Kim-Trump Meeting Feb 27th

No coverage of the event? Rumoured that Kim is already travelling to Hanoi by train.

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Seems like good news. The blob will freak out because it really hates Korean unification for some reason even though it will almost certainly be good for the US in the long run. That’s my prediction.

Fuck man, a possible invasion of Venezuela, war between India and Muslim India, and another meeting between Trump and Kim, all at once?

There won’t be an India Pakistan war don’t worry these things have happened before. It will resolve itself in a few weeks.


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Yeah, he arrived in his weird ass armored train. But people aren’t allowed to take photos of it.

based vietnamese

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Are the Vietnamese going to reaffirm Kim's Socialist devotion, or are they gonna try to convince him to "open the markets!"?
Trump brought him to Vietnam to "show him how markets help countries", i'm just wondering if that's how the actual sentiment in Vietnam is.

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China has already been trying to goad the DPRK towards privatisation for decades. While I do predict Kim Jong-un will continue privatising a few things here and there especially for their tourism industry they want to build, I doubt they will drop all the way down to a 20% public sector employment like Vietnam did. This meeting is primarily a PR stunt for Kim to try to lessen some of the UNSC sanctions placed on the DPRK.

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Kim getting off train

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they haven't done that yet despite the effort they put into it and supposedly some of the earlier privatizations were rolled back

I don't think much will come of this meeting other than noncommittal agreements and pictures

Trump lands in Vietnam

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Well, he had a better landing than John McCain, that's for sure.

rip my sides

Kim seen taking smoke brake before boarding train

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Not true, here's actual footage of Kim's train in action.

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50 years late lmao

10,000 hp pibbas be like

Why does Jong Un always do trains

They're more comfortable, I would've done the same. An armored train is also harder to "accident" by intelligence agencies than a plane.


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They are just gonna hammer out stuff anyway. The novelty wears off after a while.

What will they talk about?


because not a lot is going to happen