Losing Hope

Have you ever felt like it's pointless to put so much time in politics? I'm seriously starting to lose the small hope I had. It feels like for every socialist there is, there are 5 retarded reactionaries who won't ever consider your position or have an honest discussion about their beliefs. It's becoming increasingly more depressing, how can people not care about humanity or the world's resources? Can we actually change people's mind over this shit before it's too late?
Everything's going to shit and it's time to either take extreme measures or sit back and enjoy the show

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If it can be of any relief to you, historical change always happened without a majority of people advocating for it. All meaningful events were pushed by a teeny tiny minority of people. It can be frustrating at time to deal with reactionaries but we have a historical duty to accomplish. And we find meaning it what we do, instead of distracting ourselves with the sweet intravenous perfusion of outrageous consumerism till we die.

How are you putting time into politics? If you or anyone says they spend their day reading dry-as-fuck theory, reading Zig Forums and watching Jason Unruhe, you’re doing literally nothing. IRL is all that ultimately matters and if you’re not doing IRL work, you’re a hobbyist / armchair. Lenin worked continously for over a decade in a autocratic police-state to help bring about socialism yet we see dumb lumpens on Zig Forums crying that their meme-posting isn’t changing people’s minds
Fuck you

If by "putting time in politics" you mean posting on the fucking internet, then you should kill yourself right now, you fucking worthless scum.

So, what exactly would you say you do' here?

I have convinced several of my friends and even a couple of teachers to be anti-capitalist, and I am a member of the debate club at my school. I am also studying computer science to further my understanding of how a planned economy could be implemented.

So aside from 'talking about politics with my pals' literally nothing. Sorry its been so draining on you, feel free to stop anytime, im sure The Left™ will manage.

What do you do then?

I create youtube videos, 134 subscribers atm

I don't complain about how i 'put time in politics' and what a bother it is and how hopeless it is you dumb faggot.

So long as the enemies of the people put in effort to hold up the status quo, no. We MUST resist or perish.
We must rally the majority that will listen to reason. The reactionaries unable to be swayed will inevitably go to the wall.

The revolutionary is a doomed man. He has no private interests, no affairs, sentiments, ties, property nor even a name of his own. His entire being is devoured by one purpose, one thought, one passion - the revolution. Heart and soul, not merely by word but by deed, he has severed every link with the social order and with the entire civilized world; with the laws, good manners, conventions, and morality of that world. He is its merciless enemy and continues to inhabit it with only one purpose - to destroy it.

Truly this will destroy global capitalism. Tell me when you graduate high school

OP here, this is not me
I militate in a trotskyist party, which are abundant in my country and I participate in a lot of marches against the government and all that shit. I haven't lost all hope but it's depressing to see year after year than our organizations grow very slowly and it all seems like a circlejerk because of our lack of power in politics. It's frustrating but I also realize there's not a real solution or alternative to this.

Anyways, mod, please anchor this thread, it was stupid to post it in the first place.

sorry, the whole turning point uk spectacle reminded me of how fun impostering is

Yes. I also read Striner around that time and stopped anything to do with politics irl. Now, I only lurk and wait till the world burns.

Huh. I got into stirner then became more active.

why would yo sage your own tread?

he ain't got no hope not even on his own thread

America is a lost cause, Europe is where we should be focusing.


Even worse is that for every leftist that's just a normal person, there are a dozen that spend all day on twitter whining about how the word 'stupid' is "ableist" toward black transgender autists, before going to get their hair dyed a neon color.

With mass human death on the horizon, the destruction of the biosphere, the loss of meaning and hope for the pleasures of a few soft porkies, you're going to lay down face first and let them stomp you? Not just you, but all of humanity? You are going to give up for the millions of starving children, overworked mothers and fathers?

How dare you let the dream of an equitable world die. You are going to stand by the child who grows up with hope, sees that the world is unfair, and then tell them, "I'm sorry, but there's nothing to be done."?

This isn't about you, you son of a bitch, this is about all of us. And I'm your comrade who is going to drag you out of this fucking pit.

There is meaning, there is hope, there is fucking work to be done. The work is always there, and the meaning and hope is there only when you do the work. We need your work, I need your work, and you need my work. It's all of us or none of us. We don't have the money, we don't have the power. We have the people and that's it.

Don't do this for yourself, do it for us all.

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History moves no matter what we do or not, everything will be alright in the end. Remember that all the liberal revolutions failed against feudalism until they didn't, it'll be the same with communism.

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fuck stalin looks fucked up on whatever movie that is

Europe is a lost cause, Asia is where we should be focusing.

Holy fuck that's a good qoute. Is there a source or did you just now create that?

Catechism of a Revolutionary

The best way to ensure the revolution is to create it yourself.
t. Blanquist gang

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Dont be a retard, its hard but you are not doing this by yourself, if you are alone in a reactionary community then move somewhere else and spread help out from there and maybe you can return and spread the ideals of the revolution. If you lost hope because of edgy facebook teens or youtube comments then you dont know shit, thevocal minority of the web means jack in the real world

you need popular support
t. failed coup in turkey gang

Just how important is popular support truly? Gaddafi led his revolution with just a few dozen officers, and imaginably someone could have a small army surround the parliament building when there's a meeting with plenty of high-level officials. If the Turkey putchists had just rushed for the news stations, government offices, and otherwise locations of executives – couldn't they have reasonably succeeded?

