Reading Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

reading is hard

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because engels starts off talking about primitive communism where there were group marriages

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Pic related, though I'm 99% sure you can find all of her major writings on Here are the works I was specifically referring to:
Kollontai can be a bit utopian-sounding at times but she's definitely underrated imo

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what the fuck is the second thing arguing

"Free love", stronk independent wahmyn, polygamy, feminism and orgies vs jealousy, polygamy not ending well, wahmyn not wanting to be stronk and independent and choosing to be stay-at-home mothers, and feminism being bad for women.

so human nature argument with some examples provided from millions

I don't get what this image is supposed to be trying to say? Is it supposed to be anti-Kollontai? She herself admits that free love by itself does not free women, but would rather be a net negative for them, especially under the conditions of capitalism (i.e. women could be put at risk for being left with the children unaided, etc). True free love can only come about with a number of fundamental transformations in social and economic relations (transposing the obligations of the family to the state and society among these). She viewed the jealous and proprietary attitudes of lovers to be a product of capitalism and didn't believe that polygamy was a thing even on the table, predicting that with the withering away of the family that all that will be left will be a union of a man and a woman based on mutual agreement.

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It's saying she's an autistic liberal retard who should have studied Engel's on the family a bit more closely

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How exactly is she a liberal? She comes down pretty hard on liberal feminism in her writings. She can verge on utopian at times in my opinion but “liberal” would be innacurate. In many places she’s actually echoing Engels, for example when she foresees the transposition of many aspects of the domestic economy to the national economy as being a condition for the liberation of women and as an obvious step in the withering away of the family.

It still changes nothing without support and you need to use peaceful methods first to get that support.

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How the fuck can you transform housework into public industry? Are you saying just have a whole bunch of people work as maids? That's fucking horrible and a waste of resources. Do your own fucking housework.

this, i'm a guy but i feel really good when i make the housework myself ever since my grandparents died, they used to make it all for me and it feels very rewarding now, still hate having to pick up the dog shit

True love is the best fetish. Glad to see my dprk bro agrees. Passionate monogamous affection in a world where the majority are perfectly happy and healthy without committed relationships shows the strength and beauty of "vanilla" true love.

I'd assume that according to this argument, much of domestic life is performed outside the home. Eating in public food dispensaries/dining halls, maybe even sleeping in shared facilities. I can't say this is to my preference, and I don't see it as necessary for communism.

Just properly sit down and study Engels and there will be an end to the horror

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You know that term refers to assassinations and terrorism, right? That has nothing to do with user’s post

It refers to stuff taking things out of the domestic sphere and establishing it on a larger, public scale. For example canteens and restaurants would become more common than domestic kitchens, laundromats, state care for children, etc.

It literally says 'marrying the first person who bats eyelashes at you at age 18 is bad', hardly a stirring endorsement of traditional values

polygamy doesn't work that well when women have to depend on their husbands for survival ala feudal Russia, shocking revelation.

"Although I am nothing but a gloomy ascetic, the so-called ‘new sexual life’ of the youth – and sometimes of the old – often seems to me to be purely bourgeois, an extension of bourgeois brothels. That has nothing whatever in common with freedom of love as we communists understand it."

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