Where were you when anticapitalism was declared antisemitic?

Where were you when anticapitalism was declared antisemitic?

Is this the logical endgame of everything that's been happening culturally in the last 5 years?

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Well duh.

The Nazis were SOCIALISTS.

Socialism results in Holocausts and Holodomars.

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wtf i am nazbol now


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Based Marx singlehandedly starved 66,000,000 globalists

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Fucking hell lad

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This legit made me lol and rage at the same time. How and why the fuck is that a conspiracy? I'm angry because they're trying to make observable reality into a fucking "conspiracy theory". These fucking demons, these fucking scum will not rest until we're all blind.

IF the revolution ever comes, we need to IMMEDIATELY EXECUTE all bourgois journalists. Fucking torture them.

If this doesn't wake everyone the fuck up from identity politics idk what will

Real question, do they think they're making us angry doing this?

I'm just amused at how very clearly angry they are to do it.

I swear John Harris used to be good. And now he comes out with this outrageous propaganda.

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I would cream my pants if I saw an article like that.


tbf there's like a kernel of academic truth to what they say
the problem isn't "the elites" vs "the people" which is often the right-populist approach, it's the bourgeoisie vs the proletariat, and those things are not the same thing.
a "culturally" working class salt-of-the-earth business owner is a class enemy and a culturally refined opera-enjoying novel-writing "middle class" teacher is a class ally, even though the latter is more likely than the former to be considered part of a social elite and resented as such when they tell people what to do.

of course the journalists are fucking idiots who haven't read the academic stuff so it's more downstream of that truth than if someone was mulching up academic papers and throwing them into the Ganges, but still. it's useful awareness to have to recognise when right-populist discourse is channelling class based frustrations towards the wrong targets.

exception: regardless of wage-labourer status lazy journalists are class enemies, i don't need to read marx to say this, it's just a fact. they annoy me. it's a fact.

Going to be amusing to see antisemitism go flying through the roof if these cunts cost Labour an election.

Journalists are class traitors, the ones that push the narrative they are told, anyway.

This. 100%

Don't have time to expand on my thoughts but isn't this turn in the witch hunt ironically the most anti-semetic thing to argue because it essentializes jews as becoming wholly subsumed in the capitalist mode of production? Thereby doing the Fascist's work for them?

I've been thinking for a while they're walking into a Boy Who Cried Wolf situation and shit like this will be exactly the cause.

Outside of places that do nothing but huff their own farts like reddit it just seems like this witch hunt and counter witch hunt in the Tories is just whipping up religious hatred.

I think it's intentional tbh, like ever since the last crisis, there has been kind of a consensus amongst the ruling class of most of the western hemisphere that a sort of managed decline is the only option, and to execute this strategy politically there has increasingly been this framing of a kind of managerial technocrat utilizing a quasi or crypto-fascist opposition (I've not see a single one who is actually Fascist, they essentially just seem to play foil within Bourgeois Politics) to play off of; with it not really mattering who wins although in terms of optics the liberal technocrat is preferable. It's not a novel observation by any means, but it's kind of like an inverse projection of the 1-party state of the US and I think the reason why that's become an increasingly dominant reflection is just related to how the multinational sections of the ruling class are increasingly breaking down barriers of the state by increasingly more directly controlling it rather that utilizing it from an arm's length as a series of apparatus of class rule.
This centralization and homogenization of the way in which the Bourgeoisie utilizes nation states ironically makes all of the conspiracies that are usually labelled anti-semetic more apparent, and it's in this conceit that you can appraise this situation actively as a more centre stage depiction of the long stated criticism of Zionism itself paving the way for anti-semetism through not only it's central tenets but also the way it cynically utilizes Jewish Identity Politics, which itself is more or less in lockstep with the Far-Right, and demonstrably so, not only historically but also now with groups like Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, EDL, etc. all being funded by Zionists.
Really what I think we're seeing is almost exactly a "Boy who cried Wolf" scenario whereby the backdoor is left open to Fascism in this way. Liberals as usual rolling out the red carpet for Fascism gleefully when confronted with any kind of growing radical sentiment or class consciousness, it's just kind of poetic now that the vehicle for such is the pernicious employment of the supposed antithesis of Fascism; that being the protection of Jews from the spectre of anti-semetism

Literally less then 100 years ago the daily mail was running articles praising fascists and basically referring to Marx as a 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧JEW🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Who the fuck listens to these reactionary rags?

