Is Zig Forums controlled opposition?

I recently made a thread critical of the racist policy and genocidal actions of the imperialist "state" of Israel, and it only took a few minutes for it to be deleted.

Is Porky mad about real issues been discussed in this board?

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There was an almost identical thread on Page 1 already

Some weird stuff has been happening since the past week, there was a thread about posting your own flag or some shit and an user within the thread and in a completely unrelated one pointed out they were using an specific file name, that is "clipboard" and said that's proof they were datamining. Then that thread got deleted, there's also a thread below that got anchored about how the board is full of bots n shit.

I'm probably exaggerating tbh

leftypol is owned by the CIA, why else would porky allow open leftist, "anonymous" dialogue on the internet? Your IP has been tracked. Resistance is futile.

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Yeah we never have posts critical of Israel on here. Shocking censorship.

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Israel has the right to exist. Any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic and is hate speech.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

something else strange has happened on this board. I literally can't find the pent (22222) in any of the threads. I have found (22221) and (22223) but not the single post between these two. Why is leftypol withholding the celebration of digits? im very upset.

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thankyou very much. checking digits is one of my only pleasures in life.

Truly a mystery.

Under communism, everyone will get.

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and don't forget to check em

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Fuck jannies

Yes. As is pol. As are close to, if not all public figures of note. It's only the chans that get shilled so hard because most other forums on the web have the system of useful idiots firmly in place, and the official anonymity makes any attempt at social control through shame futile. The jewish people have been involved in this game for a long time and they know that they can't be seen as wholly good or bad in total, just to the respective sides they're playing to. It's not like people haven't made the connection between cultural liberalism, the spread of intellectual socialism and so-called de. generacy, and the overrepresantation of jewish people in such areas. Those in the fold of such a culture like "the jews" for their open-mindedness and help in bringing such freedom to their society; those on the other side loathe "the jews" for seeming two-faced by preaching and peddling their "snake oil" while drinking wine themselves. They see the success of jewish nepotism, and hear their own talking about how nepotism in general is bad. That creates dissonance and forces them to acquiesce to either fighting the dissonance, or ignoring the dissonance and fighting those that would perceive it. That is, if you're on a side any rando npc-type would consider to be opposed to being "sensible" and against "the silent majority".
Fox-npcs are the "greatest ally, jesus was a jew" type; cnn-npcs are the "most nobel-laureates, most beneficial to society, most unjustly hated, holocaust above all" types. Neither side is wrong because neither side is fully right. The jewish question is valid to both left and right-wing, because it wipes out this false paradigm and puts focus on the real question which is "do we take the stuff we need by force and authority or cooperation".

tl;dr: look at my flag, yes all of it is, so make them your own controlled opposition; divide et impera goes both ways, solve et coagula too

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don't show me that pic ever again or i will fucking gauge my eyes out

As soon as I read "yes", I was waiting for the jews.

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Don't be a bitch. Try discordianism if you can't handle the paradox.

In a thread about Israel and apparent censorship, what do you expect? Oh, I'm some Zig Forumslack to you because the very obvious overrepresentation of seemingly jewish people in public opinion can only be noticed by le ebil nadzi? You're right, the enemy isn't the one in the boardroom making plans for the privatization of information, no the REAL enemy is the nazi-fascist-racist who shaves his head and worships Hitler as a god because of alienation.

Forgot to add this. Learn something.

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hello, Zig Forums

insane man

I honestly don't care. The type of sanity you subscribe to is weakening and self-defeating. You're choosing one side over the other because you're not willing to see and unify both sides. +you're on 8ch

Profoundly saddening man.

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chan boards r controlled opposition & have been 4 a long time. they hate liberated online space. "4chan" got too popular

however by virtue of their format u're allowed to defy "consensus" & thus some boards are still a useful tool for discussion to a certain degree. like you could go jump on 4/lit/ right now and call the evola guys retarded racist voodoo faggots and they couldn't really do anything about it. a subreddit or facebook page or twitter ecosystem would not allow for that. this is why the platform is valuable

Yes - all these useless threads like "how would socialism deal with X", politics, trump, vidya, etc. BUT NO FUCKING CALL TO ACTION. It's all just whining.

Israel is not imperialist. They could have owned everything up to the borders of Egypt after the last time you wogs tried to oust them. And couldn't. So you squated on their land and they played nice.

Allah gave them that land, if you believe in that sort of thing. The Koran acknowledges that Jehovah and Allah are the same, and The Old Testament / Torah say that Allah gave that land to the Jews.

Go squat someplace else

They couldn't have because if they had the UN would have had to intervene forcefully on the side of Egypt. The US can't save Israel from the whole world, which is why they have nukes.

Are you actually one of these or just a hobby shill? Also reddit spacing ew.

there's just a lot of trolls that go here. doesnt mean anything spooky is going on