Chinese Anime triggers the WeebRight

This little show that merely is about Karl Marx, his friendship with Engels, how he met the love of his life and how his story began…. has made several anime Youtubers come out of the closet as right wingers. TomoNewsUS also has sperged out about the anime calling it a "horrible show" before it even was released. No one freaked out like this when the Japanese Happy Science sect made an anime about how their Buddha-Jesus saves the world from some Demonic Atheist Nazi Empire judging every Atheist as being possessed by Demons and China as a conspirator and warmongerer.

Most critiques of the Karl Marx anime are excellent now whatsoever and it is being praised the animation of the show which is above average despite being a Chinese production. Really makes me think. How could Xi the madman piss off all of the AnCap and Nazi Weebs by simply releasing a show like this?


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Lmao… Don't forget Sargocuck! He also screeched about it.
🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Because the anime right is a bunch of insecure virgins that get pissed off about cartoons in their mothers' basements? But I assume that question was rhetoric.

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My god, they don't think they're actually being funny, do they?

Still no subs but I gotta say that's pretty bloody wrong of you. Visually it's up there with Berserk (2016)

TomoNews is owned by Taiwan, what did you expect?

youtube is classcuck central

You would think such alienated individuals would be able to understand Marxism, but instead they're lumpen as fuck.
Part of me thinks this partially because all these hobbies like comics, anime, etc. are laced with a lot ideology.


Xi, we demand subs!

Oh wtf there isn't a subbed version? Damn it I was actually interested in watching it. Is there at least a dubbed version?

Why would I think that? They're 100% lumpen. Have you ever seen them discuss real-life economic issues, it's honestly hilarious. It's clear as day that almost no one on Zig Forums except magapede boomers has a real job. They leech off their boomer parents, mine bitcoin or do Uberized oddjobs. That's why they think the biggest problem with the world is having niggers in videogames.

Buddy, this isn’t your piping-hot harem weebshit—I don’t think this will be translated for cuckyroll. I had a long talk with a voice actor at a convention once he basically told me that most of the Dub stuff is done in Texas because there are no actors unions to deal with. I don’t think Funimation will be that interested in a Marx anime—unless it can be shown there’s enough demand for it and even then I kinda suspect they’ll drag their feet for ideological reasons.

The best we can probably hope for is that Papa Xi finds some English teachers living in China and gets them to do it


I expect some fansubbers will pick it up eventually.

Imagine if China put actual resources behind usurping the Japanese monopoly on anime and singlehandedly cucked otakus out of their right-wing fantasies by flooding the market with communist art.

Hopefully they dub it instead.

I don't watch crunchyroll in the first place lmao why would I pay for anime? And I don't really even watch that much anime, I think I've watched completely like less then 10 series, this one just caught my interest for obvious reasons.

I don’t either. I’m just saying that’s where a lot of the impetus for professional dubs comes from. The potential profitability of the series often impacts how quickly these things are dubbed

At the very least Chinese censorship would make the anime they produce less sexual. I imagine most of it would be Chinese nationalist oriented rather than meaningfully communist.

well the first part I mean, I do watch plenty of anime

It’s coming. Some Chinese animes are already there in visual quality. Only BPS and right-wing otakus believes in the whole Japan best forever bullshit.

I predict that Chinese cartoons will literally be a major subculture in the West by the early 2020s

Ahh I see what you mean.

Gee nothing get's past these dudes.

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Anime youtube in general is a inhabited by lolbertarian lolcows who continue to get cucked by capitalism and then yell "I AM A CAPITALIST! I AM THE SUBSCRIBE TO THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST SO WHY AM I GETTING KICKED OUT OF YOUTUBE!"

Watch as a bearded autist proclaim himself to be a transsexual while barely bothering to even try to look like a girl, rant about SJWs and then ask for the ghost of Ayn Rand to give him his neet bux.

Holy shit, I remember this guy from back when he was brony.
He got super edgy

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Also 80-90 percent sure he just stole the drowninginhorseshoes guy persona

Is the problem that they are lumpen or is the problem that the media they consume promotes an overly simplistic worldview that can be explained by reactionary politics?
There's very few animes that I watch but I used to play a lot of video games and it seems like most of them are pretty flat and un-nuanced when it comes to plot, characters etc. It seemed like most anime is similar.
When something with substance or legitimate commentary does come about, they lack the skills to apply it to the greater world around them (IE nuclear weapons stockpiles, sweatshop workers, child soldiers, online algorythmic echo chambers etc.) it's exclusively applied to dumb shit that doesn't really effect the average person like GamerGate.

Actually we could ask premier Li for releasing a version with subs.

What a lad.

Also do I fill my anime-begging shitpost under what category? "Other" is my guess.

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Did they leave in the part where Marx refused to get a real job and starved a couple of his 7 kids to death?

no spoilers pls

what makes you say this?

I imagine he believing his beliefs may have something to do with it

Being a journalist, labor organizer, activist and author are all jobs.
Have you never studied industrial history? Child mortality was staggering in places like 1800s London

As I said, some Chinese animes really are there visually. Look at the success of K-Pop and how it has become overlapped with weebery—I see it at every con I go to now. It won’t take long until the same type of people begin watching literal Chinese cartoons.

