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Anti-Zionism equals Anti-Semitism? Macron fuels debate on how to define anti-Jewish hate
Addressing a rise in hate crimes against the Jewish diaspora in France, President Emmanuel Macron has supported the expansion of the definition of anti-Semitism to outlaw anti-Zionism as well, fueling public debate over the terms.

Venezuela convoy heads to Colombia border as Maduro threatens to close it
Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido left Caracas with some 80 lawmakers on Thursday on a 800-km (500-mile) trip to the Colombian border where they hope to receive food and medicine to alleviate shortages in defiance of President Nicolas Maduro.

Israel elections: Netanyahu challengers Gantz and Lapid join forces
Two of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's strongest challengers in April elections have announced a centrist alliance in a bid to defeat him.Ex-army chief Benny Gantz and centrist politician Yair Lapid agreed to rotate as prime minister if they win.Separately, Mr Netanyahu forged an alliance with several far-right parties to try to shore up votes.

French ruling elite attacks “yellow vests” while claiming to fight anti-Semitism
On Tuesday night, the big-business Socialist Party (PS) called rallies in several cities after an altercation Saturday between right-wing ex-Maoist commentator Alain Finkielkraut and a protester wearing a yellow vest. The man, known to French intelligence for his Islamist ties, called Finkielkraut a “dirty Zionist.”

110 Dead in Bangladesh Fire: ‘This Isn’t About Poverty, It’s About Greed’
The streets were packed Wednesday night when the first explosion ripped through the air.A car powered by compressed natural gas was traveling through a bazaar in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, when the cylinder stored in the back exploded, witnesses said.The blast flipped the car. It then ignited several other cylinders that were being used at a street-side restaurant.

President Maduro Shuts Venezuela's Border with Brazil
Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro announced Thursday the closure of Venezuela's border with Brazil adding that his government was evaluating the total shutdown of the country's border with neighboring Colombia amid mounting threats of intervention against the country by the United States and its allies.

Putin to U.S.: I'm ready for another Cuban Missile-style crisis if you want one
President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia is militarily ready for a Cuban Missile-style crisis if the United States wanted one, and that his country currently has the edge when it comes to a first nuclear strike.

Heavily armed foreigners arrested in Haiti sent to United States, officials say
A heavily armed group of foreign nationals, who were arrested in Haiti on Sunday after days of massive anti-government protests, were handed over to U.S. authorities on Wednesday, Haitian and U.S. authorities said.

Heckler & Koch Fined $4.2 Million Over Assault Rifle Sales In Mexico
A German court says gunmaker Heckler & Koch skirted the law when it exported thousands of military-grade assault rifles to Mexican states struggling to cope with violent drug cartels, hitting the large company with a fine of 3.7 million euros ($4.2 million).

Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere may soar to levels not seen in 56 million years
Emissions of carbon dioxide – the greenhouse gas most responsible for global warming – could soar to levels not seen in 56 million years by the middle of next century, scientists warned in a new study Wednesday.

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The way to protect French Jews is to outlaw criticism of a foreign country. Perfect!

A Coast Guard officer’s arrest is the latest example of the rising problem of right-wing terrorism in America
Christopher Paul Hasson, a 49-year-old resident of Silver Spring, Maryland, had stockpiled weapons and ammunition and was allegedly planning to kill a number of prominent Democratic politicians and journalists as well as professors, judges, and “leftists in general,” federal prosecutors said in a court filing on Tuesday.

Jussie Smollett paid 2 guys $3,500 to fake a hate crime because he was "dissatisfied with his salary," police say
Actor Jussie Smollett paid two men $3,500 to fake a hate crime because he was upset that he wasn’t getting paid enough in his role on the TV show “Empire,” Chicago police said Thursday.Smollett, who’s black and gay, turned himself in to Chicago authorities in the early hours on Thursday and now faces felony charges for falsifying a police report and disorderly conduct.

Tucker Carlson apologizes after telling guest to ‘go f*** himself’ in unaired interview (VIDEO)
Tucker Carlson has apologized for the “vulgar” language he used in an unaired shouting match with a guest who accused him of being a pawn for the rich. The Fox News host was mocked on Twitter after the exchanged was leaked online.The embarrassing verbal battle occurred during an interview with Dutch historian and author Rutger Bregman, whose no-baloney lecture to billionaires at Davos earned him internet stardom.

Oakland, California teachers walk out as unions sabotage West Virginia strike
Three thousand teachers in Oakland, California began a strike at the end of class yesterday to demand increased pay and a reduction in class sizes. They are also opposing plans by the Democratic Party controlled school board to slash funding and close as many as one third of the schools in the district. The strike is the latest in a wave of strikes by educators against the bipartisan assault on teachers and public education.

Covington Catholic Teen Nick Sandmann Sues 'Washington Post' For $250 Million
Teenager Nicholas Sandmann's family is suing The Washington Post, saying it targeted the Covington Catholic High School student and defamed him for political purposes when it reported on a January encounter on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial between Sandmann and Native American activist Nathan Phillips.

Kamala Harris' father said she disgraced her Jamaican family by using a 'fraudulent stereotype' to joke about smoking weed
Sen. Kamala Harris' father accused her of disgracing her family by using a "fraudulent stereotype" to say that she had obviously smoked marijuana because she is part Jamaican, according to the news website Jamaica Global Online.

