Communist meme dump

Post all of your Communist memes & propaganda.

Pepes, feels and even kawaii bullshit welcome.

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The last one's from Honorary Comrade, the late magnificent Robbie Rotten himself.

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The first one would make a nice wallpaper

Here's the proof.

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Lenin actually did decriminalize homosexuality though

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Just going to dump this shit here.

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anti-anacap counts?

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Nice. Makes me nostalgic when thinking about how few an-caps actually exist these days. At least I never see them anymore
Probably for the best

They all became Nazis.

Anyone have the Pitbull Picardia meme, where the caption points out how anti-pitbull shit is a Zig Forums allegory for 'niggers'.

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Posting more Alunyas

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Alunya said she won't go out with me because I'm a big dumb ☭TANKIE☭, but she will be my comrade.

Being comrade-zoned is a new thing for me. ;_;

Does anyone have that post screenshot about how it is the right wingers that will ironically destroy western culture?

Are you talking about this.

No, but nice video.

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Alunya's love knows no bounds
unless you are a fashy, reactionary, bourgeoisie and/or class traitor

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I'm all for shilling Mao for meme purposes but unironically China is slave to the law of value while Haiti maintains a peasant economy with a high degree of social solidarity, despite being perpetually punished by basically the rest of the world for just existing. Just like Jamaicans, they choose to live freely, simply, and not produce overabundance and not be exploited. Just saying.

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Lenin had the big gay

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What happened to his twitter? I can't find it. Did he deactivate it?

He's dead, Dave


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I found this on leftbook and I don't get it. Why wouldn't it be Hegel? even then why would they copy off each other? Someone please explain this meme to me.

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basically Marx was actually two completely different people constantly fucking eachother

2deep4me comrade

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You have to prove to the bank that you can pay the money back or make the interest payments. They already know you need money the second you ask for a loan. But they need collateral to secure the loan. If you have a good enough job they will use your credit score as collateral. If not. They need something tangible like the deed to a house or land or the title to your car.

Anyone got the "Who would win" meme which had "Most of Rhodesia's oil reserve" and "One ZANLA rocket boi" or something like that?

It's on leftybooru, look up Rhodesia

Oh right, forgotten about leftybooru

its already in this thread

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Go back


these are just bad, and you should feel bad.

opinion discarded

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yeah but don't confuse before with beyond
china may be a slave to the law of value, but if haiti hasn't even attained THAT, it's truly in a dismal state

Damn who that ?

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idpol shit

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reading and effortposting

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lefty/pol/ breaking out some oldie but goodies.

Not this time, COINTELPRO

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"Capitalism with a human face" should have the skin of a literal human face draped over it in a parody of a smile

Literally strawmanning the argument to the extreme.
Fuck off liberal.

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putting opinions on whether or not these ideologies are "true gommunism" or not they were at least socialist in nature. Libya was based but they were far from being communist, especially considering how they persecuted Libyan communists.
you have to be a real LARPer to consider yourself some kind of "trotskyist with jamahiriya characteristics". it doesn't make any sense, i doubt Trotsky would have even supported Qaddafi.

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Second pic is Aisha from England. First I dunno.

Who is that Rhodok and how is he a champion of the workers?

Beautiful image.

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Heh, the taxes one is genius. But of course goes straight above ancaps' heads.

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It's Bunduk

Deriving pride from being a good person is fine.

captcha: otduck

Last time I checked most Trotskyists were opposed to the Jamhiriya.
At least one actually went to Libya to fight in the imperialist war against the Jamhiriya and later went to join the so-called FSA.ón-sedov-brigade-in-the-syrian-revolution-bf6ebf5ae851

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So what's the deal with bolivarianism? is it close to Cuba in terms of being socialist? or is it simply anti-imperialist

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These are spicy. i want to see more.

this is legit smarter post than the anarkiddie one it responds to



Rorschach is peak edgy middle schooler

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smh Rorschach actually took a very principled stand in the movie don't slander him by making him out to be an alt-right sympathizer

That's literally what his character was though.

get your low Autism Level ass out of here!