Cops and Klan…

Cops and Klan…

We got a partially complete set of messages exchanged between
Lt Jeff Niiya
Joseph Owan Gibson

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More proof that the right-wing are the useful idiots for porky.

why do people get so obsessed over some conservatives in portland?

Because they are fighting to preserve the status quo and are working together with the police to harass unions and other leftist orgs.

but antifa fight for the same thing(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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No they don't. Also censoring fascists is a good thing in the west regardless of who is doing it. Your opinions are not legitimate and have no future.

except they're not fascists they're just protestants and police.

antifa hasn't done anything meaningful since the 30s they've become foot soldiers of neoliberalism

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Private groups working with police to oppress opponents of capital is pretty fascist.

but who is opposing capital here? it isn't antifa, unless the trash can is the big oppressor of the workers now. They are working with police against anarchkiddies
What sort of labor movement in the PNW have they really "oppressed"?

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American reactionaries are capitalist no matter what they say. Also Patriot Prayer has started attacking Democrat Cops of America and IWW events and HQs in the area as well.

Retards sure love posting this gif without understanding they're using the trash cans to block roads

okay, let the rest of your middle school friends know you owned da libs ebin style.

Did you just forget about all the resistance movements in WWII. Also Liberals seem to also hate Antifa, (since they don't mind working with fascists) since they don't like being compared to violence. Violence is Neoliberalism's worst enemy.

I didn't say anything about antifa in r*java. I was speaking about the anarchkiddies in portland and more broadly western countries.
Idk how democrat cops are good. IWW is irrelevant today. Especially when, here in Portland they'd support burger flipper union but are silent on the dock workers.

Idk how democrat cops are good. IWW is irrelevant today. Especially when, here in Portland they'd support burger flipper union but are silent on the dock workers.

Patriot Prayer literally showed up to break windows and threaten people at the local IWW union hall which also houses a D*SA office lol


You are worse than useless.

patriot prayer protests liberals
like i said where is the labor being oppressed here? its not D*SA

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Silent how?
They have the ILWU already.

IWW is left wing

How is the IWW liberal? I can see the argument for Democrat Cops of America, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't still oppose groups like patriot prayer

Those are often the same thing.
Both groups can be incredibly reactionary.

It was the D*SA in an iww building

this is what I'm saying however the people they are opposing in portland are also reactionary

If Reactionaries kill Reactionaries we win.

Antifa at least has the potential for class consciousness. Those protestants and cops are pretty much lumpen.

If patriot prayer considers the Democrat Cops of America too radical then how do you think they'll react to "actual leftists", whatever that means according to you.

They should stay out of their buildings.

Also, you forgot to mention theyve been smashing out their windows.

cooperating with the cops probably ……….

Some of these messages are kinda chilling.
- they directed local Proud Boys to go attack a queer protest
- they selectively chose to enforce warrants
- they set up safe spaces for nazis
- they work to support/protect the local nazi clowns
- they helped generate buzz for his "senate race" scam
- there's proof that the FBI's involved in a different document….

I'm excited to see where this rabbit hole goes.
These first 350 messages are only the beginning…

I have a brother whos a cop. Most racist motherfucker ive ever met. And fat.

The entire department should be fired but of course it won't happen. Odds are this will buried by the city.

Because these guys livestream everything you're going to see a lot more footage like this:

Of the cop handler grinning as Patriot Prayer wanders around accosting randos. The thing is these guys don't just screw with the left but also random civilians around town. They see the people of Portland generally as their enemy, like getting up in random people's faces and screaming "TRUMP. BITCH" and then if you say anything back they smash you. I would liken it almost to loyalists in Northern Ireland who would stage these provocative marches into Catholic areas to stir up unrest while colluding with police forces.

That was way worse of course, but the dynamic is pretty similar with marches into Portland as it's perceived as a progressive town. You just have to look at how these guys talk about Portland, and most don't actually live there but on the outskirts and across the river in Vancouver, WA.


la atrocidad

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Random trucks are a bigger threat to antifa than patriot prayer is

this is a good thing tbh

Queer bashing is just as much idpol as queer pride

i love it with idpol solves their own problems

epic dude
let me know when new people's army swims across the pacific ocean and burns down los angeles


Except it doesn't. This just proves to LGBT activists that they are still needed

how does it prove that they are needed?
Should pedophilia activists be needed to for the anti pedo hate?

