Everything seems so fucked

is there anywhere in the world today where things seem to be going in a positive direction? everywhere I look in the world people continue to succumb to neoliberalism and reactionary thought. there are just so many retards that are willing to drag the economy towards hellish feudalism on false promises that it will somehow reaffirm their social identities.
capitalism has already turned everyone into compulsive consumerist animals who just want society to reflect themselves. I've lost all hope.

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Things in the UK actually seem to be going quite well after 10-15 years of hell

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when you're on your own
nowhere to call home
don't worry
be happy

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I mean there is rising union militancy across the world (even in Burgerstan) so that's nice.

he hasn't won a single election

He's 0/1, give it time user.

He'll win the only one that matters in 2022.

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France is headed for civil war and there is a possibility for a revolution. At least institutional crisis is guaranteed. Also huge financial crisis and recession looming.

Except two leadership elections, a spate of local elections, massively increasing majorities in constituencies across the country and turning many formerly tory safe seats into sharply contested ones. Oh and achieving the biggest swing to Labour since Attlee.

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A major crisis is being predicted to happen in next few years. Global unrest is again rising – France, Philippines, India, Ukraine, etc. 2008 economic crisis has brought many to left and made even more questioning bourgeois propaganda once more. Interest in both far left and far right ideologies is on a rise. Bourgeois propaganda and imperialism is getting more stronger and reactionary – see Venezuela and NK. Remember that despite all of this, socialist revolution is not inevitable. Things can very easily move far right into full fascism, ruling class is already once again trying to play divide and rule against minorities and between supporters of different parties, derailing the 'left' into idpol, etc. Objective conditions will once again allow for a revival of left and a socialist revolution. But do the subjective conditions, i.e. organisation of the left, exist? Nope. So the best we all comrades can do is begin organising, talk to other alienated people, slowly radicalise them (and in the beginning try to beat around the bush to drive the point home at last, because after years of brainwashing you can expect nothing else but a knee-jerk response to socialist terminology and immediate shutting off of their brains, and the old bourgeois lies parroting begins), and try whatever you can to at least bring people to the left even if you can't get them to accept Marxism. We have to build our narrative despite of media and violence monopoly of bourgeoisie. At least get to hone and carve out the already present mistrust of people on government. Bring them to not blame capitalist faults on individuals, but show them it is the result of the system itself.

It is easier said than done, but I am also trying my best to find every opportunity to at least point out faults, contradictions, hypocrisy, and lies whenever I can with my family and few friends. I have even radicalized one of them, still progress?

Join the least revisionist party in your area. Or start a reading club among your friends you think are the least reactionary.

Best of luck comrades!

The future is Dengist
Embrace it user

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It seems like, people are denying reality on purpose. My brother wants to buy a house, which will be paid in 30 years or so. I ask him: "You know, that the world is on the edge of total collapse, either through climate change or nuclear war? And you are still planning your life, like nothing is happening?"
Then he reacts insulted and ignores my question.

TBF possession is 9/10ths of the law, if he's 10 years into a mortgage and the global economy collapses the bank's hardly gonna come looking for the house are they?

Good post and I support what you say. Although, my optimism is not as bright as yours. I have the feeling, that a genuine marxist movement will not arise in the next years. I don't want to sound defeatist and discourage other people here, but we're really fucked…

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>another blackpill thread
If you're not actively engaged in politics IRL you have zero right to complain.

Trust in the theory and it'll all work out.

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We are really, tbh too. I know how it feels to be sometimes be defeatist. Plus, my dive into the left has actually made me more depressed! This optimism remains for a short time, then I read some news and read what other comrades have to say online, then back to defeatism, on top of that I am extremely alienated too, like maybe many of us.

In my country, hard-right and even fascism is on the rise, we actually have in power a far-right politician who gained up ranks in his party speaking against other religions and is alleged to be a part of causing some riots which lead to deaths of minorities.

Most 'communist' parties here are chin-deep in revisionism and chauvinism. And trust me, I live in a 'third-world' country and objective conditions exist. The only revolutionary party seems to be on back foot.

Plus, the fact I am currently not able to much both individually and collectively acts as a fuel for more defeatism, for all of us really.

Relevant pics, not oc, found on this board, hits close to home.

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you mean to tell me i can't make 2 threads a week about how sad i am and not do anything about it irl

would you say it's a bad idea for the 18 year old dzoomer to go to university?

would it even matter?