Blanquism can be effective in small countries.

I feel the exact same way, politics honestly makes me want to die even more than already. What's the point in even trying when the astroturf funded far right shill groups can just negate anything you try to do?

Didn't Erdogan rile the people up against the putschist through mosques?
The thing is, you don't need "popular" support, but also at the same time you need that same support not to intervene with your plans.

The problem is not so much the number of reactionaries, but the number of people unwilling to do anything other then stay firmly on the road of least resistance. The number of politically engaged people (left or right) is very small all around, with the number of people politically literate being only a tiny fraction of that. While I do understand why it can seem as if much of the world is flooded by reactionaries, the truth of the matter is that hardly anyone can be bothered with politics. It is far more easy and comfortable to just sit back and mindlessly consume for as long as you can.

The same way that a person with clinical depression can forgo basic hygiene for extended periods of time. Much of the world is suffocating under a thick depressive malaise; I can hardly blame someone for not caring about the future or humanity when they are so lost in the mixture of depression, anxiety and emptiness that encapsulates the life of the modern prole.

No. Nor should you care too.
At this late hour, 'changing people's minds' is empty rhetoric for liberals. The only way things can change for the better is if a minority of people operating in the best interests of humanity drags everyone else into a better system kicking and screaming.

Rather then making the mistake of looking backwards towards some far-gone era when mass, popular revolution/change was possible. You should instead be focussing on the realities of the present. Do no waste time asking liberal rubbish like 'how can we win support?' or 'how can we change people's minds?", rather the question you should be asking is "What is the quickest possible path to seizing state power?".

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There isn't one.

Great, glad we had this chat.

If you are not an autist you can run from office and fuck shit up from there, as long as you have studies of course, that's what im planning to do in my country

I wish you the best of luck I guess but I don't see how we could compete with the hordes of privately educated kids with all the connections and resources they could ever want.

I just want to die TBH. There's no hope for this shit world.

If I can't do anything then I already have a backup plan of becoming a terrorist, by then I would probably be fucked and my communist friends are autistic. Where I live being a middle class person is still a dissadvantage but not as hard as in Europe or Burgerland

Lenin also spent a lot of his life in exile shitposting from switzerland writing and reading theory while collecting his check from his mommys estate

Ok so here's my problem fundamentally -

No matter how smart or cunning we are, there are people on the other side that are just as smart (at least in a practical way) trying to maintain this corrupt system until it kills us all, except the difference is
- they get highly paid to do it while we have to struggle and try live on shit worker wages and spend our spare time on this
- they have nigh-infinite resources both financial and in terms of access to the mainstream media, we have nothing El essentially
- they don't really care emotionally about the struggle and it's all just a game to them, if they lose one battle they already have the money and influence to pursue the next til they're on top in the minds of the public

What's the fucking point in trying to fight against that? It's an unfair unwinnable fight, we kill ourselves to try fight something they can do with just a few strokes of a pen. At least when you're dead there isn't any pain.

Yeah I thought about that too but I don't have the constitution for it. If someone put a bomb in my hand I could do it but it's not so easy here to get guns and explosives here as in burgerland.

No you just needed more defections and more willingness to execute erdogan and his gang

My grandma could beat the game if she saved as often as you.

Well, the key insight from Marxism is that there is something about the system which is driving it toward the position you want. So in a way all the people building up capitalism are really building communism, they just don't know it yet.

While I can easily see how this rings hollow, I maintain that the solution to this kind of problem is to be found in doing ontology- investigating how things really are, as opposed to how we say they are. Then we can say that capitalism never really succeeds in subordinating all of reality to commodity production, since there are still crucial sectors which remain outside commodity production, and in any event there are no real commodities, since objects cannot really be identical.

Thus, although it's open to the accusation of wishful thinking, I think the best way to go forward is to ask yourself what it is about reality that capitalists miss. If you don't think there is anything, maybe you don't really believe in communism, which is fine. But if something seems off here you can probably find some angle which a capitalist cannot "commodify" since doing so would be tantamount to communism. Then beat that drum until the revolution comes

There are no meaningful parties for him to join, so there's nothing for him to do anyways.

This post shows a poor understanding of marxism. Capitalism is unsustainable internally. It's not about whatever funds the enemy has, it's about historical change driven through "dialectics", although I think we should reject that notion entirely nowadays given how unscientific it is. Today, we would rather express the dialectical process as retro-active loops and feedback systems.

Asia is a lost cause, Africa is where we should be focusing.

Africa is a lost cause, Zealandia is where we should be focusing.

Zealandia is a lost cause. Atlantis is where we should be focusing.

Okay, maybe we are going way back, let's focus on existing places, like Tenochtitlán.

I play out elaborate fantasies in my head.

And also being, you know, leader of one of the main political parties in Russia and publishing for Second International parties and unions, the same organization that reduced the workday all over the globe so retards like you now have the free time to post boomer "hurr commies dont work" shit here.