking system.

Even if I preached whatever bullshit you out on TV like the rest of your boys you still wouldn't give me shit.

That's why I must destroy millions of you.

As a white dude I say this, and take it as you will. I have no ill will towards other races. I have ill will towards asshole, and those come in every color. This dipshit might be right about corporations fucking us and higher education getting more expensive, but his actions aren't the answer and blaming Hispanics is just mush brained thinking. There is no race war coming. Although it seems my race has more than a few psychos who are gonna pull this shit in the future. Please don't blame all of us. Hopefully you have a cool white friend you can remember when your blood gets hot in your veins.

I say this with seriousness→ enact Medicare for all and free State college and maybe these ass clowns will see that the future is just fine. I'm not trying to say this at gunpoint here, I just think it truly would make a huge shift in the country's mindset.

I wish you all well, my countrymen and women or not. We all struggle and hope the best for our kin. What divides us is but a shadow to what binds us together.

Be well.

he changed pants?

Look can you just be an AI and fuck off from manipulating my brain? Whatever stupid asshole made this isn't alive anymore.

this piece of shit motherfucker got a gun “somehow” and fucking murdered people, children you sick fucks. Repeal 2A NOW and forever so you freakshows can’t get your hands on guns. Losers.

Wow…there are some morons here who have no clue why the 2nd Amendment exists…its not for hunting…its not for personal protection…and no, it should NEVER be repealed or infringed upon.

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Brief civics lesson you can repeal any constitutional amendment. 2/3 states needed for approval.

Damn no response? Gun freak. Fucking gun freak losers.

The people that made him do it are laughing at you

Made him do it? So there isn’t a constitutional right to free will, freedom of self, LIFE, LIBERTY….he did it himself. He made a choice.

No one made him do it. When he’s got that lethal injection in his arm in let’s say 5 years. Wanna bet? I’m sure he’ll be thinking about the people that “made him do it” rot in your prison cell. Lil bitch

Russian trolls and gullible Americans, what a combination!

Get rid of all the immigrants, you'll still be frustrated losers.

This lil' buddy's gonna have a hell of a time in federal prison, especially after targeting random innocent Hispanics. Doubt he'll be much use to the Aryan Nation, unless of course he's down for becoming a human cum receptacle.

those AB sobs are all pedo fags. Want to root out all dissidence so they can rule with their pedo fag ways.

All those people were like,
"Save the children! They're still young enough for molestation."

lmao MSNBC is talking about us right now

ab pedo fags. Fascism is a forum for pedos to spit their venom. Any pedo must be stopped.

MSNBC fag&nigger reporter trying to explain Zig Forums. This isn’t world star nigger.

Where are the crime scene photos of the dead bodies?

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Reporter Scott Stedman has tweeted that he had told the FBI that a manifesto which was purported to be from the suspect had been circulating on Zig Forums. Stedman said that the FBI is treating the manifesto seriously. Zig Forums is a controversial message board that has been described as “the home of the most vitriolic content on the internet” by Vox.

That manifesto, which has been seen by but not verified as belonging to the suspect, makes negative references to Hispanic immigration into the U.S.. It criticizes both major political parties in the U.S., but the writer stresses that he supports some in the Republican Party in terms of immigration policies. The writer also makes reference to alleged Christchurch mosque shooter, Brenton Tarrant.

Law enforcement confirmed they are reviewing the manifesto, but could not confirm whether it was written by the shooter.

The manifesto appears to have been posted before the first reports of the shooting. It includes details that match up with what happened at the El Paso Walmart.

The manifesto was titled “An Inconvenient Truth.”


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Putin’s cum buckets are hacking this Forum this is America bitch we can’t read your cyclic language. Vodka chugging commies.

You false flag motherfuckers are dirty. Stfu.

Go the graveyard in Sandy Hook. Go to the graveyard in Orlando. Go to the graveyard in Parkland.


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All you Trumpanzees are domestic terrorists. We are going to round all of you up and slaughter your asses. You won't make it out of 2020 alive

Heil Hitler, Kill spics

Was brought here by the “fake news media” this site is even more pathetic than described, and this is the where the superior human race dwells and hides? Holy shit this is pathetic on so many levels

Probably a Jew.

