Union of Sovereign States

If it wasn't for the August 1991 Coup, would This state exist today? If the Union was still largely intact, Russia might be able to meaningfully confront Western imperialism, but it seems like some Communist party sperglords (who had been revisionists for 40 fucking years at this point) fucking ruined it.

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it was not a failure of the people but a failure of the system itself. the undialectical system.

It would just be another capitalist nation. We have enough of those.

The August Coup was the last attempt to save socialism.

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Did it not also anger a lot of people who had previously opposed the transition to capitalism, pushing them towards Yeltsin?

Those people deserved to be shot.

It does exist in a sense today as the CSTO / CST and a collection of other post Soviet treaties signed by Yeltsin


At that point, the situation was already catastrophic, and the socialist system had lost its credibility in the eyes of enough people to be a serious issue. But it definitely angered Yeltsin supporters, but a bourgeois nationalist like Yeltsin shouldn't have existed in the first place.

Had Andropov lived longer, the USSR would likely still exist today. Maybe even with Gorbachev if Glasnost was done differently.

Check out /marx/ for all your detailed USSR history questions, there's a dedicated QA where you will get an academic answer with citations.

100 citation post about Finland fired first in the war and Yagoda, Yezhov, and Beria were all traitors working for the UK which Stalin has no culpability for.

I feel like we live in literally the worst timeline, like in any other timeline the Soviet Union would of become Soc-Dem, or had a civil war, or become basically Slavic China, or something else, not this fucking bullshit we have now. We basically slid back into fucking pre-WW1 politics. Everything about Russian politics is literally securing oil and economic trade connections, fucking kill me. You Russians fucked up and you fucked up bad.

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So basically OTL. If the USSR reverted to Capitalism it would be no different that OTL Russia but with a few extra oil reserves. If the Soivet project were to abandon socialism, it would have no value to the Socialist movement.

Those have all been asked actually, and the answers were honest and not Furr-tier stuff.

Why was soviet socialism actually failing? Can someone give me an in depth response

*If it WEREn't

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I could make somewhat good respone but I'm too lazy.

A unipolar world is one of the biggest threats to global socialism. It makes sense to pragmatically support Russia and China to the extent that they weaken America's global hegemony.

Proof? The only reason why socialism had a setback when the USSR fell was because of the 90’s capitalist Euphoria. It had nothing to do with unipolarity. Just look at Syria where America is funding literal Communists (YPG, PKK) or France where’s there’s the Yellow Vests. Socialist Parties are surging in popularity. There’s nothing wrong with unipolarity. Just admit it. You just don’t like America for chauvinistic reasons, there’s no reason to wrap it in socialist jargon.

You sound like a CIA agent.

Why would the CIA be supporting the backing of countries opposed to them like Russia and China? If anything a CIA agent would be supporting backing the USA on the grounds a unipolar world is best for global socialism because it unites people under a more common enemy.

they didn't shoot enough people
look at the soviets after stalin, and look at what happened when they let reformists like gorbachev run around.

if anything that's evidence against shooting so many people
through purges and political repression you encourage 'apolitical' careerism and two-faced opportunism which led to the entire apparatus of the party being filled with dreck which only needed time to rot soviet society away to the point that counter-revolution triumphed.

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You sound like a CIA agent because you think the enemy of your enemy is your friend. This is what the CIA did with the Taliban.

The past is the past, and there’s no evidence that a multipolar world of capitalist powers would make spreading socialism easier than the current unipolar world.

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I’m not so sure about that. In a multipolar world where various countries are at each other’s throats over imperial competition, it becomes easy to play them off against one another. Chinese revolutionaries can enlist Russian help, Russians can enlist American, help, Americans can enlist Chinese, etc. Just like the Bolsheviks benefiting from the war by receiving support from Germany, or third world countries in the Cold War like Egypt playing the US and USSR against each other for their own benefit.

For the most part this didn’t happen. During the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century this for the most part didn’t happen. Imperialist powers for the most part co-operated with each other to destroy the second international. The exception was WW1, however this was only because Germany was at war with Russia. In a modern scenario this would be unlikely to happen because a war between the hegemonies wouldn’t last more than a second, before the Nukes would start to fly.

This was because the USSR was socialist. Their are no socialist nations in the position to be a hegemonic power today.

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