Will Digital Dictatorships Replace Liberal Democracies?


Artificial intelligence shifts the global balance. While the West is conducting ethics debates, one global power in the far east is expanding its autocratic system with big data. How will the technology affect the ground structure of our democratic systems? And which system will prevail at the end?

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It'll be like Ghost in the Shell where files named things like s00n_y4t_s3n.exe can completely rewire your brain and end whatever life you had before and flip you into a PLA agent in the enemy metropole.

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China is going to fuck us before we even know what is happening. It won't be based post-Dengist socialism. It will be shit.

Only thing that can save us is cyber-socialist revolution.



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Anyone who doesn't have a PhD specializing in AI research should be legally forbidden about talking about it. Pop-science is cultural cancer.

isn't it science fiction at this point?


I don't even know what point you're trying to make here. Did you watch the video?

Are you Valorian?

BS, America’s falling behind China because China has four times the amount of people. Also America isn’t holding back big data technology, but embracing it at full speed. Just look at Amazon or the Drone programs.

considering the video has 5 views and was posted only a day ago, yes this person can be safely assumed to be the author.

your video sucks. you pit american """liberal democracies""" against the authoritarian bad boys (really just amerikkka's enemies), without any analysis of how amerikkka is a literal shithole already collapsing on its own weight.

if you want to come to Zig Forums why dont you stop by the goddamn stickies and actually read some leftist literature?

"If there is one person to whom monuments will be built a hundred years from now, Peter Sloterdijk once remarked, it is Lee Kuan Yew, the Singaporean leader who thought up and put into practice a ‘capitalism with Asian values’. The virus of authoritarian capitalism is slowly but surely spreading around the globe. Deng Xiaoping praised Singapore as the model that all of China should follow." - Slavoj Žižek

Yes I imagine a future where an archipelago of Singapore style authoritarian Confucian Mirror's Edge esque police states operating as neocameralist corporate republics ala Nick land and Meniscus Moldbug. Rule in a world abreast by catastrophic climate change, famine, war and extreme wealth and biological poverty(The elect will be trans-human and have artificial intelligence at there disposal).

Singapore under the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew has pioneered a higher synthesis of eastern and wester civilization a country that has imminence economic but no political freedom. combining Anglo Empiricism, pragmatism, laissez faire, market liberalism and the broader western enlightenment tradition of reason with the Easter civilization Confucian hierarchy and Chinese strict legalism.

Lee Kuan Yew has brought about something that Debord calls the "The integrated spectacle" a synthesis of the authoritarian totalitarian concentrated spectacle made effective through a state of permanent violence and police terror and "The diffuse spectacle" e.g. western liberal democracy a haze of liquid media dense propaganda and advertising.

This has spread form Singapore to china by the way of Deng Xiaoping and from china to the rest of the world. When china becomes the dominant power in the next century and the American empire collapses the only other sociopolitical and economic system that will look stable and efficient
to people will be this integrated spectacle.

if you what a picture of the future imagine Nick land, Lee Kuan Yew and Deng Xiaoping stamping on your face forever!

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fucking this

read weapons of math destruction, China's ideas borrow from american corporations

if you live in america: you already live under a corporate dictatorship, one stealthly funded by private interests

this shit really gets the noggin joggin.

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Where did you find a liberal democracy in the west? All I see are free market capitalist countries that would make the 1930s European Fascists envious of their dedication to protecting the industrialists global international profits and robbing their proles of self determination by rigging national political processes.

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Do you call the current system self determining and dedicated to global social justice? It just looks a commitee for the bourgeoisie industrialists that would make Hitler jealous dedicated to protecting global international capitalism to me. I guess if you call that liberal democracy that's what we have. I certainly hope you don't actually believe 1930s European Fascists were driven more by pure belief in their ideology as opposed to protecting the international profits of industrialists who generously filled up their slush funds. I mean it's pretty obvious they were just winging it with blame games on socialists, jews and disabled people while they protected global capitalism and rigged the political process. What would be the difference between 1930s European Fascism and liberal democracy in 2019?

If only someone had written about the possibility of such a thing occurring out of liberal democracy.

I'm doing my masters in robotics and AI. Can I talk about it? Hot take incoming: most of the cool stuff we can do with AI nowadays are perfect examples of quantitative change leading to qualitative change. Spicy dialectics. What I mean is that most of the fundamental tools used in AI are actually really primitive, it's just that we can combine them in some nifty ways and just crunch such large amounts of numbers that the emergent behaviours are really useful.

Do you think you could use AI with the input of all of an author's works to output more work? I want to know what Lenin thinks about big booty bitches.

Control System and RTOS Master here. I second this assertion, but have seen companies moving to automate out traditional engineering work like proving complex systems with qualified software tools. There will shortly be no need for tier 3 V&V EE and ME entry level jobs as requirements can be written in readable and programmable language that software can prove. I can see evolutionary algorithms replacing designers in a few decades.

I thought this was Zig Forums not /liberalpol/

China is not like it once was under Mao or Deng

I like how AI used to be thing everyone was wanking off to like 5 years ago
But then China made a traffic light that could tell you who was jaywalking and did a bit on their news where they had a deepfake face AI do the news read and it suddenly became "TOTALITARIAN TOOL OF COMMUNIST CONTROL!!!!!!"

No they fucking aren’t. It’s just that in the west AI tech is mostly used by private companies, but in China it’s mostly used by state owned or “public-private partnerships.”

ikr, comrade Xi is going to guide us on a shinier path toward 21st century socialism with 中国特色
How happy is the one who calls himself/herself a Chinese

China is making cyberpunk real. This reason is enough to support the CPC.

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Dictatorship becomes proportionally more difficult as the population becomes more educated.

Digital direct democracy is the likely successor to representative democracies with major policy decisions being made by an educated public and the implementation of policy being left to public servants.

Direct democracy will also be true socialism since it will be a government of the people that is run for the sole purpose of furthering the interests of the people.

Depends how you define "education" and "educated."