Zig Forums is dead

Zig Forums is dead. It has been taken over by Zig Forums and "NazBols", dressing up racist, Nazi, misogynistic, etc. propaganda as "leftism". Space has spaced out and the volounteers have abandoned the board. Space actually tried to shill his other imageboard (one of two) here: . The fucking gall on that guy.

Pic related are the threads that are up right now, that the mods actually thought was a good idea to leave up.

If you still post over there, stop and let it die. Last thing we need is for Zig Forumsyps to infiltrate leftist discussions and have people think those kinds of people are welcome.

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Space's and the other mods completely laissez-faire stance had allowed this and is telling that some anarchist still are delusional about what kind of society they are walking in.

And yeah, it's mostly Zig Forums these days.


You probably shouldn't try to lie to people when you can immediately just go there and see that this isn't the case
The board is much slower then Zig Forums so obviously the shitpost threads get to the top a bit easier

Also 99% of the replies in the Zig Forumsyp threads are…People telling them to fuck off

Space and the mod team aren't anarchists. They just want to meme. Anarchists wouldn't allow NazBols to run rampant.

You can go to the board and see all of the threads from pic related still up. How is that lying?

Hello, space and/or Zig Forums vol. You fucking outed yourself because that is the same justification space and his band of misfits use to excuse the NazBol and misogynistic garbage on the board, "they're just shitposts lol xD". They're not 'shitposts', they're propaganda, and either you're allowing it because you're too dumb to see it, or because you yourself actually have a favourable view of those positions.

Now who's lying?

I mean, is Zig Forums really "alive"?

well colour me surprised im so shocked im practically catatonic

Pretty sure the initial anarkiddies/pro-r0java people who made it just abandoned it within a month and just increasingly became an unmoderated shithole where retards who get banned for their outright fascism here go to cry and some crossboard posters.
Ideally Zig Forums would just be deleted and Zig Forums could be ecumenical again.


Fuck OFF Zig Forums is for funposting and if you don't like it you can suck my benis. Also all of the threads you posted got anchored besides the nazbol shit which is shitposting anyways GEE it's almost like the mod team did what they had to and you're just looking for any excuse to slam on the board.

I know for a fact that Space is an anarchist.

more like catalonic, amirite?

If you use the failure of an internet board to confirm your anti-anarchist biases then you are either underage or intellectually dishonest. Why does it always have to be a shit-flinging contest? We're never going to move forward like this. Anarchism won't stop existing just because you really really want it to, so why not try to have a more nuanced view or thought-out position on it?

I mean if anyone is honest about what Space is actually like, they'd have no problem believing he's fine with misogyny

Good. There was no reason to split the boards. All of the freaks when Zig Forums and look at it now – a schizo haven

Leftpol is dead but its due to a lack of posting not some Zig Forums conspiracy.

I can see the anti sjw left and the non capitalist right reforming into something akin to Nazbol in the coming future.

Soon it will be impossible to continue denying the influx of migrats from the third world only brings destruction this along with the pains of capitalism with bring about a Nazbol imperium(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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Tbh the people that fuck with Zig Forums are pretty dedicated, it’s funny.

Zig Forums was created because of the psychotic mods on Zig Forums who have a serious power complex.
No, last thing we need is for authoritarian ☭TANKIE☭s to declare that the only acceptable form of leftism is a military dictatorship, and then declare that anybody who disagrees with that view should be executed by the state, and then tell everybody that this belief is unanimous among leftists because anybody who ever questions it will be banned. I'm sure leftism will become very popular then.
Zig Forums needs to die and your psychotic moderators should off themselves. I'll take a place where 10% of posters are Zig Forums over a place where the moderators ban anybody who doesn't want to live in a military dictatorship where dissenters are executed.

That laissez-faire stance was adopted because of how trash Zig Forums was and how many leftists were being banned from here.
no it is not, not even close. The thread in the OP is mostly egalitarians who oppose misandry. The fact that you and OP think it is Zig Forums and misogynistic to help male victims of DV says it all.

Hey OP that thread about the BPP got anchored/saged because it's shitting on them, not because it's about them. Quit lying. Convenient that you cropped out the comments calling that out.

