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Okay my comrades. What do you think the world will look like in 20-30 years? (Given that there isn't a global revolution or society gets wiped out by climate change.)

In my opinion most of the world will become uninhabitable, with megacities on the now-temperate coast of Antarctica. We probably won't have a moon colony yet, but I expect some private enterprise to mine moon rocks and asteroids. Government survelliance will increase, and with it, classism. Many new jobs will need to be forcefully created and most people will make a living tending to machines.
There might be some revolutions in third-world countries, but nothing promiment. Migration will increase and reactionaries will be salty about it.

What do you think, Zig Forums?

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Everything will be shit and then socialism will prevail, 100 years too late to save humanity from barbarism.

i don't think anything will change except maybe commodities will get cheaper which will pacify revolutionary aspirations in the western working class. Has anything major happened in this century to point to a different type of destiny from where we're currently heading?


It is interesting that pessimistic leftists will be content in imagining dystopian settings for the future, but revealing the probability that nothing will change almost seems worse. I blame science fiction for always seeing dystopias being a criticism of modernity and bureaucracy, and the idea that rebellion is easy since the system is too big to sustain itself, so will fall with the collapse of conformity.

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Even if the international system doesn't plunge into chaos and anarchy during the next decades, a future capitalism-induced climate catastrophe seems almost inevitable now. I for one have no faith in the market's ability to change that, so it all kind of hinges on our ability to get rid of capitalism before it's too late. That's also a pretty tall order tbh (not to mention that the state's capabilities for repression are ever-increasing).
Hence the pessimism. I'm not advocating defeatism in any way, but I don't think there's much of a reason for being optimistic about the future at this point either
Hence the pessimism.

t. poster

I have a theory that climate change will be the end of this age of humanity, but also the end of capitalism since the market won't find solutions, so we'll have to wait until half the global population are dead before international socialism. That's the cruel joke of history. Kinda makes you believe that some type of God is making all this happen.

Yeah, but that's kind of what you'd expect. Nothing becomes an issue before the first bodies start piling up on the front pages. Then comes the legislation, and only if it doesn't contradict the preferred policies of entrenched interest groups.
Studying political science isn't doing wonders for my depression tbh

Mmh, I think that there most likely will occur a global economic crash within 20 years (I'd say pretty soon actually, like by 2020). It will probably be the biggest one to have hit us yet, and a repeat of the 20s and 30s will occur, except that instead of communism vs fascism it probably will be some sort of socdem lefty movement like we're seeing now in some countries that will either lose out against the crypto-fascist rise (that will most likely end in dictatorships of at least some first world western countries) or the dissilussioned with socialdemocray will turn to more radical stances, which might lead to some revolutions in the third world. Also the US will lose its hegemony, most likely to China.

Hell is already here, lads

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the info is already put there on poverty's effects on the world, but it is strategically ignored by popular media, what makes you think future disasters will be broadcast, if they're detrimental to the market? I know it sounds cynical, but that's how I see it.

Socdems get cucked, and people radicalize, such is life

Disasters are hot and sell like fuck, while dry scientific research about the dangers of capitalism offer very little of sales value to a mainstream media organization.
The market isn't a singular being. It's just a collection of market forces seeking profit. Sometimes they'll be ideologically motivated sure, but every omission of left-leaning viewpoints isn't necessarily willful capitalist propaganda. They're most likely going to cover climate change-related disasters if they think there's money in it. Such is the capitalist

This page is great, if you want capitalism to depress you.
t. user, who lives in a sad dead industrial city

Thanks, I want to die now
t. user living in a grey metropolis with no greenery

Most things automated, everyone UBI but its shit, water is rationed, there is a middle class which consists only of high end bar/waiting staff, hookers, golf caddies, butlers and reception jobs with extremely high staff turnover due to constant sexual harassment. Whenever the proles try to get UBI raised the middle class go "lol but you get money for literally nothing you are so entitled" and they are quoted in the media profusely.They solved the environmental problems with muh innovation so this state of affairs doesn't even have the sweet release of eventual certain ecological collapse

I would love to spill your blood and anoint my oil paints and steel. Would you like to be the Antifa sacrifice? I'll make you feel welcome in my land if you promise to die like a good boi. Charging up my weapons with your filthy negative energy through the spilling of your blood would be most welcome. We are all friends in Leftism here are we not? Sacrifice yourself for the cause.

Repent before its too late.