So is this where incels meet and jack off to raping women they’ll never have in real life? Asking for a friend

these dumb ass crackers really just dont know how to sit the fuck down and not kill random shit.

Fucking red neck racist trump dick suckers

Welcome to the internet cesspool where pussy boy racists radicalize each other

So Patrick's father Bryan was a "psychologist" who worked at a facility that was shut down in February?

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white people malfunctioning all over the place

Fucking Hilarious

Kikes and browns crying here…. "Why da white man gotta hurt us browns" please keep killing each other off, plus more days like this, think we might actually clean up the shit stains you browns and kikes leave in this country

The white man isn’t hurting anyone but themselves and it’s fucking Glorious

smells like step daddy ass in here

Lol, yea white man is really hurting after this one…. Hurting in our feewings and heartz….
While browns are literally bleeding each other out

What a bunch of sickos

The shooter is a peace of shit
& fuck every last one of you who support his actions. Smdh this guy killed Americans.

Bryan Crasius, the failed father, presents story time.

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dude looked mortified when he was in the backseat of that cop car

maybe murdering 20+ random people didn’t feel all that great after all

dumb bitch

Patrick Crusius did nothing wrong

fuck this shit


Damn this cesspool has been the dumping ground for a ton of murders here in the last 6 months. Tick tock dumbfucks.

Anybody who condemns in the shooting is a BITCH you and your mama who didn’t raise you right

Yea you're a bitch if you condemn the shooting

Ethiopia is watching and is coming for you.

Just wanted to say thank you all on this site for reminding me that this world is full of completely mind fucked psychos. Quit worrying about the Jews or brown people or whoever and start looking inward. Bet that’s where your problems really are!

Political shooters of subhumans did nothing wrong.

Bunch of racist sick fucks need to all fucking die nick of straight bitches how funny is how he can shoot over 40 innocent people but didn’t shoot at the cops yet surrendering to police like the pussy he is

Says the kike, kumbaya time is over

Conservatives love to bitch about lazy, unmotivated, excuse-making, entitled, godless millennials without realizing that the vast majority of young men who are gravitating toward the far-right fit that exact description. Nerdvirgins and neckbeards who think the world owes them a job and a girlfriend just because they're fucking white… so gimme, or else. "We built the Western World" ….. the fuck you did. You haven't built shit. You've played CoD and jacked off and shitposted for 75% of your life. You're entitled to absolutely nothing.

I agree. The people who celebrate this are fascist scum who will be defeated in due time. If you are reading this and do not support racist hatred and believe in human freedom then its time for you to fight against the Orwellian police state-enforced capitalism that torments the whole world. Fight ecocide, cis hetero patriarchy, and all hierarchical and exploitative systems. For a world without bosses, cops, bankers, or judges. For a free world, for anarchy!

And you 1488 motherfuckers: Antifa is coming for you fashoid fucks! We are going to make you regret the day you said the 14 words.

Some day soon you will find yourself toe to toe with an armed brigade of antifascist fighters who will make you regret your deeds .

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And all this hate on gay people makes me think y’all suck dick. Well? You prolly do. Closeted fags.

Fag kike blah blah blah. Post pics of you fucking your real, totally not photoshopped girlfriend while holding two forms of ID and a handwritten, signed letter from her saying she's a willing participant, and I'll consider the fact that this forum isn't full of basement-dwellers getting pissed at kikes and fags why? Because the only pussy they're seeing is the kind that comes down the basement stairs
to use the litter box.

Didn't you read the sign? Blacks post on the other board, in the back

Haha from someone who thinks they no me fuck off bitch I ain’t black & if I was oh damn well you ain’t shit hiding behind a secret screen your a BITCH!!!

Why do you want to see pics like that? Only a true kike would want that, especially if there are kids involved. People here saying whites are the pedos, don't read the news about the new Stein and his island of degenerates?

Some sort of brown. Browns type wrong, whites shoot good

None of you backwoods rednecks have prolly ever met a Jew. Bet you wouldn’t have stormed the beaches either pussy ass fascist pricks