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All that being said I don't think that this is really a conscious plan, more like a somewhat rational recourse that echoes what indeed did happen in the 20th century.

A novelist would be a rentier capitalist.

The "paper" in the OP is the graun

Listen to this fucking apolagism.

lmao I got two of the mods to start bickering by calling whiteness an American concept

not wrong tbh.

It's more of an anglo concept.

Which leads me to add one Remark: That the Number of purely white People in the World is proportionably very small. All Africa is black or tawny. Asia chiefly tawny. America (exclusive of the new Comers) wholly so. And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth. I could wish their Numbers were increased. And while we are, as I may call it, Scouring our Planet, by clearing America of Woods, and so making this Side of our Globe reflect a brighter Light to the Eyes of Inhabitants in Mars or Venus, why should we in the Sight of Superior Beings, darken its People? why increase the Sons of Africa, by Planting them in America, where we have so fair an Opportunity, by excluding all Blacks and Tawneys, of increasing the lovely White and Red? But perhaps I am partial to the Complexion of my Country, for such Kind of Partiality is natural to Mankind.

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only if they're published
i was more going for the artsy-pretentious element than the business element.

My mistake. I missed the teacher part. Teachers are up to shenanigans too. First of which exploiting TAs. Second the crazier kind of stuff that they do in America like force you to buy their book for the class and getting bribes from the textbook manufacturers and so forth.

i mean they have more than a billion who cares if 50mil dies lol

it's a lot more complicated than that when you take genetic variation and the thousands or millions of pre recorded history immigration into account.
pic is an example of this. there is a High concentration spot of R1b in the middle of sub saharan africa

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We're talking about the imaginary concept of Whitness, not genetics, which I was attributing to the Anglos, as they don't consider the rest of Europe as White.

I don't even know what the R1b haplogroup is anyways, is that supposed to be the White gene?

Why are you people so fucking mental and why are you everywhere?

Are you having an episode?

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There was a thread on 4chan's /trash/ that went on whining about how the left-wing parties in Europe was favoring Muslims over Jews, without understanding that we simply don't want to bomb arabs so that Yankees and Israelites can get richer.
I feel like the American right and liberals are going to have their cultures fuse. I always see 4channers saying shit like yikes "ironically".

No u.

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what is the imaginary concept of whiteness?
white skin is found on a lot of ethnicities outside Europe.
if it's the "aryan race" (aryan means from iran and that region btw) then that would be wrong because of variation, mutation and genes unpredictability.
if you are just talking average European phenotype facial features (which a lot outside europe have) than even that is not easy because people in Europe are very mixed with each other.
it really doesn't take a lot of discussion to tell a Chinese from a Congolese from a nord apart. i am just showing how retarded the YOUR NOT WHITE arguments

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top right looks like my mom and she's mexican

I already posted that:

What are you doing? And why are you so butt hurt?

Zig Forumsyp right?

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Wasn't the Daily Mail owned by a literal Blackshirt?

Did you forget your medication?

you mean a black shirt owned them with arguments or a literal black shirt owned the newspaper?

I went and found the book I read it in. In Paxton's Anatomy of Fascism it says the Lord Rothermere, publisher of the London Daily Mail, was an early member of Mosley's BUF, though he left along with 90% of the membership after Mosley's blackshirts beat up opponents at a gathering in 1934 and the Night of the Long Knives

um sweaties jews are ridiculously wealthy for their overall population 50% of all us billionaires are Jewish and 8 out of 9 Russian oligarchs are jews as well you're anti semitic by proxy even marx and Bakunin and Proudhon hates the kikes swesties and you just need to comes to terms with it okay sweaties(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


on the vid or elsewhere?

Michael Walker is ok sometimes, but the Novara take on Chris Williamson (that he had to go because saying "I hate anti semitism and I'm proud to be in the labour party because we fight against anti semitism and shouldn't apologise for our party") was so reactionary.

Also, Michael Walker is up here talking about How Ilhan Omar shouldn't have said "all about the benjamins" because talking about money in relation to Israel is a "trope"

These people are the reverse image of what they think they are criticizing. Assuming that you can't be against capitalism, because all capitalists are Jews, is basically taking a Nazi talking point and turning it upside down.

And let's be real, they don't really believe it anyway.