Im chinese and i focking hate mao. this is why i ended up being born in mauritius...

im chinese and i focking hate mao. this is why i ended up being born in mauritius. can maoist here name 1 good thing he did for the people's republic of china?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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1/10, i replied

nihao im actually chinese

live conditions bretty gud

Ive immediately stopped caring.





t. Japanese colonialist rapebaby angry that Mao kicked you out

I like garbage.
Im a possum.
Quit hating

Hello everyone, I'm an alien from outer space.
I've come here to tell you all that I hate the Corporate WarLord of space and time "P0rK13", lord of 13 dimensions, I've come to question all of you to name only one good thing it has done.

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yes, your genes definitely give you major authority to your feelings about a country you have no real connection or experience with lol

i came from the purest han dynasty the 'hakka' and my parents decided to leave china back when it was a shithole on their own will

I didn't know China had their own gusanos.


every country has its gusanos

Beat the Japanese

So, you are not aware of Asian gusanos
They exist but they are rarely mentioned

t. Hong Xiuquan

Yeah I knew a Chinese gusano, I've met Venezuelan gusanos, I've even seen a woke indigenous Siberian gusano on twitter say that Soviet "colonizers" stole her grandfather's ancestral land