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Wages will continue to stagnate, and unemployment will rise. The Porkies remaining will become fewer in number, but their wealth will increase. Surveillance will probably increase, but eventually the stratification will effect people who work for the military and gov surveillance, and once and only than their material conditions decline will revolution happen. Climate change will cause a lot of harm, but nothing to catastrophic. Transition away from fossil fuels will probably start somewhere between 2020 and 2030.


By that point it’ll be to late.

the spookiest

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I’d rather die than be a slave to a higher power.

Christianity situates a loving God. My God is a lot more cruel for making a game out of History. The logic of God requires the blood of all creatures. Reminds me of that psychopathic monologue in "The House that Jack Built", talking about "the noble rot". How wine is so nice, but requires the rotting of so many grapes.

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So be it. Enjoy your eternal afterlife of fire and brimstone. :)

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socialism or barbarism? its barbarism 100%

i simply cant buy into the nasal voice liberal "progressive" narrative, we are progressing into shit, same with leftist 'fully automated gay luxury space communism'
edgelord flavor of right wingers have it right, society is moving in direction of "might is right" techno warlords and basically 99% of society with civilian only skills and equipment on day 1, the masses will be droned with missile strikes to death

ive went into the aeronautics and petroleum engineering masters degrees because they are both:
1) require same amount of mid level math
2) fluid mechanics
3) are the most profitable master degrees
4) both are mechanical engineering offshoots and if you graduate 1 you graduated like 50% of the other

my plan is to work 70 hour weeks as a highly skilled, highly educated, highly employable and marketable technical, essential worker for my 6 digits starting
im ready to slave away 5 years on an oilrig or at a military jet propulsion testing airbase and become filthy rich in the shortest amount of time
after that im buying a yacht with point defense and anti air and whatnot weapon systems and putting myself alone in the middle of the pacific ocean with half a planet between me and literally all land on earth

enjoy cannibalism, faggots

"That's okay. I'm not scared of Hell. Hell is just Heaven for bad people."

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Have fun worshiping a warcriminal.

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But labor is the mightiest might

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except that in todays society 90% of the population doesnt perform any socially necessary or meaningful labor

entire heavy industry is now ran by a handful of people, all manual labor factories are in china, mines that used to spawn mining towns are now ran by 3 dudes staring at the screens, tractor and combine harvesters of big agricorp eliminate the need for workers there too as the drones spray the field….
there is no "labor" anymore, no one has worked with a sickle or a hammer for at least 50 years now

you will have a swathe of nail salon and fashion "workers" and fast food perma minwage shitters with absolute 0 strategic skills and equipment, tv watchers and beer drinkers, these are your "mighty" workers of today

modern "workers" (especially if they are civilian workers) are torch and pitchfork aerial shelling bait, today a single army ground defense colonel or even just a captain in the airforce commands more firepower than basically all of civilian population
while we focus on economic inequality, no one is paying attention to the martial inequality, the only inequality that matters when facade falls down and we all discover that its a small pond with too many crocodiles

What's wrong with 90% of people who are worthless dying? At least we don't have to hear them whine any longer, right? Cataclysm in the near future is assured, so why is everyone clinging to some kind of fakey utopia when their deaths are imminent? Nobody has to lift a finger for it to happen either. If you look up at the stars and read the energy of the Earth you could feel it out. Death is coming for us all…the question is: Can you survive?

impossible to say exactly because it depends on the reactions of key people in America, whether they go for WW3 or just rule over the western hemisphere. either way though, capitalism is replaced with "meritocracy" completely within the next century, a process that has been underway throughout the 20th century. this will be a more or less bloodless transition (or WW3 happens which kills a whole lot of people), if you don't count the poor uneducated masses that go postal against the system and the masses that get droned to death. the system would look a lot like state capitalism, except your position is determined entirely by educational status, and drop-outs are literally thrown in institutions to be killed off or quarantined. such a system by its nature must be totalizing to a degree that even we are unfamiliar with (which is why we're seeing America go absolutely batshit over idpol and sexpol shit, in the past decade, even though it's a disproportionate response to Great Depression 2.0 and solves nothing).

neoliberalism is on the way out and will be replaced by… something else. it could very well be the meritocracy I mentioned up there, if they think they're ready for it, but more likely it will be straight up state capitalism and a return to government planning to keep the unruly masses in line, plus some hyper militarism. WW3 might happen here, the US certainly seems to be gearing up for that.

