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'Napalm girl’ Kim Phuc receives German prize for peace work
Kim Phuc, known as the “napalm girl” after a well-known photo of her from the Vietnam war, has received an award in Germany for her work for peace. Organisers of the Dresden prize say the 55-year-old, who lives in Canada, is being honoured for her support of Unesco and children wounded in war, and for speaking out against violence and hatred. She received €10,000 (£8,800).

Chinese authorities extract forced confessions from student activists
Over the past month, Chinese authorities have intensified their crackdown on student labour activists from elite universities, about 50 of whom have been detained. Many are members of the Jasic Workers Solidarity Group, which last year had supported workers seeking to establish an independent union at the Jasic Technology factory in Shenzhen.

Netanyahu Fires Back at Iran: Attack Tel Aviv and 'It'll Be the Last Anniversary You Celebrate
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded on Monday evening to a threat issued by an Iranian commander, saying that if Iran attacks Tel Aviv, it "would be the last anniversary of the revolution that they celebrate."

Maduro kicks off Venezuela’s ‘most important military drills in history'
Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro has launched what he described as the ‘most important’ drills in history, preparing to repel any potential invasion after the US and its allies backed self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ Guaido.The drills will last until February 15 and are set to become the largest military exercises the country has held in its 200-year history.

US Navy warships just challenged China with a South China Sea sail-by operation, and Beijing is furious
The US Navy sent two guided-missile destroyers to challenge China in the South China Sea, and Beijing is outraged.Two Arleigh Burke-class destroyers — the USS Spruance and the USS Preble — conducted a freedom-of-navigation operation on Monday, sailing within 12 nautical miles of Chinese outposts in the contested Spratly Islands.

'Far Left and far Right' yellow vest protesters fight in streets of Lyon
A vicious street brawl between rival “yellow vest” factions has highlighted bitter divisions among the anti-government protesters as the speaker of the National Assembly warned of a culture of violence engulfing French politics.Dozens of far Right supporters and ultra-Leftists taking part in yellow vest protests fought with fists, rocks and sticks in the eastern city of Lyon on Saturday night.

Spain: Thousands demand Pedro Sanchez resign
An estimated 45,000 people packed into the capital's Plaza de Colon, many of them waving Spanish flags and signs reading "Stop Sanchez" and "For a united Spain, elections now!"The rally was organized by the conservative opposition Popular Party (PP) and the center-right Citizens Party, with backing from the far-right party Vox.

Undercover spy exposed in NYC was 1 of many
When mysterious operatives lured two cybersecurity researchers to meetings at luxury hotels over the past two months, it was an apparent bid to discredit their research about an Israeli company that makes smartphone hacking technology used by some governments to spy on their citizens.

Russia is planning to disconnect itself from the internet as part of a planned experiment designed to protect the country from state-backed cyber attacks.Internet service providers in the country are working with the Russian government in preparation for the test, which comes in response to a proposed new law that will see all internet traffic pass through Russian servers.

Trump-Kim summit to focus on NKorea nuke complex, US rewards
Before they meet again in Vietnam on Feb. 27-28, there’s growing pressure that they forge a deal that puts them closer to ending the North Korean nuclear weapons threat.

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How long will this circus continue? Those fucking SocDem literally released Guaido after catching him outside of embassy. Whom do they expect to betray this time? They are the ones who'll get the rope.

And we have another contender for Darwin award. I think, Kremlin will attempt to ban alcohol soon just to see what will happen.

Just how high was the journalist when he wrote this?

Newsanon, do you have another planet? I think this one is defective.

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Unironicaly support the US in our struggle against Chinese Imperialism. Every nation has a right to sail their boats anywhere that’s in international waters. China is trying to annex a huge patch of international territory. They have no right to this.

nice spooks

Pittsburgh shooting: death penalty question looms over not guilty plea
The suspect in a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue in which 11 people died pleaded not guilty to dozens of charges on Monday as his new lawyer, a prominent death penalty litigator who represented one of the Boston marathon bombers, signaled he might be open to a plea deal.

Cuomo’s Approval Rating Drops to Lowest Level in 8 Years as Governor
After an overwhelming re-election win, a series of high-profile bill signings and a fearless proclamation of New York as “the most progressive state in the nation,” Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo might have expected at least a brief honeymoon with his state’s voters.It was not to be, according to a poll released Monday morning that showed Mr. Cuomo tallying the lowest approval ratings in his more than eight years in office.

ICE Detention Beds New Stumbling Block In Efforts To Prevent Another Shutdown
As the clock ticks toward a Friday deadline to avert another partial government shutdown, a new stumbling block has emerged in talks between congressional Democrats and the White House: Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention beds.The Trump administration said last month that it wanted $4.2 billion to support 52,000 detention beds.

California to pull troops from U.S.-Mexico border in rebuke to Trump
California Governor Gavin Newsom said on Monday that he is ready to withdraw hundreds of the state’s National Guard troops from the U.S.-Mexico border, a rebuke of President Donald Trump’s stance that a national security crisis is unfolding there.

West Virginia teachers, school staff vote “overwhelmingly” to authorize work action
Teachers and other school workers in all 55 West Virginia counties voted last week to call a work action against a reactionary omnibus education bill moving through the legislature.Union leaders tallied the votes Saturday, February 9, announcing “overwhelming” approval for a strike or other unspecified protest.

