US-run border ‘provocation’ to topple Maduro set for February 23, Moscow warns

US-run border ‘provocation’ to topple Maduro set for February 23, Moscow warns.

Moscow has warned that a “provocation” intended to topple Nicolas Maduro is set for this Saturday, which will involve a US-run aid convoy that could spark border clashes between government and opposition forces.
Crisis-plagued Venezuela is now on the brink of sliding into all-out turmoil, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters on Friday, warning that Saturday would be crucial for President Nicolas Maduro’s government.

A dangerous large-scale provocation is scheduled for February 23
The US-run “provocation” may take shape of an aid convoy crossing the Venezuelan border
and provoking clashes between “supporters and opponents of the current government,” Zakharova explained.

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Such an incident could provide an opening for “a coercive action” to oust Maduro from power. The remark comes just days after the Venezuelan president closed the border with Brazil amid a row over humanitarian aid.

He indicated that he could also close the key border with Colombia to stop the opposition from using relief as an advantage to gain popular support. An aid convoy that tried to penetrate the border earlier on Friday was led by the self-proclaimed interim president, Juan Guaido.

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What happened to the glowniggerillas who did the helicopter attack a few months back? That was one of the first big glownigger provocations.

that was the drone attack
the helicopter attack was like a year or more ago

As your typical burgernigger I don't follow these things much, what was the drone attack?

The helicopter thing they had a professional photo of a super srs red haired guy and a few others and a video of them at the presidential palace or something like that. Apparently they were some retired army dudes

also they literally had this exact kind of thing happen today with the venezuelan national guard killing some protesters, top news on plebbit

suicide drone attack on Maduro during a parade

helicopter guy is dead.

Thread music because that concert at Cucutá was the shittiest thing I´ve ever seen.

Situation continues to fall apart. The coup is not going nearly as smoothly as it was supposed to. As a USian I have no idea how serious Maduro's support is among people, but it seems far less united against the government than our fp hands promised.

oh yeah

I thought he would be better protected

iirc he posted a youtube video announcing himself as a martyr before getting killed in a gunfight.

Most Venezuelans support Maduro, including most of the military (which is what actually matters for the purposes of a coup). At this point it looks like the US will either cut their losses or start a war.

I hope they do the former. A more clear-eyed view from the US position would show that they haven't actually lost anything, at least according to their own theory of how regime change is supposed to happen. They are actually in a stronger position now and can wait for another crisis moment.

anyone else find it ironic that in this situation maduro is calling for closed borders and strong national defense, while guaido is calling for open borders and promising Free Stuff?

If Maduro just calls for a wall maybe trump will have an epiphany and switch sides.

Fake news

What are the chance we can get the word out about this ahead of time?

Let's just hope this doesn't turn Venezuela into another US client state

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This is not news. Everyone knows an aid convoy is planned for today, and a lot of people are expecting that it will spark violence.

sounds like this is going to happen at multiple border crossings, probably try and trigger Venezuelan forces to fire on them to stop them and use that to justify military intervention

I don't think they'll take the bait. They're banking in the border guards being a bunch of thugs, which is a huge if.

guaido already captured a bridge


Oh boy I can't wait for the horde of burgers thinking they're being fucking hilarious by parroting the same 2 or 3 stale memes about "socialism" at each other.

Who here /Pro-Maduro gang/?

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Assuming what he says is even true…

This is actually a crazy thing to say for a hundred reasons. one reason, it's a call for global martial law.

But this spin had to go through the ringer so many times… The US wanted it to be the military shooting aid convoys. Instead, it's the people. Rubio will never change his mind, but I really hope some bigwigs in the US are reconsidering.

But you can always report it as if it's the military anyways. Who's going to stop you?

Never trust a succdem.

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My prediction is that Venezuela will be steamrolled by the US. Maduro gets got and even talking about socialism in the US becomes illegal. I dont' have any faith anymore. We're all just going to fucking die.
Trump will not allow even basic bitch social democrat reforms to take place, he will just straight up call in the FBI and will just straight up murder us all. Zig Forums gets the last laugh. Ain't that a riot?

I wish we had 80's Bernie running, like when he was praising the FSLN and Fidel Castro

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"wow bernie plagiarizes a woman once again, what a sexist" - donut twitter, probably

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Awful. Colombian woman who migrated to Venezuela for better conditions shows her support for Maduro.

Reptilian bernie is shit.


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Seriously am disheartened by this. There is now another senator, Chris Murphy, who actually took a stance against this farcical weaponization of humanitarian aid, but Bernie couldn't even manage to point out what an obvious setup it is. We can't even say "well, he's the best we got". He's a very influential politician, and one of the most credible candidates for the next president of the united states. He should have done better, it matters what he says.

