STOP looking for "Marxist video games."

STOP looking for "Marxist video games."

STOP wasting your life shitposting on the internet.

STOP getting caught up in petty praxis feuds.

DO get involved in your local community.

DO teach people the importance of material realities in building a functioning society.

DO become a light of commune-ism.

That is all.

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actually bitch im going to make a communism mod for undertale which will spark a revolution. go fuck your self.

Spreading praxis online (if you're somewhat effective) is vastly more efficient than doing it on the street corner or going to rallies nobody gives a shit about


i honestly never look for game recommendations here, just play shit even if it has values that go against what i believe, it's just entertainment


Bump for truth. Engaging in mindless consumerism is lifestylism is bourgeous af. Thanks for reminding me to get off the computer. Peace out faggots

FPBP, I've just started a Soviet Union clan in RuneScape. Porky's fucking nervous.

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I'd argue that very same if applies equally for person to person interaction. Perhaps moreso. It's easier to be both concise and eloquent online.

don't forget
DO read your fucking theory

NAH imma gonna do revolution with no theory nigga

dats the intersexional T sis

Yeah but how do I get involved

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That’s how you’ll get shit like Pol Pot. Never go full anti-intellectual

This place slowly turning to the Zig Forums

There's some kind of mysterious hidden force which stops people from giving a shit or putting any effort in.

the Zig Forums pot

But what If I already am doing all of the Dos?

also go out and vote for leftist candidates

im just gonna kill myself my man

What was wrong with Pol Pot?

ok basically he killed niggas for needing glasses, on the other hand he gave us a very cool quote "to keep you is not benefit, to destroy you is no loss" to scare fascists.

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STOP looking for marxist porn

when you point the finger, you always have three fingers pointing back at yourself

lol no


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You are literally the scum of the Earth. If you don't pick a book in 20 seconds, you are no better than a typical poltard.

Prove my argument wrong.

Protip: you can't!

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Reading and playing games aren't mutually exclusive user. But I do agree that capital "G" Gamers, those who find identity in gaming for it's own sake, do tend to replace irl experiences with digital ones.

My local community is all bootlickers. I have to go outside of it to find anybody but the kids who don't lick boots.
Don't do it with actual bourgeois people though. Feed them bullshit so they're more confused.
Sounds kinda cheesy but ok.

In the election you have a choice between an Oligarch and an Oligarch .

So people picked the one with the hat.

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STOP "insert whatever is considered lifestylism" now

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its true, it would be more effective done in an organised manner

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I choose to GAEM


You are autistic too

You are such an useless faggot, people literally don't give a fuck about theory, the sooner you stop taking those books as your dogma or religion the better your life will be, i hate people like you that take this shit so seriously as if you were a vegan or some shit, no one will listen to some retard screaming at them to stop doing things and read books all day, grow up faggot, if you want to do something of value then set up a guerilla

There's plenty of room.

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reading is good, but people like you take it so such an extreme it's cringeworthy, go out and fuck a hooker or something you moron

gaming all day
das my shit
fuck yeah nigga
let it drop

No. Gulag for you.

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you are equally as autistic as the man in your flair

reading good, niggers who ask you to read tho? fuck em

Reminder: if you are not reading a book currently you are no better than Zig Forums.

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maybe i want to have Zig Forums pot levels of theory

what if im reading poetry right now? haven't read theory in fucking months lmao

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not everyone is a fucking neet like you nigga, have to work two different jobs, by the time i get home all i do is read poetry and have a wank before listening to an album or some shit

Your kind will be literally the first to abandon the revolution. You will be handled accordingly, sent to a re-education camp. Just a warning, you soulless liberal.

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ok everyone stop arguing and listen to this song, it's like music but also like a book because it's long as fuck, so uh niggas who read/niggas that don't read treaty?

DON'T EVER FUCKING READ THEORY, it's retarded, it helps you in absolutely no way at all, you will never get to fucking use it and you will only look like a retard neet when talking to right wingers unless you want to be in some shitty ass video where you get destroyed by facts and logic

this is why your kind deserves to be murdered before anything even starts, you fat fuck

Seriously all these virgin marxists make me sick, i bet none of you talk to women lol, if im going to kill people then you are in the list right after piggy and fascists, anarchists get the bullet too

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I play 1 hour every few days. I'm 28, I find it hard to game for long periods and most games don't grab my attention. And like I said, I do read, more than I play games. I don't know why you think they're mutually exclusive.

he's autistic

Spinetta es el mas grande de toda latinoamerica

Samefag brainlet anti-book gang.

Here's what i got so far. I work on it a little more everyday.

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Damn, you find that pigeon at that park?

Fuck books
*dabs on intellectuals*

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