I’d love to see the “leftist” utopia you’d found where counterrevolutionaries and bourgeois / reactionary ideology runs rampant. It needs rooted out.

Never going to happen. Zig Forums can never be trusted again. I know that the mods here claim that they've changed and claim that they aren't psychotic authoritarians anymore, but after the mass-bannings that lead to the creation of Zig Forums in the first place, we will never trust the mods here. Especially since every now and then we still get caps like pic-related showing that the mods here have not actually grown up.
Ideally, the mods of Zig Forums would realize how badly they fucked up and how their reputation is irreparably damaged, and any sane leftists still here will move to Zig Forums

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Leftpol is dead but its due to a lack of posting not some Zig Forums conspiracy.

I can see the anti sjw left and the non capitalist right reforming into something akin to Nazbol in the coming future.

Soon it will be impossible to continue denying the influx of migrats from the third world only brings destruction this along with the pains of capitalism with bring about a Nazbol imperium

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Top kek, I think you meant to type:


That poster was a Zig Forumsack concern troll, not a leftist shitposter.


Volunteers can see someone's entire post history, FYI.

Hey you know that the general users can't see post histories right? Putting ban messages on posts that are ambiguously sarcastic is counterproductive.

Left pol is best pol.

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Space is pretty much a MGTOW crypto fash himself.


shut the fuck up roastie

Not what I said, and MGTOW are not happy being single lol. If they were happy being single, they wouldn't have to broadcast to the world how much they don't need women.

But Nazbols are hilarious.

MGTOW are not happy because they have lost any faith in humanity, not because they are single.

In that case they would call themselves anti-natalists, not "IM TOTALLY NOT UNHAPPY WITHOUT A CUTE GF :'("

many mgtow are anti-natalist too. what you are saying is simply not true.

Antinatalists have enough faith in humanity to appeal to their rationality and/or sense of ethics instead of organizing mass forced sterilization. MGTOW are simply retarded.

*self sterilization
I'm assuming you meant here?

Are you trying to imply that the ban in your img was unjustified? are you really this naive?

This board has been a barren wasteland thanks to the tanky nazbol mods for a while now. Every thread is unreadable since every other reply is quoting a harmless deleted message, and if you're not a nazbol, you're gonna get banned.


Not even defending Zig Forums here, but you do understand we make jokes like this all the time here, right? Is irony or absurdist comedy just completely lost to you?

Lying piece of shit. Leftpol is completely overrun by actual nazbols and nazis.

It's like taking screenshots of four anchored Zig Forumstard threads here and saying, "Look! Zig Forums is fascist!"

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I've noticed a decent number of "anti idpol" posters here as well, hopefully this board doesn't succumb to dumb internet feuds as well. Should be obvious that "anti idpol" is a dogwhistle, since if the problem was just liberalism then they could just say that. Too many threads turn into arguing over bullshit non-issues

You push idpol, you die.

It is only good for shitposting

MGTOW's and fascists generally don't get along

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I think you completely missed my point here.

Based Profit

Communists and communists generally don't get along either.

Care to explain how MGTOW and fascism are similar then?

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I don't get this one, on one hand it seems it implies it's good they go their own way because the shouldn't take care of black babies, but also it's bad because there's a jew saying it's good to go your own way with a blue pill?

for one thing, MGTOWs and fascists are over whealmingly reactionary

Man i sure missed these

lets be real though leftypol is dead ever since the split that caused leftpol to exist.

This is entirely the mods fault for banning discussion of one big US military base in Syria. They should be killed for what they did. This was the best leftist propoganda outlet on the internet and they killed it.

petition for a dedicated defeatism thread so faggots like you don't shit up the rest of the board.
there, saved you the effort of your next 100 posts. now fuck off.

Define reactionary, from what I gather most MGTOW's don't want to return to any prior state of affairs and actually loath a lot of the traditional responsibilities expected of men in society. Arguably the original futurist fascists weren't reactionary either but I concede that most contemporary fascists could be seen that way.

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???? Men want to be be traditionalist men with women doing what ever the fuck they are told to do.