Everybody knows, everybody knows. That´s how it goes. Everybody knows.

Daily reminder you can only establish socialism in the first-world by bringing it to Year Zero.

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This vexes me. I am very vexed.

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This sham intervention in Venezuela is a message to socialists in the U.S. It has significant symbolism they are targeting a communist country. The liberal media and their so-called liberal owners who claim to be dedicated to progress are allying with the right wing… despite invitations to ally with the DemSocs. CNN hired a hardcore right winger and the equivalent of a female Alex Jones named Sarah Isgur to control their 2020 election coverage. She will edit, direct and narrate all of CNN’s election related news. Outrage is profitable to CNN whereas DemSoc policies are not so they’ll attempt to throw the election to right wingers. Furthermore, the neoliberal Democrats are probably being paid to lose. After purposefully losing the election both the Dems and CNN will pretend to be #LeResistance again while admitting some mistakes. In fact, Dems right now have the power to destroy the right wing’s reputation with subpoena power… but choose not to.

The plutocrats are noticing socialists growing support and political organization. They see the popularity of a few politicians who are working on very modest reforms such as proposing higher minimum wage, healthcare, marginal tax rates, education and better work conditions. These proposals are met with enthusiasm by most of the working class. However, the bourgeoisie investments have stagnated, heavy industry is operating far below capacity, corporate profits and agribusiness exports are declining. Large landowners and industrialists need to slash wages and raise prices on sustenance and rent. They need the state in turn to provide them with massive subsidies and tax exemptions. In order to finance this corporate welfarism, the populace needs to pay the federal taxes (where the bourgeoisie don’t), while social services and welfare expenditures need to be drastically cut

To impose this full measure of austerity upon workers and the poor, the ruling economic interests need to abolish democratic rights which helped the masses defend their modest living standards. The solution is to smash organized labor parties, leftist political organizations and civil liberties. Industrialists and big landowners want someone at the helm who could break the power of organized laborers and impose a stern order on the masses. For this task the Trump cult, armed with his gangs of police force worshippers, seems the likely candidate.

Trump will target socialists.

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If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand fucking times

Soon the people of Venuzuela will know what it means to live in a capitalist utopia. They think they are starving now. Just wait. The rich and the corporations will turn their country into a golf course and put all the natives to work in fast food or scrubbing toilets.

DSA on suicide watch

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Everybody knows that the dice are loaded, everybody rolls with their fingers crossed. Everybody knows the war is over, everybody knows the good guys lost. Everybody knows the fight is fixed. The poor stay poor and the rich stay rich. It's how it goes.

Oh look at that, based democ—


Why would we be able to do a better job of it than the media that is already putting this stuff out? I agree with the sentiment but sentiment alone doesn't count for much.

because the media is literally blatantly lying about the situation. Anybody noticed of late they don't even pretend to be objective, they just blacked out the Gilet Jaunes and the entire counter narrative on Venezuela

tbh it is fine to dislike and critique Maduro but everyone should resist any intervention into Venezuelan politics

As a liberal or socdem

Why does everyone say this but never say what they think Maduro has done wrong? It's like there's this broad understanding that Maduro is a bad guy but no one can articulate why. Really makes you think…

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He’s hardly a guy like Saddam, most people do know that what fucked Venezuela was the collapse of oil prices and now the continuing sanctions. I don’t know how people get away with calling him evil n so on and demanding he must go. The opposition just could not win elections (which were fair!) so they decided not to participate in them to create this crisis and steal the government.

takes break from cutting wrists
looks at meme
whimpers "You sure did"
resumes cutting wrists

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Fucking EXACTLY man EXACTLY!!! I keep hearing Maduro is this horrible dictator, but no one has given a solid reason why yet. They just expect people to take it as the truth, because they the MSM keeps repeating it. Also, you have you to be x brainless dipshit to think this humanitarian aid situation isn't staged, and that Venezuelans are so hungry they are resorting to cannibalism.

deploy generalisima Alexandria ocasio Cortez

she will defeat the imperialist fascists with reggaton music

i can't tell if it is really the baboon poster or the unfunny imitator

Reggaeton is imperialist

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Puelto lico was a mistake

isn't this the moment where a hispanic user pulls out an obscure reggaeton song featuring lyrics that support stalin, or something like that

It's Chavez they hate.

lol i found this one, guy's called Stalin El Grande, which means Stalin The Great

lyrics have nothing to do with stalin, tho

Not suspicious at all…

Biggest indictment of the American people tbh

Holy shit…

I would love to see what Bible verses he uses when he's on trial for being a war criminal.