Petition calls for US to sell Montana to Canada for $1T to help pay off national debt
As the US national debt reaches $22 trillion, one man has an idea to bring that number down slightly.Ian Hammond has started a petition calling for the US to sell the state of Montana to Canada for $1 trillion, and the idea is attracting a lot of attention.The petition has garnered over 11,500 signatures as of Wednesday evening, and Hammond has continued to raise the signature goal as it keeps surpassing each one.

Iowa's electricity monopolist Midamerican Energy has written a bill to let it "monopolize the sun"
The Midamerican/Carlson bill guts net metering, which will add about $300/year to the power bills of households that install solar panels, using a common anti-solar argument that falsely claims that solar users are more expensive for utilities to service and thus receive a subsidy from households that do not have solar (in reality, part of the installation cost of solar paid by homeowners includes the infrastructure costs to connect to the grid).

As investors panic about the rising chance of a global recession, this 'canary in the coal mine' suggests they may be right
A data point often considered a "canary in the coalmine" for the global economy had a second consecutive dreadful month, according to preliminary data released Thursday.South Korean exports, a data set often held up as a bellwether for wider economic sentiment, fell sharply in February, continuing a drop seen in the first month of the year.

Absolute madman.


Israel, Venezuela and Nationalism In The Neoliberal Era
What is a nation in the era of neoliberalism? Is community, under any umbrella, possible? Margaret Thatcher was perhaps more influential in shaping the modern times than anyone outside of Ronald Reagan. Thatcher famously asserted that there was no such thing as society—there were only individuals. This logic is still being carried out, as evidenced by the United States’ response to situations in Israel and Venezuela.Ilhan Omar pointed out a simple and undeniable truth. The politicians in the United States supports Israel’s apartheid state because they are getting payed to do so by lobbying interests, such as AIPAC. This was soon seen as anti-Semitic because of stereotypes of Jewish people being rich and running the world in a secret way.Omar though actually created a possibility for a shift away from anti-Semitism. What she said actually created a way out for the Jewish people of Israel.

It's Bernie's world. The Democratic party is just living in it
Bernie Sanders declared on Tuesday that he will once again run for president. Whatever this election season holds for him, he’s already the most important candidate in the race.Emerging seemingly out of nowhere, Sanders’s first Democratic primary run in 2016 brought tens of thousands of people – millennials especially – into the work of politics, not just to cast a ballot but to knock on doors and phone bank, host community meetings and wrangle straws in Iowa. Among them was the now representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has credited her organizing on the Sanders campaign for helping to reignite her interest in politics.Sanders didn’t win, of course. But the results of his campaign defied all conventional horse-race logic. The man widely expected to be little more than an off-brand Dennis Kucinich won 23 states and 47% of pledged party delegates. In all, over 13 million people voted for an avowed democratic socialist.

Trump regime targets “loser teachers” in red-baiting tirade
Speaking at the February 11 fascistic rally in El Paso, staged to promote a border wall, Donald Trump, Jr. revved up a hand-picked right-wing crowd for his father by proclaiming that “loser teachers” were indoctrinating “babies from birth” with socialism.With background chants of “USA, USA,” the president’s oldest son stated, “I love seeing some young conservatives because I know it’s not easy. Keep up that fight. Bring it to your schools. You don’t have to be indoctrinated by these loser teachers that are trying to sell you on socialism from birth. You can think for yourselves. They can’t.”

Yeah, so this coast guard thing is fucking huge and needs to be blasted everywhere.
Like, for fuck sakes, start learning how to protect yourselves lads.

Netanyahu blasts Gantz-Lapid alliance: They rely on Arab parties who want to destroy Israel

Where is that talked about?

Yeah, sauce on this bit and how it relates to the plans plx

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See Emily G's Twitter threads or the actual evidence document. States how long the dude had paused on certain sites and when he scrolls.

Reminder they could cause a nuclear winter all by themselves.

Not government, that is Google. Scrolling in and out of a map calls the Google servers to deliver different information to the client. Facebook does the same thing. Of course, these companies share this information with the FBI in these cases, however the FBI or any intelligence agency doesn't actually have the capability to track your scrolling independently.

Reminder that this website has a little hyperlink at the top of every page titled
Click on it:
In the last two months. No details what posts those requests were for.

nuclear exchange between the two countries is inevitable
the resources competition between the two make it so it's certainly going to happen at some point.

If India decides to go further and cut the other 3 rivers that would mean mass starvation in Pakistan at a minimum. And water resources at a whole for both countries are being rapidly depleted

Yes, 8ch logs your IP when you post. This is essential for obvious reasons. There is no Javascript on this page that listens to your scrolls, you may examine the source code for yourself.

Yeah but why are they complying with law enforcement agencies? Why not say which posts those are referring to?

They only comply with US law enforcement because 8ch server is in Reno, Nevada. Notice all Russian, Polish, German etc. requests are ignored, and the ignored posts are linked.

Is Modi a neolib or?

France is concerned about antisemitism but doesn't give a shit about French people. Anyone with a half a brain knows what is going on.

Censorship laws were always used against socialists first. Socialist stance on Zionism and Israel are well-known, so now Macron would have legal excuse to go after Yellow Vests.

Yeah, he's a reactionary neolib like Orban/Putin/Netanyahu/Erdogan.

yeah he's peak neolib

based and nazbol-pilled

rev up those Vaults!