if WW3 happens and the nukes fly, urban centers are destroyed but all of the countries have the technology in rural areas to rebuild something after the war, and the war degenerates into an ugly stalemate. it is unlikely that "America" or any other nation survives as a nation-state, but it is unlikely that America degenerates into a balkanized mess. the people who will survive, the rural population and selected elements of the elites, are not stupid and realize that re-establishing a central, unitary authority over the continent is in their best interests, and there's not really a viable split of the North American continent that will sustain for a long time, nor any ideological difference that will separate regions. the most you could say is that southrons will cling to the old racism and their butthurt from the civil war and Mexicans are catholic and shit, but the events of WW3 would dwarf whatever such differences exist on the continent. China will likely remain a unitary state for some similar reasons, they don't want a return of the Warlord period and the Communist Party is fucking big and the only real game in town (assuming China is not utterly defeated in WW3 and conquered by America). harder to say what happens to the rest of the world, or what the ultimate outcome of such a war would be. it really depends on just how much shit the American army can wreck in the opening stages, and how well the regime can handle its glass jaw when, for the first time in a long while, American cities are attacked with nukes. i am assuming that before such a war is launched, one of the participants has figured out a countermeasure for nukes that is at least somewhat effective.

stresses of climate collapse and resource depletion lead to a nuclear exchange in the late 2020s to late 2030s
most humans on the planet die of starvation/disease/lack of water. India gets light bulb'd effected to death

population stabilizes around 1 to 1.5B, living standards reduced for most of the world to early 19th century/middle 18th century living

I think fascism would have took control of at least 3 european nations of course from some type of economic crash due to inflation.
burgerland would be very unstable.
india and china would most likley go to war over some minor things. mongolia would most likley be a fascist state. russia will most likley have a civil war.
france would most likley become socialist.


wrong. All of the workers you mention which supposedly only perform 'socially unnecessary' labour, they are still all that porky has to maintain his riches. Its not the nature of the work that is being done that determines this, its the nature of capitalism itself that they need us more than we need them. Even widespread global automation of all production wouldn't change that. As for your Porky masturbation fantasy of mass repression, who builds and maintains all the systems that the military uses, how is it possible to get the ungodly amount of resources that they need for a protracted war? How do they get their energy, how do they feed and clothe and arm their troops? Its all labour, it depends on functioning of the capitalist economy and the working class holds all the power in the capitalist economy. It only has to recognize its power and with every insult and every atrocity against it and with diminishing gibs from Porky it will come closer to that recognition day by day. Never Forget what Mao said:

Snowcrash, but remove the humor.

I think the military would step in before that happens and creats a hyper-natioanlist state capitalis fascist system that described.

I don’t think WW3 will happen, because of Mutually Assured Destruction. However your pretty on point in terms of what will happen to political economy. Capitalism as we know it won’t be able to function because rates of profits will be so low, so CEOs and labor aristocrats trade in their corporate offices for government positions and use the state to continue their posh lifestyles while doing a planed economy. Also while I don’t think that WW3 will happen because of MAD. Militarism and Nationalism will continue to build up, and without a major war these ideas are never counted in people’s minds, so the ideology of militarism and nationalism will build up to such high heights that it’ll even freak out Bizmark if he were to see it.

Unlike you, I actually know that optimistic predictions about technological advance have always been wrong. Which leads me to believe that gap between the present and the 2030/40s will be about as big as the gap between the 1990s and now, which is really small.

We are all god comrades.

Message for christfag:
If you believe in an immortal soul than you believe all humans are immortals. Checkmate christfag.

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what is it with religion and serpents?

I can't explain christianity but in hinduism the serpent is a metaphor for the kundalini, aka the spine.


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Might be better to research the sushuma ida and pingala if you don't want to see new-agey revisionist shit.

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is this the same thing as the chakras in buddhism?

That’s a big gap. Back then solar energy was a pipe dream, the internet just started, everyone was knee deep in neolib ideology, and music wasn’t complete trash. Very different times.

Yes. The sushuma, ida, and pingala pass through all the chakras. The sushum is the center channel that passes through all the chakras and the ida and pingala are the left and right, secondary channels, that meet together at the chakras. Forgive the oversimplification, but buddhism is to hindusim what christianity is to Judaism. Hindus yogis view Buddhism as simply a sect of hinduism rather than a seperate religion. Hinduism isn't really a centralized religion as Judaism or Christianity so it's hard to make a comparison but they view Buddhism as a vedic school because they stem from the same vedic tradition.