China’s economic rise will convince some people to look at their art in order to peer behind the curtain. Once enough trendsetters begin watching Chinese media then you’ll see it take hold among teens. Thats how youth subcultures form.

On a slightly unrelated note, it’s already acknowledged that China are doing things in film that Hollywood can’t match. It won’t be long until that type of energy and epic productions spreads into the cartoons they make as well

I want to die

Well, video games (like a lot of media) are laced with anti-communist propaganda.

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There have been 4 threads about this series in the last couple of weeks
Arent we getting obsessed?

reported you fucking Zig Forumskiddy

he also wanted to become a researcher but Prussia wouldn't let him since he was blacklisted as a radical already.

its not every day someone makes a marx anime

Heres a version with the English subs

I actually like the animation
Just keep in mind this is a 3D CGI show like jimmy neutron, else I can see why people would be disappointed.

Thank you, bro!

Fucking yikes, that’s some China Uncensored tier shit. Then those people talk down to you about ‘basic economics’ and ‘human nature’. I’m loosing hope lads.

What lol, I've not even watched the full thing but it's nothing like the CGI mess that was Berserk, do you have eyes?

The last link is pretty ironic, considering the Japanese actually did everything this anime claims China will do.

I lowkey wish the Godom empire was real so it can btfo burgerstan

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this is unwatchable, revisionism truly is irredeemable

yeah…really communist…

Yes, it is. Besides, Marx was pretty well-respected by the high society of Germany, even if he was considered dangerous. Well, his brother in law was the Prussian Minister of Internal affairs after all.

Can fascists be any dumber?

Just watched it and I think they did a great job. Sure, it's a pity that it is in CGI, but it still looks good. Beside that, the most important thing is the content which really matters. Its good to see, that they have portrayed Marx in a positive way. As a diligent intellectual, an unpretentious and still visionary man. SImply a role model. Not the crap you get with western productions…

I'm just saying that it's romanticizing the lives of the elegent upper classes, which is no different from most anime in older time periods. I would get it if your goal of communism was to raise everyone to that kind of life, but I'm pretty sure most of you despise bourgieous lifestyle. I don't really know much about Marx's life though

he had a rich friend that helped him a lot, even took care of his offsprings

did he eat him?

he joked with him about gays and nigger jews

Holy shit theres literally a scene where Marx reads Hegel out loud, then runs down the street yelling "i get it now" then finds his friend and explains to him how hegelian dialectics resolves the issues with Kantian philosophy. China has figured out a way to weaponize anime and directly inject philosophy into peoples brains. Based and Xi-pilled

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Yeah, he even shouts dialectics.

It's pretty fun.

Boy, I'm hyped for the rest of the series! Thank you to our hero, who translated the first episode!


The ending song is hilarious. Did it get translated to English?

The CPC says, that they are not exporting revolution. But with the release of this anime, I think they actually do. It is certain, that the series is aimed to the young generation of China itself.
However, I'm really surprised how many views the video with english subs already has. I think this anime will introduce many young people to marxism.

But is China going to take them down that path of Maoism and then Dengism?

Yeah. Enable subs on YouTube.

20:50 - 23:00

I find it very funny to see the PRC flag that big on the end.

I can't get over how fucking ugly Mandarin is.

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at least the stills look good

exactly why no youth subcultures will take off, chinese is just an unpleasant sounding language

Oh yeah yeah I do

blame the manchus they created the modern chinese pronounciation

A dream come true. Let's hope this is a runaway success so we can start getting anime on Lenin and Mao. The asshurt would be phenomenal

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Is this anime still banned from being discussed on the net? Weebs have some race thing about anime and they ban it from western boards unless it was drawn by a pure-blooded japanese.

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When you get familiar with it it sounds good, sometimes beautiful. Racism from weebs is probably the biggest challenge China-me faces.

Wapanese said exactly the same thing about Korean, by the way.

People will call it not anime because it is made by dirty commie chinks

All languages sound good when it's spoken by a 40 year old woman pretending to sound like a 16 yr old.


Discussion of RWBY is banned too iirc. Then it got put in blazblue lmao

Probably… but Fei Ren Zai got put on bilibili this week too and I've been watching that. It doesn't sound different from a Japanese anime to me. I understand why people like to hear the Japanese voices and that the Japanese language is strongly associated with anime and all that comes with it– this is true in China too. I used to be a subs never dubs guy too, but my mind has changed a lot the last few years.

Fuck comrades, I’m feeling emotional

Better than typical Japanese CGI, maybe because this actually has some soul put into it

Ye, as cheap as it is, the song is masterful

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Hilarious?! I almost cried, when the children choir started to sing

2nd and 3rd episode are here, but still no subs


A screenshot like that would make for a nice Weekly Worker cover.

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Subs are here for the second episode

Japan would become socialist.

tbh im just glad that it will be slightly less weird when I tell people marx is my waifu


It might just be the voice acting. Normally Mandarin doesn't sound nearly this bad to me, I think the VAs are just shit.

I remember the three kingdoms adaptation made a few years ago actually sounding pretty nice.
Or maybe it was because Cao Cao's actor was fucking awesome.

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And shit like Bayformers is not seen as imperialist propaganda.

The guy who is doing all the translating work is a true hero!

I thought fascists are getting dumber to begin with.