"The problem with classic communism, I'll put it this way, is that they believe human civilization was good, and isn't...


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who tf is Adolf Stalin

Holy shit. That guy managed to archieve an even worse image quality to Adolf Stalin. I thought that would be impossible.

In German we have a word for people like him, which was even declared word of the year 2018. It is called "Ehrenmann" and it describes Adolf Stalin's character perfectly.

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What does it mean?

man of honor

yeah, I'll pass.

Jim Profit has always had poor image and sound quality with his videos, comes with being poor really, not everyone can be like Muke



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Being straight edge is good and virtuous and moral.

not going down this schizophrenic rabbit hole tonight

morals are gay retarded


Drugs are good, actually

What is there to say. its just your average dumb idealist nonsense.


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There is literally no reason why communists should be against eugenics and human depop.

You mean intentionally reducing the genetic diversity of the species?
But I like people

Oh shit son, here in Brazil we have a term the petty-reactionaries love to apply to themselves which mean the exact same thing. "Homem de bem", a way of saying simply "good man", and sometimes "cidadão de bem" for "good citizen", are now turning into sarcastic terms for all the hypocritical cunts who blight society with their self-righteous sociopathy. Ever since the election, a rather preposterous number of criminals of the worse sort turned out to be vocal Bozo supporters. I'm talking setting a homeless person on fire, running over and killing 2 co-workers while on a coke binge, a cop who killed a stranger because of a traffic dispute, and anti-sex ed activist who turned out to be a pedophile, and even a full-blown serial killed, among many, many others.

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this but unironically

shit taste fam

Anti-humanist communism when