I never see people talking about vietnam here.
I have almost no idea how the country is at the time and how the economy and poilitcs are run.
They seem to be somewhat like china but im not sure.

So tell me Zig Forums how revisionist is the communist party of vietnam?
Vietnam general?

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They are Fascists with Red Paint.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

a third-world capitalist shithole

they're not even "state-capitalist" considering their public sector is proportionally far smaller than china's WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Truly /ourguys/

A better question would be what's the state of Laos? It's even more irrelevant than Vietnam.

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they've never claimed to have actually built socialism and have a market-oriented economy. they are still socialist in the sense that they run by a communist party with the goal to reach socialism, but would certainly be considered "revisionist" by MLMs and Hoxhaists.

Dengists will defend this

Despite his current actions, you have to admit that he's already better then most leaders.

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Yeah well every single country on earth is revisionist according to them. They can lick my balls. Get me real deep.

Vietnam isn’t irrelevant it’s a strong development center of SEA.

Basically just China but with less information control. The people can pretty much do research on any kind of socialism from Stalinism, Maoism, Anarchism to classical Marxism (the only banned socialist books are from Cockshot) rather than being forced to suck Xi and Deng off all day like in China. Too bad most folks are apathetic toward further building socialism and just want to forever live in the status quo.


Laos with its position are able to fully control water flow of the Mekong delta region. This is why both China and Vietnam wants to invest so much in Laotian Hydroelectric projects.

Dengoids will defend anything coming out of Xi’s mouth as the next evolution of Communism. Fuck these people even fucking use Mutt Republicans rhetoric to defend China’s shitty healthcare system, they’re beyond blind.

Well to be fair Vietnam is revisionist, just with less imperialist ambitions than China.
< Incoming Pothead claiming Vietnam is somehow imerialist.


People who think providing healthcare is just a matter of balancing the books are retarded.

They banned his books because his solutions are so simple and they know with electronics communism could be built in days.
t. Knows nothing about Vietnam

The issue with healthcare in China is a lack of qualified doctors and specialists, a lack of facilities, mass migration from rural provinces to cities, etc. If you have a residency in an urban center you actually get healthcare from the city but there still aren’t enough specialist. This is stuff that takes decades of development. It’s not a fully developed country, and you can’t treat it like it has the same simple healthcare solutions as one I.e. just transfer the insurer from a private to state body.

Damn I am getting mad at your dumbass. China is a developing country you stupid fucker. It’s not that it’s too big, it’s that it’s too poor and undeveloped to be able to wave a magic wand and give everyone government insured healthcare. The capacity is not there.

China has a higher GDP per capita than Cuba, so why can’t they provide better healthcare than Cuba?

Because Cuba has one of the highest number of doctors per capita in the world and has a fully developed their healthcare sector. China doesn’t have that and won’t for 15+ years. GDP is not a measure of development it’s a measure of yearly economic production.

Sounds like you're pulling this from your ass. In 2017, Cockshott attended a conference organized by the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (a government organization) and the German WARP group:

What he writes there doesn't sound to good. They seem to view Marxism as an ideology to guide Vietnamese nationalism rather than an universal science.

And why are they not developing it? Why are they even allowing billionaires to exist (as leading members of the “communist” party no less) while people go without healthcare?

they literally are.

They let Thai Government Agents to sneak into their country, and kill several MLs who hided there. You know Thai Investors with Thai Establishment Back have some power here. For this reason Laos is corrupted to me.

Also Everything is expensive, and has to import from outside while income is fairy low.

In defence of China, it does. Universal healthcare by 2020, baby.

His books are banned, not the guy himself.

Pretty much this. Vietnam and it’s people are weirdly very nationalistic for a socialist nation. But then again most of the sentiments of nationalism in Vietnam are facing inward since Vietnam’s history is just constant warfare to keep its independence.

They suck American cock thus their socialist credentials are highly suspect.

Does anyone know the basis for Vietnam's alliance with the USSR during the Sino-Soviet split? China ended up invading Vietnam after supporting it for years and I doubt it was over a vulgarization of the dialectic or whatever bullshit they came up with.

Liberals detected

So uncommodified health care isn't a core demand of socialism?

it was mainly because China had supported Pol Pot and Vietnam was afraid of Chinese control in Southeast Asia.

You may have just summoned that Pol Pot posting user that thinks the Vietnamese are genetically the Khmer peoples enemy and doesn't understand how federations work (i.e a degree of autonomy), and on top of all that thinks everybody acting the same would be fun

Was there actually a planned Indochinese federation?

This thread is trash. Remember when Vietnam did to one of the most advanced communist nations (not one of, in fact, but THE) through its treachery in the year 1979, a year of infamy. Look at Vietnam now, a revisionist state that has reverted to capitalism. There are two roads to socialism – the collectivistic and the individualistic. The latter has lead to a reversion to capitalism or bureaucratic deformation every single time. The Vietnamese now rue the day they otherthrew Pol Pot. They deserve capitalism.

It was a plot for Vietnamese domination, plain and simple. Read the Black Paper. These were machinations of historical proportions. Federation does not necessarily equal true autonomy. It would be Vietnamese despotism. DK blazed its path nearly alone, striving for autarky. Communism was achieved in a single stroke and single-handedly.

