When you kill so many people you leave an indelible trace on the planet's geological record and trigger a mini-ice age...

when you kill so many people you leave an indelible trace on the planet's geological record and trigger a mini-ice age, but socialism killed muh 100 gorillion


Can we just declare capitalism's death toll at "limit of 1/x where x tends towards zero"? We know about those meme-format calculations, but is there a serious attempt at a tally? There's an unimaginatively-named Black Book of Capitalism which seemingly doesn't do a thorough job.

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Genghis Khan made the Earth cooler by killing everyone.

Clearly the path towards ending Global Warming is mass-killing.

There's no point in a tally. Capitalism is making the planet uninhabitable and wiping countries off of the face of the planet. It doesn't matter. Facts don't matter.


this is like saying "what was typhus"

im not sure smallpox engaged in mercantilist capitalism

i didn't understand the argument

the majority of deaths in the americas were from the smallpox epidemic they accidentally spread before the formal colonization took place.

well i guess that does make it a different situation

Not really sure you can pin the genocide of Americans in the 15th and 16th centuries on capitalism. Feudalism was still the dominant mode of production for the majority of colonial powers at the time. Also smallpox did most of the killing, which was initially spread accidentally.

No shit, that book isn't about trying to figure out the death toll of capitalism but about individual events and experiences of people being fucked by capitalism. As for an actual death toll, I remember once seeing one which imo was probably the most accurate of all but I don't have it saved or anything like that. They put it at 205,000,000 people, will try to find it.

I think it's this one

the colonization was pursued in the interests of capitalists

Asking the average joe to take stock of the present or conjecture the future is too much. The past is our best shot at imparting information on these dullards.

Considering the slow death of consumerist capitalism, it's entirely possible that it reverts to its imperialist stage, Porky just might take that advice.

there was an attempt here a couple years ago, this was the last revision I saved

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Translation: blame the white goyim(muh juice)

Anglos (the only white people) are bad but let's not racialize this.

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Thank god it means the coming social collapse will slow down climate change.

Come on now

Besides being a moot point from any humanistic point of view, there's the very simple matter that the settlers would have killed the Amerindians all the same, had none of them perished of disease. They were earmarked for annihilation, and the early liberals and Founding Fathers didn't hide the fact about it.

Common pratice is to peg the age of discovery as pre-capitalism. The American colonization and the slave and spice trades allowd for the first massive accumulation of capital, which kickstarted capitalism proper with the industrial revolution. It was a factor as important, if not more so, than the land enclosures.

Losurdo argued that, after the rise of unified Germany, this racial idiocy was revied to include the English, their American cousins and the Germans as members of the Teutonic or Aryan race, and that's how a certain 20th century tragedy was born.

Well I didn't say "doesn't work", at least by its own premise. The real problem is that it works, in as much as it quite literally requires human sacrifice, and counts that as a good thing whenever people aren't paying attention.

Death toll of capitalism is effectively infinite considering violence is literally required in order to sustain the growth of capitalist economies.


Ah yes, the actual races: Black, Tawny, and Swarthy.