Laugh at the Right Thread

Let's post some cringey right-wingers. The alt-right, neo-nazis, conservative boomers, libertarians, etc. My folder is mainly MAGA/Kekistan cringe so any other type would be especially welcome.

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cringe culture it's shit

let's not

It's important to have a few of those just to fire back when the Right pulls this card against the Left. I agree it's dumb.

Its not important.

Neither is posting here.


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Hoverhand is as cringy as fuck. I'm pretty beta but I've at least never hoverhanded a girl

You personally can hide the thred. You used to be one of these guys or something?

Every year, millions of people worldwide poop their fucking pants. To some it happens while they're in the office. Others, on public transport. Family dinners, public outings, even soul-searching while gazing at the stars- it can, and does, happen anywhere. I like to call it "humanity's dirty secret", because most are embarrassed and try to hide it. But what happens when we all conceal what we feel inside? We end up alone, despite being surrounded with others who are exactly like us. Don't be alone. Don't let others feel alone. The next time you poop your pants, stand tall and proud, and shout to the heavens: "I just fucking pooped my pants!". You will be surprised when they respond in the guise of your peers, loving and accepting you unconditionally, in awe of your strength and personal integrity.

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cute shark

this shit-show argument just finished


I wonder if Zig Forums is an unironic hive-mind sometimes, because 3 SEPERATE POSTERS argue the same dead points and have to have the same shit repeated to them because they don't fucking scroll up.

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you would like jilly juice

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I’m an anarchist who got driven out of a leftist space right after spreading news about a hunger-striking anarchist in Greece being detained by the government of that nation in a manner not wholly in accord with the laws of that nation.

I was hit with unrelated accusations and told that I was harassing people; among my sins was defending the public’s right to weapons!

I don’t feel like laughter at the right. Arrogant hypervulnerable leftists are interfering with the free flow of information in real ways because they seem to treat talking with people on the internet as intensely personally threatening. Stalking activists and driving them out is saboteur conduct.

Some reading material. Something better than letting ridiculous people on the right shape discussion. I don’t agree with every word in it, but who ever agrees with every word of anything?

Am I the only one that thinks they just have to be killed? Not trying to be edgy or anything but they're just beyond salvation and have no defining qualities.

Well, yeah, you don't kill people for most reasons, they aren't insane and if they haven't killed anyone they will most surely eventually come to the light.

Is there anything more pathetic?

I always thought it's a bit sweet. You do it, because you don't want to impose yourself on a girl. You grow out of it pretty quick though, if you value your survival.

Existing near a girl is imposing upon them.

Maybe I'm autistic but why do people even do that in the first place? Who actually enjoys someone hand around them unless you are close friends?

You are not human , you are autistic…… that is the answer to your question. Obviously you cannot understand human interaction. No point even trying to explain it to you.


Just remember that you set your enemies level of violence, by killing them they can justify killing you.

I always expected having autism but you are saying people actually enjoy having someone else's hands around them? I seriously hate when someone touches me.

Personally, I prefer the strong and seasoned grip of a United States federal agent.

Our heroes in blue are certainly charismatic!

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Its a gesture of affection you utter faggot

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I bet he believes in HIV though.

By killing them they're dead, so they CANT kill you. People die when they are killed.

but you die inside when you kill someone, checkmate nigger

Honestly I'm all for reeducation. "They're beyond salvation" is a quite right-wing vision of marginalized people (which is what many of them are).


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His rationale is that he can't see it therefore it is not real.

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I literally beleive we live in 719 AD

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Wtf i hate communism now

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Press X to doubt.

muh 700 Gorillion kulaks, prole

I worked with chicken breasts thsi not only does not work but is a health hazard that can cause your objects to be coated in a thin film of organic matter that can allow bacteria like salmonella to grow, do not do this.

It creates mustard gas

keeping this thread going

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A lot of people have fucked up a lot of their own shit over the past few years but I don't think anyone has fucked up as badly as Jason Kessler.

Yeah dude the right wing has never ever gone and killed people without provocation in large numbers for being their "inferiors"

girl in 2nd pic unrionically looks like she has down syndrome.
that or she's the result of some serious inbreeding, which is very likely.

That's a funny one.

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that made me lol

I know its still mostly idpol, but seeing stuff like this does restore my hope that burgerland will be capable of a prole revolution. If we can just change that sentiment from idpol to class consciousness. I live to see the day that its porky being kicked off the street.
if not hung on Wall Street

Where the fuck do they get these numbers?

Muh poor Kulaks, muh poor Nazis, muh poor White Guards, muh poor Romanovs, muh poor American soldiers

Their ass.

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To be fair he was probably joking

don't beleive this jewish shill for big keyboard cleaner

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I would love to live in their fantasy world where all the hot white girls love black dudes (since I'm a black dude and apparently it is so easy for me) Real life is the opposite, white women "racemix" the least.

/r/cringeanarchy is a goldmine.