Wall Street and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are on the same side for once — they're piling skepticism onto the credit-ratings firm Equifax
Short-sellers are piling in to bets against Equifax, one of the US's largest credit agencies, after class-action lawsuits and criticism by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez heighten focus on what the New York Democrat calls a "dice game."

Wall Street wavers as investors eye trade talks, growth fears
Wall Street see-sawed on Monday, rarely straying far from opening levels as investors eyed ongoing U.S.-China trade talks, potential congressional gridlock and a diminished 2019 earnings outlook.

Manufacturing slump puts UK economy into reverse as Brexit looms
The British economy plunged into reverse in December, with a broad-based slump in economic output completing the weakest year for growth since 2012.The Office for National Statistics said gross domestic product contracted by 0.4% from the previous month, fuelled by a fall in spending on the high street over the key festive shopping period.

Supporting the US ever is retarded but I unironically agree that China shouldn't be doing this.
Vietnam also contests Chinese claims.

Nothing Corbyn can’t fix with a few five year plans.

Kill yourself.

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Vietnam abandoned any semblance of socialism long ago when they began aligning with the US because muh china (due solely to nationalist spooks I might add.)

I'm not saying it's impossible or anything but is WSWS seriously using the fucking Financial Times as the sole source for their claims here?

Where did you get that from?

As opposed to China, which has always maintained a firm anti-US policy.

Thanks man.

Or because China has been bullying them since 1979. Remember that the countries were allies until China went full retard and supporter the Khmer Rouge. Since then the Chinese have made repeated provocations against Vietnam, including claiming their territorial waters. Defending your basic sovereignty is hardly a nationalist spook. If anything, Vietnam’s turn to the US is driven by China’s bad behaviour towards them.

Dengoids, not even once.

Take off that flag right now. US workers shouldn't be encouraged to take up arms against their Chinese brothers and sisters in an imperialist war to no one's benefit.

Why? A neocon flag suits him well.


'Dangerous Hero' doesn't add up to a hill of beans: UK's rulers have a fit of the vapors over Corbyn
Britain's mass market newspaper the Mail on Sunday (for which I wrote a column for many years) gave over a dozen of its pages this week to extracts from a new book "Dangerous Hero: Corbyn's Ruthless Plot for Power."The book is written by the feared biographer Tom Bower, defenestrator of everyone who is anyone from the publisher Robert Maxwell, through Richard Branson and Tony Blair, all the way to Prince Charles.Trust me, the last words you want to hear are that Bower is writing a book about you. I had to deliver those words to Jeremy Corbyn about a year ago when Bower asked to see me about the book (I had been a "source" for Bower often in the past particularly on Maxwell and Blair).Corbyn's people authorized me to meet with him, which I did for several hours in the café of the Electric Cinema in fashionable Notting Hill.I was an obvious choice for the author and not just because I know Bower well enough. I have known Jeremy Corbyn for nearly 40 years and sat, literally, next to him on the House of Commons green benches for nearly 30.

Trump’s at War With Intelligence…and For Once He’s Right
In the TV show Designated Survivor, Kiefer Sutherland plays a neophyte president, Tom Kirkman, who tries to bring decency and common sense to the Oval Office after a terrorist attack has wiped out most of the U.S. government.In one episode in the second season, President Kirkman is dealing with the loss of someone close to him. As a result, he has become distracted and indecisive. After a rebel force seizes a U.S. trade delegation in a foreign country, the president vacillates about using military force to free the hostages. He decides, against the recommendations of all his advisors, to pay a ransom to get the Americans released.“The old Tom Kirkman would have advocated military force,” one of his advisors says. “In the last six months, he’s withdrawn 50 percent of our troops from Iraq and Syria. He’s introduced a bill to double the budget for Homeland Security. And now ransom.”In the end, after consulting his conscience, Kirkman changes his mind and goes the military route. “He made the hard decision but the right one,” the advisor exults. “I think the president’s back.”It’s a truism in Washington as in Hollywood that military might makes the man. Mind you, Designated Survivor is a liberal TV fantasy about the White House. Tom Kirkman decries America’s treatment of Native Americans, pushes for gun control, and reaches across the aisle time and again to forge bipartisan consensus. He is thoughtful, patient, and committed to doing the right thing.And yet, when he cuts U.S. troop presence overseas by half, his advisors see it as a sign that he’s lost his moral compass.

2:00PM Water Cooler 2/11/2019
Today’s Water Cooler: Xi and Trump, Warren, Harris, Gillibrand, Klobuchar, Gabbard, ideology, choosing a candidate, Wells Fargo fire, Boeing financials, Amazon and shippers, cellphone sales, labor market, “ocean memory,” evolution and co-operation, the Jacquard loom

Like how the Sino-Soviet split happened because Mao got butthurt that his nationalist ambitions for a Chinese mongolia failed? And then started alligning with the US because muh soviet social imperialism?

fuck off, no nation has the right to control who can and can’t sail on international waters. All nations have the right to sail on international waters free from harassment.

Trots belong in a gas chamber, along with at least 50% of Americans. Irrefutable facts.

Rights are Spooks.

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I'm pretty sure he's just roleplaying as a Trotskyist.

God damnit.