Things will always get slowly worse, since capitalism as a productive force is becoming obsolete, but the neoliberals' absolute ideological hegemony is starting to wane, presumably because the current young adult generation wasn't indoctrinated with Cold War politics.

Turn you dispare into a drive to organize

You have actually thought about something I am confused about too. I am 18, and going through the final exams on my final year in HS.

I was 3-4 years back very optimistic about doing CS and programming, and eventually make my way to R&D. But nah. All gone.

I am now thinking of getting a minimum wage job in some city away from mine, pursue my personal interests independently and alone too, do some freelancing, etc. I don't want to go to university now. Plus, I don't even have minimum marks required to give an entrance examination to a university. I don't know which of these two came first, but these two reinforce each other constantly.

I can't say comrade. I don't get to generalize decisions for you. My opinion, according to my conditions, is a no (but for me). With the world collapsing in front of us which we hopelessly stare, I don't see planning for my own future (career and all). I just want to leave HS and organize and study Marxism. This may sound r/im14thisisdeep but we all know there isn't much time.

I think my point is the same as

and of course comrade is right too. I will do that. And I urge you all to do too.

Surely this won't be regretted as you stare at the ceiling in bed a decade from now

s-shut up

You might not be wrong tbh. Finding MW job is difficult in my country with unemployment and population very high. I could most likely take a year drop and get into a decent college. It won't be difficult.

University is only good for stem.

and bold of you to assume with shit thoughts like this I'd be able to afford a place with a bed.

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that isn’t my point, my point is that Universities can’ teach anything that isn’t STEM.

As a guy who works in a call center i don't know what to think about it

nihilism is the answer

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just be NEET bro.

That gif will be a massive yuckaroo from me

Am I the only optimist on this board?

What a waste. Imagine how many people we have wasting away their potential in advertising or call centers or unemployment. How many potential engineers/doctors/scientists.

But capitalism is the most efficient of course.

t. first worlder
What you are seeing is the death of the old world order. America is going to have to be put down by force. You should embrace this and prepare to help the new world emerge.

There is no "positive" and "negative" direction.

History will keep advancing and there's nothing that can be done to stop it.
Our victory is assured.

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I’m not a pessimist, but neither am I an optimist.

Everything has always been shit


The working class movement in India. That's pretty much it.

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Yeah if only I lived in a great 3rd world country like Brazil or Zimbabwe as they slowly turn left for sure.


Seconding this.

If you really want to have a meaningful impart in the age of the Internet, you can put a lot of weight behind what you say if you are properly trained. Why do think most philosophers or thinkers had a very classical education? They knew about greek and roman philosophers, they knew about general history, they knew about the discoveries of their time etc etc.

Assured by what?

lol no things will only ever get worse from here on out. The period of prosperity finally ended in 2015. Cope if you want but I'm right.

I majored in stem, now I'm trying to learn philosophy on my own. I feel like I'm missing out on so many interesting ideas but it's very hard to teach myself this shit, even harder with work taking most of my energy and time. What do you do for work?

so we should study more latin and greek instead of leftist thought?

Yes we should

Oh shit forgot shitposting flag

sure you did you federal piece of shit

I think it's worth mentioning that the study of latin seems to be a common hobby among the deus vult meme crowd, i imagine most channers who study it in their free time are so.

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I rather study a language that isn't dead.
Like Russian, Chinese, or French

Hard to empathise with suicidals like this one. It's always selfish, materialistic things they kill themselves over. I am not going to worship you if you have a PhD. The DPRK is always recruiting for foreign professors especially in STEM, so why didn't you apply there? Why not trying teaching English in foreign countries if call centre work isn't fulfilling? Britain isn't the only country in the world.

You need to study leftist thought and contextualize it in its roots. Ideally, always strive to reduce as much your ignorance as you can rather than pile up immense amounts of specialized knowledge.

Do you mean what's my general methodology to learn philosophy?

i hope you lose your job and kill yoself nigga


Have no patience for office politics / putting all eggs in one basket (employer).

Or maybe they just wanted to do Physics research instead of living paycheck to paycheck with a call center job?

Do you really think people going into areas like pure maths or theoretical physics are doing it with the expectations of making bank instead of just wanting to do what their passionate about?

If one's passionate about doing something, they shouldn't expect to get paid for it. It has to be earned, whether through negotiations or force.

Don't need a career to do that.

He's not the only one in Britain living pay cheque to pay cheque.

