But but but muh raaaids… It'll make the poor schizophrenics paranoid

But but but muh raaaids… It'll make the poor schizophrenics paranoid
Not a problem [Pic related]
Anyway get eyeballs here paranoid about raids, at least they're reading and trying to engage if they dare and our mods and BO aren't just sick of the little shits
Who won the debate?

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Stopped reading there

What is the fragment on machines and why is it full of weird maths written in words not maths sigils?

Is debate, not just thread full of literal children all agreeing with their own retardery

Is debate, no argument with facts gtg shit to do bye bbiad

i lurk here daily for years and every single post I make is banned and deleted and I'm still a Hitlerite

This is your first post here you lying faggot.

well that's retarded and so it's BO's banning policy


Post this shit in the ambassador thread

That thread is nothing but shitflinging. You're bad at baiting people with your shitty argument. You could've said, if communism is so bad why did the USSR become a world power? Or something more clever like that.

Hey mods, if only we could engage with this kid and tell him why he's wrong and an idiot over and over until he gets it and all the people lurking and reading get it to

Shit running late, gtg gtg gtg gtg bbiad or whenever

i am boon poster and have been here since fall 2015

Read the texts of marxism from its first development through a material perspective

We even have Marx's notes while he was thinking to help start because he was physically writing them down on very material paper

God, it's the same here and there except you think you're a communist, but you don't want full communism

That communism gone, was nice while lasted ended up crashing

Build better communism, how?
How convince people of the telos of communism

Here's a penny kid, buy an icecream I'll be back after the shit I have to do or no $$ at all

Our thoughts are simply too complicated for you to understand, boonboy.

Im too much of a brainlet to understand this thread
Someone please explain

yikes looks like capitalism will never be defeated then

someone made a thread on Zig Forums and some anons think whoever tried to defend communism in that thread did a shit job

schizoposter schizoposting

yeah should be easy to convince someone who comes to intentionally shit up threads

You don't actually lurk though. You just post "put baboon in zoo."

wrong, he also goes full muh jooz every now and then.

oh it shows, you're silent everytime Zig Forums btfos nazism

is it really so difficult somebody can lurk leftist web spaces and still not become a leftist. i regularly lurk /r/stupidpol and /r/chapocuckhouse. i even regularly visited revleft back in the day when it was still big

human biodiversity and ZOG Occupied Government are incontrovertible and I've yet to see them be BTFO here once, y'all folks just (poorly) make pretend they are not a thing

they are not

The question is how much time we should really spend on debunking the same old Nazi talking points again and again and again and again and again and again when every source we bring to the table will inevitably be disregarded as "kikery" or karltural margsism

I mean, you did admit it was one time when you were drunk.

wtf even is the point in the op? This thread is impossible to follow, the posts are incomprehensible