To add. Hindus don't view their belief system as a religion but rather as a scientific study of spiritual reality of the universe.

Everything will go to shit by the mid 20's. We're gonna hit a death cross as capitalism finally hits the breaking point and starts to crumble. We can already see it now with the DOW going sideways last year and continuing to do so. There really won't be enough time for any cool cyberpunk shit, the time is now to start arming and preparing.

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Wrong staff buddy.

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Got me there.
t. Optimist

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You're fucking stupid. Even if you are a Christian, being a somewhat smart and critical person, you have to recognize that things like Church hierarchy, Celibacy, literal hell and observing said church rituals as a requirement for salvation are unquestionably temporal editions of religious doctrine.

Every man a God!

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fucking nerds will probably make the golden throne from 40k a reality, requiring the souls of millions of redditors from neoconNWO and the donald to keep the reanimated body of Regan alive for endless cyber-battle against chinese hackers. His mind, now a powerful digital singularity, coordinates every ship in the USN and coast guard to ram cargo ships across the globe. Climate change is reversed by seeding the clouds with an aerosolized mixture of urine and plastic bags, plunging the earth into a new ice age.

I believe that we have already been were we are heading as some won't wake up to realize that the technology to get there is not there's to have, changing the future realms and worlds might not be there's but you can do so in this one as of now using each other to spread love as we as humans are very beautiful if we are taught about our ability to think positive things for one another for the future's of our children and so on, protect all life as we have floating city's to look down at our place that man has become apart of to protect it, the clouds we dwell the air we breath the earth we farm will be our future, think positive my friends.

read cockshott

Suicide nets become a common thing in major cities.

Full body scanners like the ones currently in airports become a standard security technology (used in schools, sporting events, train stations).

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Capitalism still exists and Siberia is sub-tropical. The equator is a burnt hellscape and the oceans are emerald. The Nazi masturbation fantasy did happen (because liberals are incredibly dense) with no winner. Korea is unified and it is a worse ROK. China has turned into a more horrid version of themselves but with UBI. Russia is unironically a monarchy again with a tsar and everything. The US has no more legislature and just a President and Supreme Court. The UK has dissolved the house of commons. Japan is basically what it was in WWII. The only good thing is the population has been reduced by 2/3rd. All women belong to legal harems and children are raised communally

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I think at least a few nukes hit burgerville.

What is not good about this?

ikr, children need all sorts of type of people in their life, except anarchists

2025: unemployment stands at 1% despite the massive onslaught of automation. the trains have been renationalised. John McDonnell has just replaced Jeremy Corbyn has prime minister of the UK. some nice person who's name i don't know but who is basically just a leftier sanders is president of America. universal basic income is fast becoming the preferred solution to income issues. housebuilding is at record highs and house prices are falling to levels not seen in our lifetimes. the monkey is laughing like a hyena.

also 2025: almost all human interaction has become a commodity. 30% of the population are employed pretending to be people's friends in exchange for money, and another 10% are "social influencers". buzzfeed - now the primary source for news - is considering capitalising on the popular meme questions from the last debates by hosting an entire debate just for meme questions in the 2028-29 UK elections. furries are as mainstream as pop musicians. lord dianne abbot buys a fursona ironically. the leader of the opposition follows suit. elon musk continues polluting space. everyone records themselves all the time and nobody knows why. twitter loves it. the line between art and marketing is obliterated. everything is a simulation of a simulation of an ironic replica of a simulation

how is this good?

Bad take output has reduced by 33%

Uh, I mean 66%

Shittier climate, higher wealth inquality, rampant consumerism,far-right reactionary revival in America

We can dream.



Climate Change is less a scientific problem than a political problem. We could fix it if tomorrow if their was the political will for it. Sadly their is not.

desertification of anything near the equator, mass migration, starvation, and war
'nuff said

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Less people use less energy, the effects of climate change has slowed. Although it's because of war, starvation, radation rendering many sterile and the Mad Max style harems.


its like your describing current reality

I will add -The US will privatize and balkinize, selling off infrastructure and public land to transnational investors. Third world revolutions will be squashed by technofascists for hundreds of years until the international slave class is united by shared technology, language and culture and finally the gamers rise up.

and then they build a train?

Cyberpunk is lumpenproletariatfirst-worldism, change my mind.

at least the proletarian have steampunk

This means less labor can be utilized towards finding a solution.

If that were to happen the American gov would be overthroughn in a coup. No way the military would agree to this.