Texas Lt Gov Warns Antifa: ‘Stay Out Of Texas’ In Wake Of Walmart Shooting

By Mary Margaret Olohan
dailycaller.com/author/Mary Margaret Olohan

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told Antifa to “stay out of Texas” in the aftermath of a shooting at an El Paso Walmart Saturday.
The lieutenant governor referred to reports that an Antifa group plans to go to Texas and perform militancy exercises at the border. Patrick warned the group to stay out of Texas.


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Texas Lt. Gov Warns Antifa: 'Stay Out Of Texas' In Wake Of Walmart Shooting

Lol Texas fags are all talk. Kissing up to spics for decades even more so than California.

^^This. Dubs never lie.

Fuck you punk bitch

It is now time to rid the western front of all white ppl. This infestation has lasted long enough

^^This as well. Dubs never lie.

Patrick is a limp-dick pussy-faggot. He'll be hte first one to run away when things go downhill

You colonized us now it’s Our turn to invade you.

You dumb idiots are arguing over trash, your whole country is fucked up not just Texas or California.

Don't mess with Texas! We're Texas tough! Stay away Antifa or we'll show you what Texas really means!

That CNN lady was talking smack about 4chan. Lol crazy she said that on Live TV

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The shooter is a bitch along with his followers

Cool Texas spics are cool. Lots of them hate chunty illegals as much or more than anyone else. Full-on Texas pride Mexican folks are some of the most 'Murican people you'll ever meet.

Talk that shit again, and I'll seriously wish that you get a splinter under your thumbnail. Faggot.

I hope Antifa gets down there.

Fuck that Lt Gov.

Like I said your mom is a bitch who didn’t raise you right

and MSNBC has been talking about here (8ch)…

They said his manifesto was posted on 8ch.

Antifa is a bunch of motorcycle helmet wearing fags.

They were supposed to come to SW Washington state but didn’t have the balls on their “tour”

dont mess w texas is a slogan for a reason

TEXAS guys are pathetic.

This seems like a purposeful division of Hispanics and Caucasians who lived separately and acknowledged cultural differences

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You'll die first.


they've already made a Wikipedia it's so dumb…

like let's feed it more attention


I can't wait till antifa is declared a terrorist organization. So they can round up all those faggots

The bad thing about this is they are all around the world already not only in America so it's going to be a cat and mouse game I guess

White Texans are trash, they're all drug abusing drug dealing sluts and stalkers.
Hope all white Texans get murdered that way they can't come further into the US and mix with is better white people and turn our kids into trash like Texans.

Kys nigger

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US troops fighting the Nazis back in World War 2 were great Antifa heroes.

Fuck all of you white extremists
May 5000 Muslims fuck you all up the ass, cut off your dicks and put you in a cage with no showers or blankets.
Fuck You
Burn in Hell MotherFuckers

May 8000 Mexicans fuck all the white extremists up the ass, cut off their dicks and put them in a cage with no showers and beds. You are all motherfuckers.
Fuck you.
Burn in hell !

grade A, educated, motivated, well thought out posts!

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Moslims and Mexicans united
We wi make america brown again add Kanada too

NORAD will be brown by 2050

Does the world desperately need yet another shithole country?

How did you pass the captcha?






Racist shooter attacks Texas. Texas responds: “stay away from our racists you anti-fascists!” Wow 😮

what we're actually counting chicago? why start now? that place turns out 20-30 people shot a weekend during summertime

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It's for the safety of antifa. Them boys in Texas will fuck those soi boys up with guns not milkshakes and gay sex. Texas isn't condoning it, just being realistic about the situation on the ground . Btw everyone is racist.

the ear cover …pffft . shooter in Kerch(Ru) did the same thing.

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Guns don’t kill unarmed women and children. White nationalists kill unarmed women and children.

Unarmed children killed by Antifa: 0
Unarmed children killed by white nationalists: Too many to count

But leftists right?!

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The founding fathers must be so proud right now. America is a shithole.

The law is a manifesto that says,
"Let's kidnap, torture, steal from and murder animal fuckers, and make everyone believe it's good, only because it's written on paper"

What's the difference between this guy's manifesto and the law? At least he did the job himself. Maybe it would be better if people let people shop at Walmart, and people let people have sex with cows and horses.
Society says it is perfectly acceptable to murder people for trying to have a good time.

Gamers rise up! That'll teach Walmart to censor Eminem CD's.

ANTIFA are a bunch of pussy douchebags that are jobless and live with their parents.

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Most people are pussies who won't let us have sex with farm animals, because they are afraid we won't reproduce their supply of children for molestation.

White nationalists, I’m gonna fuck your wife/girlfriend with my big black cock and have her pop out a nice brown melanated baby


Don't listen to him. Go into Texas. Expose what this Lt. Gov. is about.

You're not going to get anywhere being anti-communist. Guys like me will oppose you. You better sart stopping it and cut out the neoliberal D&C.