It proves they are needed TO activists. LGBT activists are reactionary. They need anti-LGBT idpol to justify and perpetuate themselves.

Are we really going down this road?

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Proud boys and Patriot Prayer will attack any left wing org. They are financed by reactionaries for that express purpose. You are still acting like it's 2014.

Pol transfers triggered

Are we really going down this road?

How did I strawman you?
You're treating the two as equivalent

Kill yourself

Yeah fascists

It's the equivilant of me says that YOU are saying:

the word you're looking for is reactionary.

All fascists are reaction but not all reactionaries are fascists

Stop calling everything you don't like fascism

Fuck off, fash. Lurk more, it's obvious you just migrated here from Zig Forums. Just because you find gay sex icky for whatever reason doesn't mean it's "deviant"

I'm not the equating sex things I don't like to pedophilia, though.
How is this even the same thing?

Because not all deviance is inherently "bad".
This is real basic.

Most people here are politically deviant.
Why would we care about those who deviate sexually?


But you're equating
pedophilia = bad
homosexuality = not bad
for some reason however the same logic you used to justify homophilia can be applied to pedophilia as well

When I'm not the one making a false equivalency between the two.
My point isn't that there is an equivalency, it's that there is NOT an equivalency.

Christ, you're an obvious newfag if you think that is what liberalism is

how is homosexuality acceptable when pedophilia is not?
You're saying that homosexuality is acceptable and pedophilia is not

I'm also not the one making value judgements
That's you.

you obviously can't stand when people call out your liberalism

I never said they were acceptable or unacceptable, I said they were not equivalent.
It's on you to tell me how they are.

The problem with pedophilia has never been "sexual deviance". The problem is child abuse. Neck yourself.

They are both unnecessary and harmful to a population


How do you define necessary and why is it inherently harmful?


Abused "More Likely to Be Gay"

Bug Chasing: Why Some Men Want to Become HIV Positive

CDC: 94 to 95 Percent of HIV Cases Among Young Men Linked to Gay Sex

Drug Use "Seven Times Higher" Among Homosexuals

Higher Risk of Mental Health Problems for Homosexuals

HIV Among Homosexual and Bisexual Men

Homosexual Men Have Fifty Times Higher Rate of AIDS

Homosexuality: The Mental Illness That Went Away

How Different are the Adult Children of Parents who Have Same-Sex Relationships?

One in Five Homosexual, Bisexual Men in U.S. Cities Has HIV

Report Finds Black Homosexual Males in U.S. Worst Hit By HIV-AIDS

Statistics on Sexual Promiscuity Among Homosexuals

STD Facts - Syphilis & MSM

Viral Hepatitis Populations - Men Who Have Sex with Men

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Turn on a flag for us real quick

What's the point you're trying to make exactly?

What is this meant to prove? Did a gay dude steal your girlfriend? Why are you so triggered?


You asked how it is harmful. I could have left out the links and posted them in a reply when you asked for sources

I'm talking contextually.
That definition could apply to a host of things.
I don't know what your argument is simply because you say it's "necessary".

ok tyvm (:

All of these articles are focusing almost exclusively on the behavior of gay males in the west, which would lead one to assume that these behaviors are unique to that particular culture rather than something inherent to homosexuality itself. For example, why should gay blacks be hit harder by HIV rather than gay men across the board? Are gay blacks, in fact, double gay? Please respond in the form of a 3-5 page essay in APA format, thank you.

No, I want you to say what your argument is because you accused me of strawmanning before.
You better have a cogent argument that you can state plainly so that it doesn't just look like you're obfuscating.

Blacks have higher rates of homosexuality

You asked how it is harmful and I answered

That isn't what I asked you fucking retard

What happened to you? Are you okay man?

No, you threw out a bunch of articles on HIV and AIDS.
That's a non-sequitur.
I'm not sure what your point is yet.

So you're ignoring reasons why its harmful because you don't like the truth?

What are the reasons?
What am I supposed to divine from this?
Why are you so incapable of actually making an argument?

jesus derailed in 7 posts

I can't understand the purpose of slide threads on a board that's explicitly for communists. I can only assume our friend was perturbed by the naming of reactionaries and wanted to get this thread saged to shit

derive? the answer to your question you keep asking
you're ignoring my answer because you can't counter it

Let's take another look at this post, friends! After all, it seems to have set off quite the discourse!