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I'm a left-communist who has recently started to be red-pilled on Marxist-Leninism. I'm a pretty well-read Marxist for a college student. I've read the first two volumes of Capital, Value Price and Profit, the Economic Manuscripts, The German Ideology & the Communist Manifesto. I plan on reading Lenin's major works soon.

I want to learn more about:
1) how the USSR & Chinese states function(ed)
2) the history of these countries
3) the theory of these countries (probably Stalin and Mao)

Could anyone provide me with a reading list?

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Read Lenin.

You're a leftcom but you've only read marx? if not why would you read anything other then lenin after Marx?

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Ignore all of the philosophical “Marxist-Leninists”, cause they are all academic hacks. You need to read Ultra-Leftism an Infantile Disorder, The Impending Catastrophe and then also read Karl Kautsky’s major works such as The Road to Power, the Erfurt Program, etc (since Bolshevism is really just orthodox Kautskyism applied to Russian conditions). Also, take a look at this much better reading list.

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A reading list? Well, I'd suggest reading more Marx first. Read the Critique of the Gotha Programme. Actually, just read everything you can get your hands on.
Also, how can you call yourself "redpilled" on Marxism-Leninism without having read Lenin? If you're intent on reading him, the obvious best choices are Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism and The State and Revolution, at least to start.
If you just want info on Stalin and Mao (at least their theories), I recommend going through their Selected Works. I personally really like the fifth volume of Mao's Selected Works.
A good thing to read is the Constitution of the USSR circa 1936 if you want to know how it was run under Stalin's tenure.

Why don't you go over to >>>/marx/ and ask Ismail for history books? I have my disagreements with him, but if you want a book on a topic, he can find it for you.

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OP here. i said i only recently have started to get into ML thought.. that's why i said i plan on reading Lenin. i'm looking for recs after him.

tbh fam i'd stay away from Mao and Maoist theory in general. as good as Mao was, a lot of the shit be said was laughable (see Three Worlds Theory) and and we don't need anymore potential MLM LARPers.

Second internationalist pls go. Read Korsch.
Oh, never mind. I bet you're the same tard who hates Lukács thought that the incorporation of Aleatory dialectics into Marxism was a mistake just because you failed your one and only Marxian literature class.

Not if you haven't read or understood any of the theory. At best you're a dilettante.

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Post options. If you intend to false-flag, it won't help you, though.

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Lol fuck off pretentious dimwit, nobody cares about Lukacs and those losers in the real world because they don’t have anything to offer and never did, thus the only groups that picked up on them were academic “Marxists” here in the West so they could show how third way they were between Soviet Socialism and Capitalism. Yeah, cause I love reading why popular things are garbage compared to true “totally not ruling class tastes” of classical German literature and why Jazz is fascist compared to quaint real culture like classical music. Please spare me. Also nice knee jerk reaction to Kautsky, shows how little you know about the actual Bolshevik movement other then the memes spoon fed to you Trots and Stalinists.

Loooool, goes to show dialectics is more a religion then anything to make individuals who have probably never participated in anything other then communist historical re-enactment societies (read any ML party today except the Belgian ML party) feel good about themselves. Yeah the website’s shit, but her critiques are spot on.

Dialectics are mystification tool, sorry to burst your bubble.


I don’t need to know much about Korsch nor these other academics cause they have zero relevance to anything going on right now, which is why only highly individualistic persons like you who scorn “practical” stuff and only want to be the center of attention in your own bubble are the ones reading this garbage. DurRhuRR gO aGAInsT wESteRN MArXisT oRThoDOXy yOU bEIng TOld wHAt tO THiNk. Fuck off hegelian retard. The Bolsheviks were an orthodox Kautskyian party plan and simple. It’s a shame that the Second International degenerated in WW1, but Kautsky and the left of the party opposed the war and even formed an independent party to further oppose it. Beyond Lenin’s denunciation, the main benefit of Kautsky’s works is his arguing against coalition politics with liberal parties and for a clear independent working class political party and against ultra-leftism. After the Bolshevik Revolution the Trots adopted the ultraleft line while the Stalin Comintern adopted a coalitionalist approach - which was basically a re-enactment of the same reasons the first Comintern broke with the Second International in the first place. And you probably only don’t like Kautsky cause “waaah he doesn’t do the dialectic right”.

Actually, I apologize for how I’ve been talking to you. I hope you take my explanation in good faith. I was just peeved because of the immediate knee jerk reactions to what I posted and got antagonized. Also, I’d like to state that I was a Western Hegelian Marxist for about two years, read Hegel, Lukacs, raya dunayevskaya, that one random Hegelian Soviet Philosopher, Fromm, etc. I was also part of the Marxist Humanist Organization, and also knew Professor Anderson who wrote Lenin and Philosophy on a personal basis. However, I became disillusioned because they never actually did anything relevant - they only got together to read heavy obscure books on philosophy. So if you think reading Korsch helps then I say go ahead, but also remember that theory doesn’t do anything unless it can be applied to the real world, otherwise it’s just Theory for the sake of theory, rather then freeing the working class.

This is the best ML reading list recommendation thread:


It's a pretty good thread and goes beyond the obvious classics of Stalin and Mao.

The only problem with that thread is it focuses too much on philosophy, and little on my modern times. Also, it doesn’t seem to have any self critiques of what went wrong with the movement beyond “muh revisionism”. I’d say, before you do anything, read Mike McNairs Revolutionary Strategy before you even delve into any of the classics (excluding Marx of course, cause you should always read Marx.)

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Don't worry, I don't take things too seriously, and I am totally understanding of your reasoning there. We're in whole-hearted agreement on the pointlessness of theory, as its own end.

If you clicked on any of the links, you would see that the articles are just plain text without any funky formatting.