"Capitalism is brutal, you know. I'm a Marxist." - Jimmy Dore

"Capitalism is brutal, you know. I'm a Marxist." - Jimmy Dore

Nu The World According To Jimmy episode, fuckers

>Corporate Debt Crisis & Presidential Wars with Jimmy Dore

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people need to bully him into doing his fucking reading

You do remember he's a comedian right faggot?

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Jimmy "capitalism, that violent harlot, and whore" Dore
Jimmy "the bourgeoisie shall have their anus torn" Dore
Jimmy "stock brokers, what for?" Dore
Jimmy "the commoDore"
He must renounce reform, and embrace unions.

He does embrace unions, he is as far left as any American marxist. He just doesn't have any theory.

never forget:

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He appears to be entering a utopian Democratic Socialist, type of thing. That's faggotry, that abandons general strike, and gets you cucked by elctorialist vote pandering (pic related)

God speed, Dore, you absolute mad lad

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Yeah it's totally better to give up on electoral power altogether and let society go totally Reaganite, that'll get us closer to socialism.

He really doesn't though, he embraces class struggle more and more each day.

Enjoy this pic.
I was more speaking to elctionist, reformists getting fucked in countries like the U.S, or Germany (praise the pink tide).

I was talking about how he seems to not understand problems will arise when trying to reform.
Every Demsoc, or leftist SocDem government has had resolutions blocked by parliamentary politics, due pacifist retardation, or been purged by the fash (i.e Allende, P.B.U.H).
In the U.S it's clear the former is most likely, due to material conditions

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Live chat starting in 10 minutes


that's no excuse

God speed Jimmy "Arm the workers for class war" Dore

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He's got a Vuvuzuelan on now. Hopefully it turns into a discussion about needing to break laws, somehow.

Jimmy said he's too depressed / has ADD / too baked to read textbooks and theoretical texts:

There's no chance in hell he's ever going to read something as antiquated, lengthy and mathy like Capital (plus the prerequisite Wage Labour and Capital and Value, Price and Profit essays needed to understand it).

He recently said he's interested in bringing Michael Hudson on the show after watching some of his videos on Youtube because nobody talks about the real estate industry and debt bondage, i.e. rentier capitalism, instead American progressives/leftists tend to focus on the health insurance, pharmaceutical, and the oil and gas industries. So if there's a book you want to gift him, I'd strongly recommend you buy him Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy (2015) since it's an easy read and only 440 pages like the Chris Hedges book America: The Farewell Tour (2018) that he's read, and would be a useful foundation for him to set up a intellectually valuable interview (unlike his Richard Wolff interview which was too uninformed and simplistic).



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I'm depressed and ADD, I just need loads of nicotine to get through Capital.

not antiquated at all

that it is

basic algebra

Turns out he already interviewed Hudson and will release the interview soon. Hopefully it's not as disappointing as the Wolff interviews if he didn't read any of Hudson's books.

Jimmy and Hasan have gone full Left.

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I doubt it will be disappointing. Hudson is a popularizer and is in great form even when discussing complex economic ideas with liberal brainlets

Jimmy 'Arm The Poor' Dore

jimmy "one-man holodomor" dore

There's no call for that, now…

Oh, and also…


FWIW, Groucho Marx was a libertarian socialist.

I'm not saying that you can just call yourself a marxist by only thinking marxism is equality and anti-monies. But there has to be room for people who get the jist of the marxian critique of capitalism and his foundations for what socialism is. You don't need to be versed in the writings of Mussolini to be fascist, you don't need to have read Rothbard to be a capitalist.
Now if you want to call yourself a Marxist economist, then yes, you need to read Capital, and much more besides.

Already happened. Super chat posters on his Saturday streams got him to read some basic Marx.

Jimmy "Hang the Bankers, End the War" Dore
Jimmy "Don't give me that 'corporatism' bullshit any more" Dore

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Michael Brooks >>>>>> Jimmy Dore

You uncultured swine.

Michael Brooks is a Hillary supporter

which episode was this?

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anti e-celeb gang > e-celeb gang

What's the problem with supporting Hillary over Trump? Are you one of those idealist "don't vote" faggots?

This, I really like Brooks. Left is best!

Might I direct you to my post?

Your post is bad and you should feel bad.

Are you retarded?

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You don't have to 'support' a shit centrist candidate but it's idiotic to not vote for them over a far right one. Call me whatever you want, it's true.

Ehhhh, I refer you to this clip

Ehhhh, did we really need those people anyway who won't attack a Democrat? I find it hard to believe they could be any use to socialism.

It just seems wrong to oppose voting against someone who will hurt the working class, environment, et cetera more than their opposition. That's not to say I support lesser evil-ism and falling in behind them uncritically but at the very least I would vote for them.

Michael Brook's real name is Ari Shaffir. He's a comedian. I unsubscribed from him after I learned about his violent tendencies (search Ari Shaffir Natasha Legero)

Except they wont, because Trump will be opposed while Hillary would not have been.

Opposition to Trump achieved nothing though until the midterms. Democrats can hate Trump all they want but they can't do shit about him unless they win elections.

What are you talking about?