You're really saying this? I'm sorry we still live under Capitalism which entails the need to getting paid for basic survival. Please use this line on any broke student to encourage an unpaid internship, you won't sound like a boomer spouting neoliberal ideology i'm sure?

Yes you fucking do when the University system gatekeeps mostly anyone outside the system, and many even inside, from publishing research in academic journals?

I never implied that, simply dispelling your stupid fucking implication of his suicide being "selfish and materalistic."

Now you finally mentioned a word that's relevant and potentially productive instead of the rest of your emotional babble: "system"

If there's a system problem, then that's what this academic should've devoted himself to: creating an alternative system. Philip Elliott should've been more like Alexandra Elbakyan or Richard Stallman.

Dehumanize and face to bloodshed
Dehumanize and face to bloodshed
Dehumanize and face to bloodshed
Dehumanize and face to bloodshed
Dehumanize and face to bloodshed
Dehumanize and face to bloodshed


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unpopular opion
Everything from Ancient Greece and Rome was reactionary and it has no value to us today.

Most people who go into STEM do it because they have a passion for it and that’s what they want to spend their life doing
t STEM student

A man has to eat.
you do
By the time you have a PhD your 100,000 dollars in debt.

Spoken like a true ignorant.

Much like the USSR and socialist China they were managed to do amazing feats, we must learn from the past.


This, I'll be looking for a job there if and when I get my physics degree.

To parrot off Cockshott, Hedges and peak-resource theory here’s how I see the future going. There’s going to be an economic crisis very soon, which could turn into a full blown global depression but personally I think it will be more like a deep recession. You’re going to see increasingly partisan politics and the beginnings of an actual working-class left start to rise up, though it will be slow to form due to the current academic / idpol left stranglehold on the movement currently. You’ll definitely start seeing more left leaning populist figures like Sanders and Corbyn spring up but also far right populists as well. Around 2030 there’s likely to be an energy crisis again, that will affect all countries, but particularly China and the United States (the US may face sever internal pressures and possible collapse which won’t be pretty). As strains on energy systems and global production and trade routes grow; you’ll see an increasing breakdown of neoliberalism in favor of internal & local development. So the good thing out of all the shit everyone’s been trekking through since the 70’s (aka globalized neoliberalism) will begin to break down and labor will start to get the upper hand due to local industry and declining fertility rates. I think this will also be tied in with stricter border controls to keep skilled labor within countries and also to prevent any possible mass migration of unskilled labor from countries heavily affected by climate change, drought and strained energy supplies. It’s gonna be a shit show overall (especially in the United States and countries heavily dependent on cheap oil / energy inputs) but you’ll also start to see the labor movement take off again which could allow for parties of the strength of the 2nd international in the old developed core.

Go to university and study something in healthcare. It's not just doctors and nurses, and if you need to leave your country in the future, it is a lot easier to emigrate if you have this profession.

If you are in burgerland, you can reduce costs by attending community college for your general education then pursue your concentration in a better school.

Life expectancy is rising worldwide you fearmongering faggots

Bandaid solution, disarm the people, don't change the culture.

Great results.

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Things are pretty bad for the most part however more and more people are becoming fed up with capitalism and neoliberalism. There is emerging populist movements and people craving for change. As long as people know the current way of life is terrible and full of constant problems and stress, they'll be looking for solutions. They'll be willing to tear down the old order for something new. We can hold onto the hope that people wake up and fully have enough.


Yes I remember reading:

It’s easier if you do

it is

WTF does that have to do with Corbyn. Probably more to do with the continued economic suffering and do-nothing police force that spends all their time finding weed farms.


Life expectancy is constantly rising cause killing ppl for no reason is bad business and technological advances still slowly creep into 3rd world countries despite exploitation making it difficult.
Also is a life of eternal self concious slavedom that inevitably ends in suicide, which is the most plausible end result of life extension in the current system imo, really worth aspiring to?

Yeah I'm really glad the capitalists let some of the imperialist war profits go to healthcare and education.

Hopefully across the pod we will elect bernard and he can give some of the imperial war profits to me.

International solidarity comrade!!

This is really the big meme for me.

Russian peasants went from farming to the moon in a few decades and the US world hegemony has literally billions of individuals under intentional conditions of malnutrition causing mental retardation and early death.

We could have had real life Star Trek years ago.

Unpopular opinion : too many engineers is a waste in and by itself