Global People’s War Now

When did you realize that all first-world praxis is useless and against the interests of the advanced capitalist labor aristocracy? While workers in countries such as America are exploited in relative rates more than ever, the fruits of imperialism nourish them, while consumerism and bourgeois ideology infects their very being. They will forever remain anti-revolutionary bloodsuckers, ruled by tiny capitalist cliques. The cities of the world (the developed west) will be encircled in the global people’s war by the countryside of the world. Just look at how America reacts with the pink tide. The great capital of world exploitation is slowly being surrounded. As a first world labor aristocrat myself, I can only wait for the true revolutionaries to destroy this society and choke it out once and for all. First world praxis is LARPing. If the struggle was real here people wouldn’t be holed up on imageboards or sitting around reading dusty books. The REAL revolutionaries don’t have time, they’re too busy with the worldwide people’s war of the third world exploited.

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Do you seriously think that third worlders don't read Marx? No wonder you think the decadent first world has to be destroyed by the noble sa- third worlders like this, you are projecting!

Nice job reading into things unsaid.
The one accusing the other of projecting is himself projecting projection. Pottery

Summary of MTW. Admit it, you are just another flavor of armchairism.

The self-aware armchair, cognizant of his powerlessness, is the only acceptable type of armchair

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That is still a privileged labor aristocrat compared to third-worlders

You might as well include every country with an HDI above .600 as “privileged first worlders” then.

Only the imperialist ones.

Do they export capital to exploit the third-world? If so, yes

So when's plan de san diego? Been waiting a good while for the anuddah shoah nuclear dead zone labor camps and you fucks still haven't delivered.

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The point is that that exploitation doesn’t necessarily filter down to proles in imperialist countries. Britain was imperialist in the 19th century even as people were slaving away in dark satanic mills.

but their lives were better than the people slaving away in bananas fields at the time

has it ever occurred to you that privilege can exist next to deprivation, and the national borders surrounding such don't ease the suffering. By many indicators of development, America, particularly in south but also in the ghettoes on the east and west, IS a third world country. It has a high rate of infant mortality, aids and malnourishment and a low literacy rate in these areas. Most americans don't have the small holds that many in the developing world also do have, which tends to keep them at least as part of a strong community not marred by fun

Also you realise that there has to be both revolution in the first and third world, or that third world revolution will simply be crushed, as it has been, throughout history, every time



do you realize putting the third world working class a bit higher in the chart of exploited classes than the first world class you alienate everyone.

Materialism really does a number on you, doesn't it. I've met actual third-worlders who are glad to be here but would never want to be born here because of the innate apathy, aimlessness, and general mental degeneracy of people born here in all generations. Would you rather live today or during the beginning of the 20th century? Your answer contributes to the growing popularity of accelerationism. So don't squabble over your fiefdoms you leftcucks. Grow some balls and burn some mansions instead of arguing whether the butler is a slave or not.


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The first worlders are already alienated and anti-revolutionary

Telling them the same (true)tale of children starving in Africa clearly doesn't work, you must show them their own benefits first and foremost.

It's important to recognize that traditional forms of activism, organizing, etc. are all reactionary when undertaken within the imperialist core.
As bad as it sounds, acts of self-destruction (suicide, assassination, sabotage) are the only real praxis available to those currently trapped in the first world.

I’ll give the benefit of a bullet to the head

all maoists are self destructive edgy teenagers confirmed

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Anyone who tells you this is either a fed or one of the useful idiots that feds farm. If adventurist terrorism like the Weathermen had never taken off in favor of supporting base-building mass movements like the Panthers, we mightve seen that leftist resurgence survive at least into the 80s.

Greetings FBI. How are things in Washington today? I heard the weather is pretty good.

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If the US can't have a revolution because the quality of life here is higher than in the 3rd World, doesn't that also mean that most 3rd World countries can't have revolutions because their quality of life is higher than the poorest countries? In terms of life expectancy, literacy, and urbanization Mexico is way closer to the US than it is to Niger, yet no one says Mexicans are labor aristocrats.

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Zig Forums thinks socialism and anti-capitalistism are synonyms now. The BO pushed hard for this change and he sure-as-shit got it.

Third worlders don't even read Mao they just revised it to mean homeless people who freeze to death in first world countries actually aren't victims because rich Bourgeoisie people are heavily concentrated in Imperialist countries. A disgusting lack of theory read when paired with liberal tier muh white privilege is repsonbille for this incredible brainlet,bad praxis and absolute retarded revisionism of Mao.

Why is it that most first wordlists are from the first world? Very few orgs in the third world support this shit.

Read Lin Biao you fucking retard

Could you be more specific please?

Lin Biao is a revisionist who literally tried a coup against Mao, fuck him and his works, he's Trotsky for orientalists.



Pic related tend to be republicans, thought.


You people are worse than useless
Willing to write the entire first world off without articulating ANY praxis is just you making excuses for your own laziness and impotence

Killing time until daddy pays for your bi-yearly 3 month luxury holiday in europe?

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Is this bait? No one is denying the importance of first world praxis, except maybe you third worldists. Terrorism is impotent and a dead end. Base building and a mass movement with clear goals and discipline, that is militant in a defensive sense with good contingencies for defending against both government repression and freelance fascist attacks.


You useless degenerates make it so obvious it is you. You are seriously two of the dumbest reactionaries I've ever seen.

Yuri warned that if you kept up this up, he'd drop the big leak. Guess who is going to find out? I hope you anal maggots were smart enough to at least use a VPN this time.

Mods should check the IP's anyway.

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fucking who?

Julia/Aidan are ancap richkids posing as leftists, who have been running an op on leftypol for a while. a lot of divisive threads are made by these two. often entire arguments are the two of them trying to stir other people up with dumb shit, usually when something important is happening in the world.

one of their operations got exposed some time ago while julia was pretending to be a jewish witch, an aidan pretending to be both a muslim wizard and a native american princess/shaman. they both have a crapton more personas, usually claiming to be an attractive young "poc" woman. a lot of attacks on big internet leftist personalities (like finbol or junruhe - usually ML oriented people) come from these two. fake screenshots, chatlogs, doxings etc.

unless the destructive action is nuking davos it's meaningless

general strikes are a better strategy

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