9 Dead in Mass Shooting in Dayton, Ohio

At least nine people are dead and 16 others injured in a shooting that occurred in an Ohio arts district, according to the Dayton Police Department.

By Gray News Staff

The Oregon District is a popular shopping district in Dayton with many stores, restaurants, bars and entertainment locales.

Dayton is in western Ohio, located approximately 55 miles northest of Cincinnati.

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The fact that there were two mass shootings yesterday is no coincidence.

Well the fact that the El Paso, Tx shooter turned out to be a jew. How else are they going swipe it under the rug?

Meanwhile in Chicago:

Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 273
Shot & Wounded: 1334
Total Shot: 1607
Total Homicides: 300

but what are they trying to hide?

a jew in texas? how that happened?



These are the shooters

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Think Epstein, Mueller, and all of the investigations being carried out by Barr/the DOJ.

Jesus who cares. America is full of retarded fuking morons.

Moslims and Mexicans will make American brown again

We will make it again broen and indian

All whote irish fags go bacl to ireland

And live the misery of starvation

And they still can't get to the cbd in middle of the city.

Where are the videos?

Its reported the Dayton shooter poated a manifesto on Zig Forums, but I cant find it

Read this carefully and form your own opinion.

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no source, and his last name is not jewish. nice try

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like i said, his last name is not jewish. thanks for showing everyone else.

This has nothing to do with trump, but everything to do with shit parents, social media, bias repetitive mainstream media, and weak minded individuals.

“Cyber attack”
Learn to read faggot glownigger

Does he also have a manifesto? Will the media blame 4chan/Zig Forums again?

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He looks Jewish as hell in his mugshot, he looks like a central casting Tzahal trooper, but I cannot find anything about the religion of *anyone* named Crusius.

That's great but in this country, the stupid vote, and the lyingpress will insist every hour that Trump personally caused the shootings by mentioning immigration.

Mass shootings are the culling this society needs.

He killed 9 people including his own sister and injured dozens more. Why tho? I don't understand why he snapped to this level. His friends all said he was "normal" and happy, he had money, friends, a good life, and chose to throw it away and chose to target literal nobodies. This makes zero sense.

Hey guys I read about you on Twitter. It’s being said that these guys are planning out these mass murders on this site. Even the old creator says so… is this true?

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No, its bullshit. 8ch is a peaceful place for all to come and have fun.

Fake news. 8ch is a website of peace. Don't be a bigot.

moscow mitch and trump both got blood on their hands, and fuck GOP nothing but a bunch of self serving cowards

Report this!

I didn’t mean to offend anyone I just wanted to know what was up because they have the creator threatening to shut the site down. But I just see open opinion here. What’s the truth?

Zig Forums is a last bastion of absolute free speech, people from all over the world come here to express themselves and enjoy each others company so naturally it attracts the crazies at times. The large majority of us 8ch users do not condone senseless violence. Please do not lump us all together with these fucking cowards. 8ch is a place of peace, love, humor and personal expression.


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Our creator has abandoned us. :(

Who has a video of the gunman getting wrecked

Absolute shill faggot, you're glowing.

I'd say 99 percent of people who post here are white trash. pure rable. or better yet, deplorables.

imagine if you created such an abomination when you never meant to, I would want to destroy it


for information about the cover-up last November

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So is this the most infamous website on the entire Internet?

Bet these shooters were paid by the left to take our guns.

One of them.

Wouldn't be surprised. Look how close together and right after the dem debates where not one question was asked about gun control.

This is my first time using this website. So what's this password thing for?

In case you need to come back to your post for some reason. You can just leave that block alone.

change.org/p/americans-shut-down-Zig Forums-breeding-grounds-for-white-supremacy>>249044

I literally have the exact same disease as the creator of this website. Fucking shame

Beat the shit out of white nationalist scum let’s fight scum
The non whites taking over you will pay shit!!!

reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/cm21b6/shut_down_Zig Forums/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app

You cannot ban this website, freedom of speech prevails no matter what.

So I'm guessing we're all on an FBI watchlist those who don't use a proxy

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That El Paso motherfucker isn’t Jewish you dumb shits

A2 is next

Connor was confirmed as a registered Democrat and a communist sympathizer.


I don't use a proxy, I have nothing to hide. Hello fed niggers, stop on by if want to have a chat.

You don't nose what you're talking about.

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Looks shopped and badly

You don't say!?

That was a different guy. If you compare the profile picture with his mugshot they look nothing alike.

We know dude, we know. It's a fucking joke.

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This is going to make Dems support gun rights…now everyone is going to carry..to protect themselves from each other…they are going to point the finger towards each other…the Dems will want the guns to protect from crazy right wing Republicans…and the Republicans will want to keep their guns to protect from the scary minorities that they have been complaining about forever…and the US if unchecked is going to break out in something completely shameful and fuxd up….like user said above…our creator has abandoned us…it's completely sad af and terrible…


This board and 4chan are for psychotic children. Just here because you made the news. Yawn. So edgy. Idiots.


This is the most negativity on the www. I don’t understand why anyone would come to this site daily to read all this trash. It’s full of uneducated comments.

Pic of guy twitter

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This story is done. He was a warren fan. Nothing to see here

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Wow first time on Zig Forums, there are a lot of you white niggers on here. Don’t be shooting up my country now terrorist faggots

Trump 2020

Shut up terrorist faggot

One thing I’ve noticed on these sites is that comments like yours are just ignored. These weird loners only like replying to the edgy responses. It’s a circlejerk. Just look at No. 249265. The comments that tell the truth or flame the daily users are ignored lmao. What a toxic shithole these sites are.

get out shill

I dont know why any one is shocked.

I hope this site gets shut down. It's become nothing but a gathering place for hateful, racist bigoted Trumpers!

Coming very soon! :D

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What is with you autistic faggots being so obsessed with the jews? We get it you’re racist, do the world a favor and neck yourself.

New video explaining link between autism and mass shootings: youtube.com/watch?v=v4xM7Ah6YNc

Nah they just need their cloudflare ddos protection/proxy permanently taken away, the problem will sort itself pretty quick then.

If we were planning mass murders here, that would be illegal and not protected by freedom of speech. This website only enforces what is legal or illegal according to the United States Constitution - for better or for worse.

Freedom of speech comes at a price, but it's a price that millions of men and women have died protecting, and that's what this site stands for. Nothing else. No political affiliation. No donors. Indifferent advertisers. Nothing but speech.

Cry harder, incels.

Me the incel? No that’s clearly you fuckstick.

of course hes a leftist lmao

Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean this site isn’t cancer. I’m all for free speech and am against censorship but there are exceptions to every rule and this site has become a breeding ground for this type of shit.

This just in, new study finds that the average gun owners penis is 2 1/2 inches smaller than a non gun owner. This explains everything.

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You’re contradicting yourself. You want free speech but want to shut down this site when that’s why it was created. There are no plans for attack on here. Just edgelord doing what they do.

Are their racist here-yes, many and that’s why you want to shut it down. Please cite a planned terror attack you found on Zig Forums?

Cool story…any citation?

It also referenced their fascination with long hard black objects. I all makes sense now.

Bahaha I see your butt hurt that Trump is still potus. Well get use to get cause he’s getting reelected fool.

You seem to be though.

I’m going to plan a terrorist attack right now. I’m going to terrorize your mamas coochie all night long.

You’re embarrassing yourself

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I’m gonna invade her cave with my special unit.

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I love trump!!!!

I love your mom. And she loves my doggie style.