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I mean technically /r/cringeanarchy is still serving its intended purpose

where do you live?

The biggest thing that annoys me about these images is that there's a board dedicated to getting butthurt over them or that you've brought it over here.

I’ve noticed that there are tons of Zig Forumsyps on the fetish boards. As an /abdl/ browser you’d be surprised how many people will start screaming about leftists and degen.eracy

How are Zig Forumsacks going to save the whites when the simple act of taking care of a baby that isn't yours for a bit is verboten? Would that make saving the white race the ultimate cuck?

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Burgerville of course, So my experience is similar to a lot of these alt-right fags that have these fantasies.

Yep. They'll hop up and down on the black dick, but good luck finding a whitey who wants a meaningful relationship. To them you're just an achievement. An exotic item to brag about. I'm mixed and been with plenty of white chicks, but my only semi-successful relationship was with a Dominican girl.

inb4 anecdotal evidence. I know it is. I'm basically living proof that what I'm stating is bullshit, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating.

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Rest in peace my comrades. You will find the one soon I hope.

Capitalism commodifies skin color and turns normal people into racist cucks through a strange process of alienation wherein the hatred towards minorities is focused on the self.
Schrodinger's nigger plays a role in this too. Blacks are simultaneously mentally deficient, but strong enough and instinctual enough to overtake society.
Racism + capitalism = cuckoldry.
I call it "racial capitalism" where people are reduced to objects and skin color is simultaneously the most important thing in the world and also just a commodity that can be mixed up like paint to suit a fantasy.

I remember reading this story about how in the UK this De.Gener.Ate Skinhead nailed Ham to a mosque door and got like two months in jail for committing a hate crime
While in prison he OD'd on Heroin and the right-wing shit themselves and started an elaborate conspiracy about the Islamo-Communist Niggo police killing this one dude to own wyatt pipole or some shit

well biologically speaking that is true. And while we shouldn't discriminate or deride people for homoexuality, we shouldn't be celebrating it either. It's stupid idpol, pic related.

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Pic related is literally nothing more than saying "homosexual marriage is against the law therefore it's against the law"

That's the entire point
That's the entire reason they wanted to get fucking married

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

your sexual orientation is shaped by your upbringing, there's nothing essential about heterosexuality, it has just become a useful form of social economy enforced by tradition. Most people are sexually fluid in their most pure subjective state.

If you really think so, definitely take note on the who's and how's. Older white man being the first to get up near the mic, but young people there too. And those people not being singled or divided out from the general people gathered there. The worst thing for us is when we are singled out as a separate entity from the population. As you saw the authorities were basically helpless when everyone was together against the guy.

I did not expect to read this what the actual fuck?

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i have a try not to laugh challenge for you people

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Exactly my point. Reeducation doesn't work. Maybe a gulag?

Truly, this is what happens when you have universal education and university

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This is why I love AOC, it’s like she was born to trigger stupid right-wingers. A self-proclaimed “socialist”, non-white, young, female and relatively attractive. Obviously there’s nothing socialist about her but I love to watch how asshurt she makes people. Based AOC

Implying they learned anything when trapped in those commie-brainwashing camps other than how to suck off muh Marx and Lenin

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AOC > Burning Sandals

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t. dumbass ameritard college dropout

That doesn't mean that there isn't anything 'essential' about heterosexuality. You can have a dynamic sexual orientation(s) while still having 'essential' sexual feelings. Not to mention: reproducing (union of man and woman) isn't only enforced by norms found in modern social spheres. The essential aspect of heterosexuality is found in virtue of the female/male form and from the fact that the biological union results in life. It's as essential as that.

Every citizen in the USSR was an engineer and could read, write and speak on a native level at least 3 other languages and could recite the entirety of Capital in it's original German from memory. However they lost all of this once they were poisoned by McDonalds and hearing/seeing English too much.

Based boomer at 0:13


Have you maybe thought that carrying a parasite inside of your body until it farts out of your fuckhole and saddles you with debt to be something that some women might want to avoid?

God, that board is so cringe. That was just the iceberg of pathological material that you posted. Funny how this shit inevitably turns into sissy stuff—that seems to vindicate my theory that the whole cuck fetish is just repressed homosexuality. Eventually they ditch the woman entirely as they fall deeper into this fetish lol

Holy crap, why pose like this if you're going to do that.

I literally want to avoid this though.

Something can be virtuous and a spook at the same time. Lots of things have spookiness to them but that doesn't say much about their prescriptive use.

That's the best argument against capitalism in my opinion, but that's relating childrearing within the context of a capitalistic model to childrearing in principle. Having a communal society where children and the elderly aren't perceived as economic burdens but transcend the economic structures altogether bypasses debt-based guilt.

Sure, that's fair. I just don't think that these things exist in a vacuum. It's interconnected all the way down, doesn't mean certain concepts or norms can't be salvaged.

Well, they're staying true to the original by being obsessed with black-dick, and white women riding it.

Why they got to make it weird, man?

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