Apparently someone is trying to unionize Silicone Valley, don’t think it’ll work, but it sounds interesting.

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And the UK had it's first legally recognised Game Dev TU form a few months back.


So are they a worker cooperative movement or just an easily-corruptible trade union?


Unionizing Silicon Valley is a brilliant thing to do. We need to inject some rigorous leftism into their community. Their worship of tech start-ups is pure ideology because it misses the structural difficulties of implementing truly valuable services under capitalism. Imagine the possibilities if that were fixed. If those nutjobs realized that the liberation of information for the good of humanity is only feasible under socialism. It would be huge.

Fuck w*Sternoids tbh


people from westernia

I can see this be like 90%_+ people being "tech enthusiasts" rather than people in tech, so they're much likely to get programmed by tech issues they think are right like supporting net neutrality.

The answer isn't to unionize and bargain for better wages. The real answer is to be self employed and organize to create free software.

As a tech worker (uk) at a tiny company with a couple of loosely lefty colleagues, how best to integrate the struggle into my work?

What's your field? Because the IWGB (who are a militant and based union) have started organising Game Debs: might be worth reaching out to them to ask what to do.

Yeah and the workers are lazy too! Overpaid!



The game workers union is going well though.


Why not a Free software focused Union that includes both fsf and co. and proprietary companies so we can bargain for free software for Unionized companies and collectively act against spyware from those companies?

Of course it's not going to work. Left-wing thoughts like internationalism are only good when it makes gardeners cheaper for Bezos, dummy. You think they'll let you take over their own secret ideological proselytizing?
Just wait, some fat plant will show up demanding utter nonsense at tweet-point and the unions will be broken up just like the last time they tried this.

fuck em

a person who owns their means of production is the book definition of petty-booj, you petty-booj. And contrary to what you might believe, the FLOSS movement, along with the development of the Linux kernel, etc. tie up perfectly with the capitalist software market — it's free labor for porky without the legal hassles normally associated with buying computer software. No aspect of this is inherently collectivist nor anti-capitalist.

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Free software isn’t inherently revolutionary but it’s better than working for Google, for one it makes NSA spying on you harder. It’s more like a sucdem reform.


i don't know if this is the right place to ask or counts as muh ethical consumption, but how do i own i smart phone today while stripping myself as much as possible from the cancer of google/android?

Why don't we use bots to game retard ppl shit like youtube and reddit like the right does? Can someone give me a good reason?

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Obligatory linux worship post

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FSF, GNU, copyleft, GPL, and Stallman (all the things Zig Forums loves) are all already leftist


without proprietary closed software

I'm assuming the google services aren't installed from the get go?

programmer (non sillicon-valley) here. judging by my colleagues, I think we'll have to have our collective nose rubbed in our collective piss* quite hard before any real change happens. but it's nice to see that something seems to be beginning already.

*) like realizing that most programming jobs are complete and utter bullshit. hello, js ad writers.