Super Bowl and the commercials

So today is the Super Bowl and one thing that always stood out to me were the commercials. They used to be my favorite part but after my descend into leftism and reading Guy Debord, I realized the Super Bowl is just a part of the Spectacle. It's no longer about the sport, its about selling you the stupid shit in the commercials. Sometimes the commercials are the most pure example of how Capitalism just controls people, like a commercial where there is 3 women in sports attire saying how hot they are and it becomes an ad for a gym. It's not about the gym, it's about how large men's penises will grow when you show them some hot women. Anyway the point is the Super Bowl is very definition of the Spectacle and how it could be fixed, if it can be fixed.

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sports are a great way to fill an empty mind

Here's a link the compilation for some commercials.

Once you take out of the equation the monstrous paychecks the athletes and coaches get, the advertising industry, etc. all the bad shit will be gone and sports will be purified. Sports stadiums are colossal wastes of money; even libertardians like the CATO Institute have done research on the matter and found that it had no net benefit due to opportunity cost.

They were laying it on super thick at the beginning. MLKs last speech, they sang america the beautiful AND the national anthem FFS. The military shit is par for the course but my libtard friends are eating this idpol shit up.

CATO research is totally unreliable though and they're opposed to states helping fund sports stadiums (as am I but it's still biased).

I always thought 'oh I just watch it for the commercials' is the most retarded thing in the world, even as a kid, but then I'm Bongistani so I can't relate. But even my countrymen that are spooked enough to enjoy stuff like the Premier League aren't dumb enough to watch it only for the ads.

I only realised people actually do that due to this comic (always stayed in my mind)

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Have to keep everyone focused on the next big thing. Make sure to keep their attention on how cool their life can be else they might see how empty it really is. Opiat for the masses.

I'm not even sure that's working anymore though, it seems like almost everyone accepts how shit life is (at least young people). I think it's more the feeling of, like, cultural inertia that keeps people from revolting now. That and the fact that the old fucks are still as ignorant as ever.

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Super Bowl LIII to highlight Soldiers in South Korea
For the first time ever, this Sunday's Super Bowl will feature a live shot of over 100 Soldiers from the 2nd Infantry Division in South Korea during the national anthem.

Soldiers with the Army Military District of Washington also plan to take the field as part of a joint service color guard, while the Air Force Thunderbirds perform a flyover above the stadium in Atlanta.

Super Bowl LIII has the New England Patriots facing off against the Los Angeles Rams. Kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS.

Last year's game averaged more than 103 million viewers across the country.

On Friday morning, recruiter Sgt. 1st Class Arlondo Sutton told Headline News that a rap video produced by him will also be shown inside the stadium before the upcoming game.

Sutton, who is based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, and goes by the stage name "Rookie Baby," makes videos that highlight opportunities within the Army.

"I inspire more people to be better," Sutton told HLN about when he speaks with potential recruits. "And I say, 'Hey, if I can do this in the Army, you can do it, too.'"

In another Super Bowl first, the 2nd ID's commander and senior enlisted leader, Maj. Gen. D. Scott McKean and Command Sgt. Maj. Phil K. Barretto, respectively, will be interviewed during the pre-game show, according to a news release.

The leaders will discuss the division's unique nature since it became the only permanently forward-deployed combined division in 2015.

The division is made up partially of South Korean soldiers and is augmented with U.S. Army rotational units. Both U.S. and Korean Soldiers will stand side-by-side during the anthem at Freeman Hall on Camp Humphreys, the release said.

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Wow this place is absolutely beautiful, calm, and productive during the superbowl. Ban everyone who didn't post during the superbowl and call it good.

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Can you like stop posting porn?

not him but that's just an ass, i mean i would call it porn material but eh idk

It's a spectacle. Thread related.

fuck the patriots
t. eagle supporter

fuck your Mom, and Tom Brady
t. human approximation of Duncan Donuts

Football (American obviously) will cease to exist. It has nothing to offer beyond being a vehicle for advertisements.

smart idea tbh

t. Solid Snake

Think about who's watching the superbowl? Liberals, Republicans, probably even the fascist FBI guy monitoring leftypol is hating Tom Brady eating chicken wings and not derailing threads.

Not a single leftist is watching the superbowl.

I won some cash for correctly betting that the Patriots would win.

and other sports aren't?

Come on now

what the fuck was with that spongebob bait and switch tho?

I don't know when it was airing so that doesn't seem fair.

I think there's something to it. Think about how the recreational and competitive play is structured for major sports in the US. Now take away the NCAA and each sport's big league. High school and other academic play would scale back massively or collapse because those programs are built and funded to feed the NCAA, and much of the interest in them is people aspiring to play on NCAA teams.
In this situation baseball would have the most self sustaining competitive infrastructure left in the form of minor league teams and independent youth leagues. Football would be the worst off: almost no independent youth leagues, nearly all high school players want to do NCAA. No one plays football for fun like basketball or (historically) baseball, and that's hardly surprising since serious tackle football gives you brain injuries. Why do that if there's no money in it?

Stopped reading right there.

You have always been a brainless sheep, but now you just switch flavor.

Once upon a time people played sports instead of watching them. Grown adults had a big enough social circle that they could pretty reliably field a team to play a casual game sometimes. There were local minor leagues and people came to watch their friends and neighbors now and then, but especially if they played against someone from the town over.

But some porkies smelled money in this and the market rewarded them so now instead of playing sports, getting exercise, physically bonding with each other, building teamwork skills, etc. a bunch of obese boomers sit around glowing screens shoveling junk food in their faces and shouting when Sports Man I Like Puts the Ball in the Special Place.

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I watched all of it cause my sister roots for the Rams


Soccer and Baseball can be purified but the other shit is beyond salvation

I played football for fun, but I didn't think I'd be getting brain injuries from it.