Why does the media want this evil bitch to be the Dem nominee in 2020 so badly?

Why does the media want this evil bitch to be the Dem nominee in 2020 so badly?

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She's corporate-backed. Duh.

She gets support from neoliberals for being a black woman, but is absolutely no threat to the establishment at all.

because she's black hillary

She's just black Clinton
The Librulz still can't process that their Kween Clinton lost in 16 so they literally just want to redo 16 and just….try again?

Who the hell is that?

because a black woman in power ruling retardedly makes every neoliberal think of black panther and thus a flood of soy emerge from their collective cocks

Whos that.

What does she want.

Why should I care.

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some evil bitch the democraps are running for 2020, who cares about her name?

that's the future slay kween potus and she's going to put you in prison for watching hentai

Because Hillary chose her, and the argument they're making isn't for neoliberalism (that system is here to stay for a while, and any empty suit or even a retard like Trump is fine for that). It's about defending the personal political influence of the Clinton faction, and upholding the narrative that Bill Clinton was the greatest president ever. Since Hillary is old as dirt and wildly unpopular, and Chelsea isn't happening, Harris is the closest acceptable proxy for maintaining that faction's hold over the Party apparatus, and the spoils that go along with it. Those consultants like getting paid and don't like actually having to work or think about what they're doing.

would a female Obama be better?

Because she's a neoliberal corporate-backed cop. Pretty much just a black Hillary Clinton. Who else would they promote?

She is a female Obama too.

She's a reliable and loyal agent of Capitalist oligarchy, in line with Neoliberal ideological fashion. (diversity, feminism, etc.)

I don’t know, is it better to run on accusing all your opponents of being bigoted troglodytes or is it better to run on pretending to be way, way further to the left than you actually are?

I think that's Elizabeth Warren.

I don't even want to hate fuck her.

Her father is basically a Marxist economist. Aside from his recent denunciation of her opportunistic, weird gesture about weed, I wonder how he has felt about his daughter becoming a shitty prosecutor and then a presidential candidate.

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lmao goddamn

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Don't tell me you actually care about the Democratic Party dear God

Wow, account suspended.

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Go back to Russia, bot!

is she black?

Her ex-press secretary now works for twitter.

Nah mate. burgerland is jus for the lulz.

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this. It's the same reason the media propped up Hillary Clinton. The media wants to pretend to be progressive without actually being progressive. Supporting a feminist like Hillary Clinton or a strong independent black woman like Kamala makes them look progressive without actually being progressive.

she's elizabeth warren but an actual pee oh cee instead of a pretend native american
checks all the wokey doke twitter idiot boxes
all political parties in the united states are something adjacent to 20th century fascism so the latent evil vibes are points in her faveur
cortez probably wasn't supposed to take off like she did so they're going to trash fucking bernie as hard as they can to reign in that crowd a little

How fucked is America when it's people can't count?

How fucked is anarchism when it's people can't have reading comprehension?

kek. god bless there simple little cotton socks.

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do you have to ask?
this post is Zig Forums tier garbage

knowing the possible nominees for the 2020 American presidential election, at this point in time, isn't really relevant to most leftists around the world.
there are more important things you could be keeping up with then the American media

she's black?