If, hypothetically speaking...

If, hypothetically speaking, a civil war were to break out in the USA with a leftist pro-socialist/communist faction and a rightist faction, which members of the bourgeoisie do you think would betray their class interests by joining the communist side? There's always a few.

Give your reasons too.

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OP here. I should've said, "would be most likely to" betray their class interests. We can't know for certain, but it's fun to speculate.

And my money would be on Nick Hanauer because he's one of those few capitalists with a bit of self-awareness.

Any Civil War in the US would be essentially like Syria, where there are no actual, principled socialists, just a bunch of mutually hateful university and church militias doing petty tyranny over their neighborhoods with no one wanting to, or actually having a plan for the future of the country.

This meme post made by armchair gang

Bruh Far left and far right politics are irrelevant in America

the war in Syria is not like that retard

It's a hypothetical

Hrrrm elon musk might be another candidate

He'd be even happier in charge of a skunkworks style advanced research and design institute because he'd have more time to do what he loves without the bullshit of being a capitalist and dealing with investors, the stock market etc

Also his vision of a better tommorow and what he's trying to work towards is Banksian SciFi fully automated luxury gay space communism

some petty booj, like programmers and other overcompensated professionals. very doubtful about the big bourgeoisie, there could be a few who would teeter and might face the reality of scientific marxism, but overall they're intensely fascist.

none, we might get a few labor arisocrats, but that’s it.

Their are socialists in Syria, it’s just that they aren’t “anti-imperalist” so this board doesn’t like them.

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Clarification request, by strict theory are the people you describe petitboog or labor aristocracy?

They're both really just terms for "workers I don't like" if you use them lazily enough. To that extent, I think labor aristocracy is the better term since it distinguishes labor aristocracy from people you can properly call petite bourgeois.

Programmers and other highly paid professionals in the US are petty booj by definition I think, not just labor aristos. Their salaries can rival Wall Street bankers (IE, they are not exploited at all, they are receiving a higher labor value than they put in), they invest heavily in the stock market (and make good gains), and programmers get all this money by exploiting end users through data collection.
Sure, not all programmers and professionals are making Silicon Valley bucks, but a lot of them in the USA are.

That's correct. In fact, there are two communist parties in Syria, both of which recognize the government of Bashar al-Assad as the only legitimate government of Syria.

foreign powers with an interest in destabilizing the region
were they to somehow gain the advantage in the conflict i could maybe see some displaced mid-level silicon valley people and working professionals flipping to protect themselves
0% chance of someone like musk or bezos. they'd either cut and run well ahead of time or fund the opposition from abroad

Rojava is anti imperialist, stinky head. They utilize the U.S the same way based Bashar uses Hezbollah

I could see that for musk except he's openly stated that he's a socialist in reference to his endgame being full communism

If you cut him a deal where in exchange for implementing cockshot's theories in practice he got unlimited resources to establish a colony on mars, he'd take it and make it work

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Would Hezbollah not turn on Bashar if it benefited what Iran, as it's politicians see as it's backyard they must turn?

Hezbollah's Iranian ties are changing and shrinking. A significant portion of aid now comes from Russia and co as a counterweight to US funded Jihadism, hence why Hezbollah is now displaying its self as a less sectarian and more western presentable organization than back when Iran was their sole benefactor.

Would Joe Rogan join the fascists or the commies? or would he be part of the liberal establishment trapped in the middle and join the pile of bodies?

I'm wagering he'll say something along the lines of "I don't like Fascism but Communism is worse".

Yes they are. The way things are going the integration of the D.FNS into a renewed Syrian state seems quite likely. The Y.PG will join the Axis of Resistance.