Can't you spend 2 seconds googling Ari Shaffir? Or better yet, type the name into youtube. Ari Shaffir is a comedian who uses the pseudonym Michael Brooks.

He punched some fat Asian comedian and has a history of low achievement and fun

type. "fun" should be "degeneracy"


evidence of fun:


video where he has a beard and hence looks closer to Michael Brooks:


Oh you bastards. There's a filter that changes "degeneracy" (without the quotes) into "fun"

It's you

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Hillary isn't working for the Neo-Pan-Anti-Anglo Accelerationist Grand Council of CommuNazis.

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ahahahahahhaa fuck off back to whatever cesspit you crawled out of radlib, if you think criticism of electoralism, especially in the US, is idealist, then you don't know what Idealism means and you shouldn't be on this board

fyi brooks & co don't even have a fucking coherent plan with what they want to do with the democratic party, which is a telltale sign that they don't want to do ANYTHING and have no interest in further even Social Democracy within the US political sphere. They're not entryists and they're not attempting to destroy it either, which is the only way historically that a third party can emerge from the stranglehold of electoral politics. They're all sheepdogs.

I dare anyone here to disagree, I double dare you.

Rosa was DemSoc

I did look him up. That's exactly why I'm so confused, they don't even look particularly similar. Are you trolling or are you schizophrenic?

He's backed by internet nazis, but that's it

Who is Michael Brooks?

He proposed a muslim registry. That's pretty hard hard.

They don't even have the same hair-colour.

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Why not just make him buy the Marx and Engels reader? At least ship him a copy of Settlers: Mythology of the White Proletariat or something.

He's another leftist youtube news guy.

You can be a capitalist (own the means of production) and support socialist policies or movements.

it was probably from a livestream, he doesn't answer questions in his "official" videos.


Heh, I donated some towards that. Told him that while he is getting a lot of shit from the left, he is almost universally loved by communists.

this is the type of organisation which will give us communism

He's a faggot.

I know you're shitposting, but let me just tell you, capitalism is not going to collapse because some super awesome band of awesome intellectuals and workers make up the super best theoretical framework for how to organize a super dope and awesome vanguard party. Capitalism is going to collapse from a million different factors, all playing together to put enough pressure on the capitalist state that it ultimately cannot keep itself together anymore.
If I can help a guy get some better means to communicate a communist message to more people with $10, I don't see why not.

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i was being supportive, but harmlessly cynical. I honestly think Dore has done a good job of converting conservatives at least. He needs a platform for the American left to thrive.

You don't need to read the 3 volumes of capital, to get a good understanding of marxism.

This is literally Jimmy Dore's entire praxis. Other than ending the wars and getting money out of politics (which is laughable considering he's "government needs to do everything and be involved in everything" succdem) he's shit on all the other issues.


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Dumb strawman.

Jimmy's stance on guns is weak, but you're wrong on everything else.


That guy looks nothing like Brooks. Are you having mental issues, are you one of Chaya's/Aiden's personalities?

he wants to disarm cops and right wingers btw

they don't look alike, but their voices and levels of personal arrogance ar uncannyly similar

Michael Brooks has a reedy voice. Ari Shaffir has a deep voice and is pretty understated. Stop trying to make a new Alex Jones = Bill Hicks thing happen, or pick better lookalikes.

Bernie-sycophant liberal succdumb Jimrod Whore is about start his livestream in less than an hour

He has released three pro-Bernie videos in the past 24 hours:

Meanwhile "progressive" Bernie is pushing for US intervention in Venezuela:


Let Jimrod Whore know what you think about Bernie on his livestream and at [email protected]

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leftypol raid in Jimmys stream is a good idea


Jimrod Whore's pro-Bernie livestream about to start

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Enact the ambasaDore program

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Jimmy not there yet



"Smoke weed, and munch the rich"
-Some nigga in the comments

i saw that too lol

No need to be elitists. Having class consciousnes doesnt require reading troves of Marxist lit.

Holy fucking shit
One of you donated, and they read out a Dorepost outloud

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Reminder you only need to read the first 3 chapters of Capital Volume 1 to know why you should oppose capitalism.


Due to pushback from some of his fans, Jimrod 'Bernie is a good choice' Whore has reverted back to Jimmy 'Groucho Marxist' Dore


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>Can you be a democratic socialist and a capitalist

AOC is a Asserite

Civic Nazbol America when?

Jimmy Dore's democRAT, liberal-fascist and social democRAT fans OUTRAGED over his denouncing of Bernie's manufacturing consent for US intervention in Venezuela

Nu Jimmy Dore Show episode, fuckers


American leftists (ex. Bernie supporters) are okay with getting free healthcare and free college (4-year degrees in LGBT studies) in exchange for economically crippling and overthrowing self-described socialist governments in the third-world who pose no threat to US national security for the benefit of US oil companies and American sex tourists.

Gee, where have we heard about this completely predictable behaviour before? If only someone warned us about this…

Oh wait. Bakunin, Kautsky Lenin,Trotsky, Debs and Hoxha did: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labor_aristocracy

And you all dismissed Jason Unruhe's warnings about first worldism and "democratic socialism."

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