I don't even call them socdems. They're just welfare capitalists.


good to know Rubio is young, when revolution comes we'll get to see him drawn and quartered on live TV


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If they really gonna see this through it will be one of the most illegitimate invasions in the eye of the public. Guaidó turned out of be hot air and has lost momentum with two or three days after his usurpation, and there are no opposition forces willing to start serious shit and life goes - relatively for such a crisis - on as normal. It would be seen as nothing but a war of aggression against a sovereign country, and there aren't even any reliable proxies within the country the US could rely on.

Soon there will be naked fascism and all will be hell. All smiles.

There's no way the US could get away with this.
A direct military intervention in Venezuela would be the perfect scenario to exploit for the cause of anti-imperialism.
Venezuela is a relatively prosperous country, well maybe not "prosperous" but rich enough for the "pre-invasion and post-invasion" comparison images to be powerful enough on the internet.
Unlike many of the other recently invaded countries by the US and its allies, Venezuela has a strong pro-chavista media presence locally and on the internet that would immediately start uploading the air raids (or whatever tactic the international coalition would use against Venezuela) and the destruction causing international outrage. Don't know to what extent western media would be able to silence though.
Even if it's not international, if latin american solidarity against the US is achieved that would be great, a second wave anti-capitalist militias and governments is probably the best scenario if an invasion does occur.

“The Lima Group” said no to an invasion which was a no-brainer. Guaido is going to turn into a government in exile while siphoning off as much cash from the country as possible. Venezuela will be put under even more sanctions even though they are current under more than Iraq pre-invasion.

Went on Leddit and the amount of propganda floating around is insane. Wouldn't surprise if half or more of the popular posts and comments are 100% goverment or agency backed especially after the libs had blood lust after Maduro stopped the "aid". The entire site is some insane corporate buy off faking mass particpation and creating false narratives.
The Socialist and Communist shit pages atleast mostly agreed on non intervention.

Not with cucks like Colombia no.

Tfw all this does is provoke the rise of no nonsense Stalinism and Venezuela kicks out all its porky once and for all.

Hey Queen Cucks, what's with your BBC government propaganda news? Seems like they're more behind this war than even the American publications.

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They won’t even remember what they are mad about in a week.

BBC has been like that for years now. I noticed the Gaurdian flipped fully about three years ago. I think it was the switch to clickbait digital stuff that ruined them all.

Tfw, you'll never live in a communist dystopia.

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Everyone here should check the Venezuela subreddit and tell me (and them) what they think.

Amusing how you think American's aren't really like that. In reality, the government probably doesn't have to astroturf support for intervention much at all. Just play a few clips in the media and Americans start baying for blood.


Just a friendly reminder that Venezuela was'nt, isn't, and will not achieve communism unless they become capitalist first, read Marx

we should support the invasion

now seethe at this post ☭TANKIE☭s(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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Goodbye friend!



based deng gang

First post ever on 8ch

What's the general consensus around here on the whole Venezuela situation?
Does everyone around here mostly support Maduro?
General argument against him is that by attempting to circumvent the Asamblea Nacional he is "usurping the will of the people" and that his last elections were a sham due to how many were barred from participating.
What's the pro-Maduro side of the discussion?


I'd hope so
The opposition deliberately chose to boycott the elections and discouraged the UN from observing them

Maduro needs to get his shit together from now on but the opposition are fucking retarded and shit, actively trying to sabotage the state itself.

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You don't need to support Maduro uncritically, but I'd hope that most people, except the eternal liberal, has learned by now that:
1. "Humanitarian" interventions aren't about being nice to the brown people or spreading democracy
2. Triggering a violent regime change might lead to civil war and an even greater humanitarian crisis
3. Handing the state back to the neolibs won't automatically make Venezuela a paradise or resolve the underlying class-struggles
4. John Bolton should be tried for war crimes


weren't multiple parties barred from participating (due to technicalities) and wasn't the leader of an opposing party imprisoned?

Definitely agree with 1-3. A military intervention is a military intervention, regardless of "intentions". Plunging a country into civil war and turning its cities into rubble is doubtless worse than some protesters being killed or civil liberties being suppressed.
Don't know enough about Bolton to comment on 4 but that's probably true considering the US military constantly commits atrocities with complete impunity.

That said, I still feel for the people of Venezuela whose suffering can't be blamed entirely on the Yanks. Those in charge of the country largely brought it to where it is, the people should be able to hold them accountable and not be victims of tyranny.

How the fuck do you manage to achieve communism and it is a dystopia?

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Sounds legit