Why are there still Civic Nationalists all over 8ch with this neoliberal anti-Communist stuff instead of anti-establishment? Why are you obsessed with communists?


Hey kid, you want a law?

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honest question: is newsplus just leftypol trying to seem like a news board?

Nothing but steers and queers in Texas. Nuke the entire state from high earth orbit.

This shitshow is going to be interesting. Hopefully those antifa retards get massacred by police after they shoot random cops and then the media will eventually have to turn on them.

This thread is full of salt.

This thread is full of OOGA BOOGA KILL WHITEY

Lol what about all the innocent women and children killed by Muslim terrorists? stfu faggot.

With a much lower IQ.

Yeah, salt.

Texas will be a blue state soon, all we have to do is sit and wait


Lol i needed to check this out. A whole bunch of white virgin incels

Yep… and I say "Hallelujah!" for that.

Always nice to see some dead Muslims, Kikes or Spics on the news. Now we need dead niggers.

gas this one first

Crackers are out of pocket 🙄

I’d hate life if I had no lip, was skin cancer prone & smelled like wet dogs also.

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Reminder to Law Enforcement that the admin and moderators of Zig Forums deliberately remove critique of violence and let remain those posts encouraging violence, murder and terror.


Yeah how do they explain this shooting? In fucking TEXAS of all places? How does this fit into the "This stuff only happens in democrat-run liberal anti-gun hellscapes" narrative?

Why so much hate?

I'm all for the anti-facist movement coming here to Texas. I'm a white 5th generation American of German Descent and cant stand Racist Bigotty. Until people see skin color no more different than eye color we will never see peace on earth.

So this entitled idiot in Gilroy at the garlic festival was angry he could not get a job in silicon valley because the smarter harder studying people from India were hired before him. Guess he should have gone to school and stayed home in his trailer less often. Also mad about Hispanics taking a job picking garlic when none of my white skin colors brothers never apply to those jobs anyway. Next time you think about why we have no good jobs in The United States remember the Republicans efforts to dismantle Unions beginning with Ronald Regan

but most of those are gang related.

I saw that thread. Everyone called him a fed and told him to fuck off before it 404d.

Yall all just need some head and a beer chill tf out, texas belonged to mexico so no shit theres mexicans there. Enjoy life stop making dumb ass problems for yourself in the end none of it matters

Yo be nice peeps it’s hella rude to start disrespecting those who survived a tragedy and even more so when it was within hours

hi every omne

El Paso is majority-beaner and controlled by Democrats.

It's similar to how Michigan can sometimes go red, but Detroit is always a Democrat nigger shithole.

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I see America’s fragile, uneducated, white men are up to their usual shit — act superior, shoot a bunch of innocent, post anonymous nonsense littered with spelling errors. Most pathetic demographic ever.

Here's some demographics for ya.

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We all need to get ready for what’s coming, whatever side you’re on. If i had to guess on an outcome I’d say whites would win due to their nature of having really good shooting and combat skills. But hey anything can happen i guess.

Wait, a Ritz cracker? I’ll take that as a compliment as im heading to the dermatologist

Most "communists" are just neoliberals with red paint, and/or ethnocentric shitskins using communist rhetoric as a weapon to rob whites.

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This, to be honest.

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You got a source for this? Mass-immigration decreases the value of labor, which depresses wages. Beaners got hired by megafarms because your shithole country is so terrible that even working for small pay in the US is better. Whites worked those jobs for centuries before you, or else we would have starved. The solution to both outsourcing and nigger demographic replacement is nationalism.

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Antifa is racist against whites. They're full of white cucks who want shitskins to dominate them.

Texas is slowly becoming california.

Niggers literally have smaller brains than whites.

There's also inherent cultural and ethnocentric differences that aren't going to go away. Shitskins never give-up their culture, it's always just and handful of white cucks that believe in the "multiculturalism" meme. What's actually happening is white culture us just being erased.

Communist shitskins have killed several hundred million more people than white nationalists, actually.

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Antifa please come to Texas…its time you bitches got your asses handed to you!


God I want leftists to start some shit so we can legally shoot them.

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He's just another neocon boomer. LOL, you fucktards are so delusional.

All you white supremacists are dumb, uneducated rednecks, as dumb and as educated as the dumbest of immigrants that come into this country, but you try to think you are better cause your white and speak English. You hide behind an anonymous tag online cause your weak! Come out of your fear closet and let the world know who you are, you pussies! White supremacists are gonna have a rude awakening when they meet up with the white people (the majority) who want to bring you all to justice for your hate filled garbage! We did it during the first Civil War, and we’ll do it again! Your the epitome of weak. You hide in your rural towns, come to the city, show your true colors and wear your heart on your sleeves, cause it won’t just be the cops you’ll have to deal with! Losers!

Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas are extremely white, rural, and Republican.

Kansas has a higher average IQ than both New York and California.

The Southern states with low-IQ are full of niggers.

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