Socialism by definition strives to meet all the basic needs of society and to enhance human dignity. Instead of doing that China is allowing billionaires to suck the workers dry.

And here comes the Pothead coming to defend his beloved fascist. I’m sure Pol Pot is such a communist thinker when he announced remaking Kampuchea Krom - a gayer and shittier version of Lebensraum and restore Khmer glory which cannot be done without the same imperialism you condemned Vietnam for. That’s not to mention Pot’s affinities for racial cleansing, monarchist cultural values or his stupid boner for Angkor’s reactionary culture.

And someway somehow your demented Zig Forumsyp brain will think that’s the next step toward communism.

“Pothead” kek. I personally like “Pol Pautist” better but I’m glad anons are bothered enough by postings of Truth to recognize my presence. Pol Pot was not a fascist in the slightest if you research what fascism actually is. Fascism is traditionally anti-class struggle, backed by capitalists and wholly anti-egalitarianism. Democratic Kampuchea was committed to egalitarian principles (the collectivistic path to socialism), equality between the sexes and vehemently anti-capitalism, rightfully recognizing the spread of capitalistic cancer within Kampuchea and quickly excising it.
You do not even know your facts. Kampuchea Krom is a term used to refer to ethnic Khmer living within Vietnam. Look it up.
I observe the situation in Kampuchea between 1975 and 1979 and see communism having fully blossomed. 95-97% percent of the population was organized within collective farms, within these farms distribution was according to need; likewise money was abolished along with markets, religions and reactionary culture were systematically uprooted and classes were abolished shortly after the resettlement of urbanites. Added bonuses to the Kampuchean path were collective dining, identical clothes and various methods to dissolve the nuclear family. All of this helped dissolve bourgeois individualist norms

It maintains a Marxist goverment with a State-Capitalist economy for the sake of development comparable to the NEP

See above

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One can only hope since The country I live in is going full cancer.

not a pol potist but the glasses thing is a total meme.

Is this that thing where you defend Pol Pot by conflating primitive communism and advanced communism as if they were the same thing?

Not as much as the gusanos do

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Someone should troll them with Uncle Ho pics.

Literally barracks communism, explicitly denounced by Marx, who Pol Pot admitted he was too much of a brainlet to understand. I'd rather live under capitalism tbh.

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Marx’s criticism of so-called “barracks communism” was hardly a “denunciation” or even a good criticism. In talking about Nechayev’s plan for the coming society he merely says something to the effect of (paraphrasing)
Of course, Marx is sarcastic here, but this is not an argument. In all of Marx’s “criticisms” of Bakunin and Nechayev it is easy to see him flail in abject rage and non-arguments. Barracks communism, as was proven by Pol Pot in 1975-1979 and likewise in China in The Great Leap Forward, has been shown time and time again to be the ONLY way to communism. By leaps and bounds through this method the proletariat climbs the mountain towards communism, surmounting all obstacles in its path. Keep on with your impotent, bourgeois individualistic communism.

Soon I will document these truths in video form, stay tuned

t. CIA. That's probably why you like Pol Pot so much too, since he was the CIA's most important asset in Southeast Asia.


Every time, zero proof. You are completely plagued by bourgeois ideology. THEY want you to think that Democratic Kampuchea was not successful, they want you to believe in genocide hoaxes and unneccessary violence. Heaven appeared on earth for 4 straight years and the bourgeoisie was terrified.

the NEP wasn't for 40 years and counting, you're excusing blatant revisionism.

Should've built an army capable of fighting the Vietnamese in instead of waiting for Deng's help

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my man loves his Atlanta teams

Yep, This election and after this election are going to be bomb.

Ho didn't even live long enough to see the country reunified. Why do these people wave the flag of a faux-democratic puppet state that was as brutal as they claim the communists were? why is the u.s military never blamed for any of the death or poisoning of the landscape, or abject poverty and authoritarianism it created in the south? you never hear of old south korean Immigrants who are nostalgic for japanese colonial rule, or talk how much fun it was to grow up under any of the various post-war u.s backed dictators. I doubt anyone in the congo is begging for belgian rule over the country to return. Also, I've heard that the gusanos who wave the south vietnamese flag are sometimes mocked as "three-sticks" in the old country. Is there any truth to this?

*tomahawk chop intensifies*

I am not Vietnamese, so I am not sure

But that’s not why Potfag love his meme country though. He admitted himself to be a Zig Forumsyp before coming full circle and started worshiping the KM ( And really, what’s not to love about Democratic Kampuchea when you’re a Zig Forumsyp?

Developing the national healthcare infrastructure is part of the current 5 year plan.

I sourced you while having this argument before but here's some more shit
Go to the conclusion and read the rest
Fourth links description and the rest of the article Rouge

Don't fucking hit me with that shit sayings it's by the feds. Why would you want the American people to trust you less exactly? That is unless it'd get out anyways right and this is seeming benevolent and truthful?
I really wonder about some things like this.

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Fixed first link

Someone on my commute has one of those flags hanging outside a building. This city has tons of vietnamese people, I think vietnamese is barely surpassed by Spanish in my area. (Which has many immigrants due to a very cheap airport and much cheaper rent than the cities with other airports in the region).

Pisses me off something fierce