Come on dude, the oldest thread in the catalog is from like 2 years ago and it still hasn't been archived. Shit's dead. Time to move on to /r/chapotraphouse

The left doesn't have a good argument for anything. They are just as nutty as christian radicals who are just as nutty as larping Not Socialists

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I would be fine with that, i don't know if it is the largest left subreddit(how big is r/socialism?), but along with r/stupidpol it's a nice place to shit on idpol and promote actual far left propaganda, if you are smart and subtle enough, obviously, for example they are pretty aware criticism towards Israel it's dismissed by saying it's antisemitic in the media, but they still won't drop idpol and focus exclusively on class issues. It's a comedy sub, after all.

youtube.com/watch?v=95i2dMoTKbQ Maybe you should try to actually engage with those you disagree with instead of assuming?


It's not bait, it's the truth. /r/chapotraphouse and twitter are the future of lefist posting.

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ITT: Triggered cuntzis whine about not being pandered to.

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Pick one.

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Yeah, freeze peach even if it leads to capitalism!

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They do, not directly shitting on it, if they did they wouldn't engage in some forms of it, but they do shit on Israel and understand the bullshit of being called antisemitic for doing it. They also understand female CEOs don't mean shit for feminism.

Idpollers detected

A post from a year ago with 10 upvotes out of the thousand posts a day on the subreddit?

On the podcast itself, they spent like 30 mins shitting on idpol a few episodes ago. And they shit on it every few episodes, especially Amber and Matt. Then again the podcast said that they hate the subreddit on the most recent episode.

We're not talking about the podcast itself, we're talking about the subreddit and that's been overrun with idpollers.


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The first thread okay whatever
2nd thread is making fun of liberals
3rd thread is a joke, you turbo autist.


Nothing wrong with this in theory. If it leads to the curtailment of people saying “stupid” or “retarded”, I would be inclined to agree with you.
The world won’t end if people don’t see “autistic screeching”. I could see how people may not like it.
They’re literally asking a question


Tbh, it's going to depend on which Chapo you're talking about. The whole thing is personally not my cup of tea, and they're not nearly as radical as what some redditlibs make them out to be, but each has their own opinions on things. For example, Virgil is idpozzed as fuck and will state retarded shit like "idpol created unions" while Christman is unionically the closest male member you'll get to Zig Forums, with Amber being the actual closest member you'll get to being full-blown anti-idpol.

Fuck this is redpilling me. I’m outta here

How stupid do you think we are? Fuck off, no sane leftist will ever trust you retards again. You fucked up when you decided to ban hundreds of ACTUAL leftists just to get off on the power.
Zig Forums will continue to grow and Zig Forums will continue to die. Your attempt to destroy leftism will fail.

Except that when it happened, another vollie admitted that the person's post history was clean. They didn't have any history of Zig Forums trolling or anything. Now months later, when called out on their authoritarian retardation, vollies are lying to cover their tracks.


They even shit on standpoint theory.

lol leftypol is higher than leftpol on that list on the frontpage that i don't know how it works so you are wrong actually.

Leftpol is as slow as it has ever been, and the users are dumber than they've ever been. The board is completely lost.

I stand by though that Virgil should just go or shut the fuck up on most actual idpol topics. Felix is somewhat forgivable because he's known to have been a FYAD poster on Something Awful and is most likely just in it for the banter/ride, but Virgil just states completely unfounded shit whenever he is given the chance to and will unironically play apologist to treating the symptoms of capitalism rather then capitalism itself first, saying that identity politics is a legitimate form of political organizing. Best example of this is around 7:50 in the video here where Virgil starts defending this kind of identity based praxis and Christman has to come in and completely shut him down on it explaining it does nothing but divide people when they actually have to come to the table and address capitalism.

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I'm sure you see no problems, idpoller.

Yeah, I understand that the moderators have not purged the anti-idpol fans of the podcast yet so you can still find heretical content. The reddit idpollers have still invaded en-masse (there are consistently pro-idpol comments), are persistently agitating for the anti-idpollers to be removed and the moderators appear to be increasingly sympathetic to doing so.

It’s critcizing white nationalism as a tool of roasties

MGTOW is idpol.

you can just not fuck if you don't want to
i don't know why it needs to be a political stance