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Brazil's Bolsonaro ridiculed after tweeting explicit carnival video
Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, has sparked outrage, disgust and ridicule after tweeting a pornographic video in an apparent attempt to hit back at criticism of his administration during this year’s carnival.

Yemeni parents forced to ‘sell’ young daughters for food, Oxfam tells RT
With the bloody conflict in Yemen raging on, desperate parents choose to make their daughters child brides, feeling it is the only way to let other relatives survive the famine and destruction on the ground, Oxfam told RT.

Rumours grow of rift between Saudi king and crown prince
There are growing signs of a potentially destabilising rift between the king of Saudi Arabia and his heir, the Guardian has been told.King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman are understood to have disagreed over a number of important policy issues in recent weeks, including the war in Yemen.

Oil Spill In Solomon Islands Threatens World Heritage Site
For more than a month, oil has been pouring out of a large ship that ran aground in the Solomon Islands next to a fragile UNESCO World Heritage site, and there's growing outrage that the companies responsible have not taken action to stop the environmental destruction.

Britain rejects International Court of Justice order to return Chagos Islands to Mauritius
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ordered Britain to hand back the Chagos Islands, including Diego Garcia, to Mauritius “as rapidly as possible.” This follows its landmark ruling that the UK’s occupation of the Chagos Islands was unlawful.

Northern Ireland civil servants fear targeting by paramilitaries
Civil servants in Northern Ireland are increasingly concerned that a no-deal Brexit could push them towards taking policy decisions that make public servants the target of dissident paramilitaries.After the suspension of Stormont more than two years ago, mandarins in the region say they fear they are being asked to make decisions that were once made by members of the assembly.

‘Whites should serve Blacks’: Controversial statements by South African party leader
South African politician Julius Malema has sparked outrage following the approval of a National Action Plan against racism, saying he doesn’t want the white population killed – he just wants them to serve the black population.“I don’t want blacks to work for whites. I want you to work for yourselves and white people will work for you.

U.N. Rights Chief Warns Of Threats From Inequality
Income inequality and disparities in access to resources are factors that pose serious threats to human rights across the globe and have already sparked violent protests in some countries, a top United Nations official said Wednesday.

University of Glasgow buildings evacuated over suspect package
A number of buildings at the University of Glasgow have been evacuated after a suspect package was found in the mailroom.A tweet from the university said it was acting under advice from Police Scotland.

Xi Jinping's dream to connect the entire world economy with Chinese-built infrastructure is poised to claim its biggest victory yet
Italy is reportedly preparing to join China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the massive trade project aiming to connect the country to dozens of nations across Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas through Chinese-built infrastructure.

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literally uninhabited attols, Britain only removed from Mauritian soveregnity three years before their independence. How pathetic has the United Kingdom become?

Malema being a champagne socialist is holding the EFF back politically, his racial comments aside

Trump cancels requirement to report civilian deaths from drone strikes
President Donald Trump has canceled the requirement for intelligence officials to publish an annual report on civilian deaths from drone strikes.The executive order cancels a three-year-old requirement for the director of national intelligence to release an unclassified report on May 1 every year detailing strikes against terrorist targets outside of war zones and assessments of deaths for combatants and civilians.

US court upholds subpoena of whistleblower Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning yesterday lost the challenge she launched against a subpoena that requires her to be cross-examined by the Grand Jury in the Eastern District of Virginia which was convened in 2010 to decide whether to file charges against WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange.

Puerto Ricans left jobless by hurricanes have 3 weeks to apply for new aid
María Del Carmen Rivera Cancel, 46, was living in the town of Añasco and working two jobs before Hurricane Maria virtually destroyed Puerto Rico nearly a year and a half ago.The public school where she had worked for nearly 10 years as a special education assistant was turned into a shelter to house hurricane survivors for three months and the college where she worked as a night receptionist halted operations for months.

Bay Area's High Cost Of Living Squeezes Restaurant Workers, Chefs And Owners
Every morning at around 5 a.m., Armando Ibarra wakes up in the back of his van. He has been living there for the past couple of years. On his dashboard rests a holy candle. A rosary hangs from the rearview mirror.Ibarra walks over to his job at a chain hotel near San Francisco's airport. He says that at least he can wash up there. "I take a shower, drink my coffee, smoke a cigarette and ready to work."

Forbes names Kylie Jenner youngest-ever ‘self-made’ billionaire, Twitter laughs
Forbes magazine has named Kylie Jenner as the youngest ever “self-made” billionaire – and Twitter has some strong feelings about the title, given her wealthy background.As with everything Kardashian-Jenner related, it appears the world (or at least, Twitter) has nothing better to do than discuss the latest development. The news that 21-year-old makeup mogul and reality TV star Kylie Jenner has officially entered the exclusive billionaires club is big news in the celebrity-loving circle.

Uber Not Criminally Liable In Death Of Woman Hit By Self-Driving Car, Prosecutor Says
An Arizona prosecutor has determined that Uber is not criminally liable in the death of a Tempe woman who was struck by a self-driving test car last year."After a very thorough review of all the evidence presented, this Office has determined that there is no basis for criminal liability for the Uber corporation arising from this matter," the Yavapai County Attorney's Office wrote in a letter to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office.

Dollar Tree chops value of Family Dollar brand, to shut 390 stores
Dollar Tree Inc announced plans to close hundreds more Family Dollar stores on Wednesday as it wrote off $2.7 billion, or nearly a third of the value of the struggling discount chain it bought for $9 billion four years ago.

Amazon is closing all 87 of its pop-up stores, reportedly laying off all employees
Amazon is pivoting its physical strategy slightly.The retailer will close all 87 of its pop-up stores and is discontinuing the program, according to an Amazon company spokesperson, in favor of the company's other physical concept.

xperts finally cracked the laptop of the crypto CEO who died with sole access to $137 million. But the money was already gone.
Millions of dollars were missing when the CEO of a crypto exchange died without sharing the passwords to his accounts. Investigators recently cracked his laptop — only to find the money was gone.Gerald Cotten, the founder of QuadrigaCX, was thought to have had sole access to the funds and coins exchanged on it.


Remember when retards here were swearing up and down that the EFF aren't idpolled crypto-libs?

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Honestly they may have fucked heavily with the translations. "Serve the black populace" more than likely just means contribute and stop stealing our wages in crypto arptheid


The UK Labour Party’s “Antisemitism Crisis” and the Likud Supporters in Its Leadership
The Labour party’s “antisemitism crisis” keeps dragging on.What can the Labour leadership do about it?The Labour’s leadership has tried appeasing its critics, but this has not worked. Appeasement has only emboldened these critics.Jeremy Corbyn’s detractors, both inside and outside the party, are adept at moving the goalposts, and will never be satisfied until he is gone as leader, and Labour once again becomes a “natural” home for opportunists like Tony Blair and his followers, and their friends in the Zionist lobby.Best just to have a proper process of scrutiny in place, with a complementary disciplinary framework, and place the onus on these to deal with the charges of “antisemitism”, most of which have no merit.As far as I can tell, and speaking as a party member, this is what Labour is doing.

Hezbollah’s ban in the UK is a badge of honour
Hezbollah has earned a formidable reputation for military prowess on the battlefield and political nous off it. It’s no wonder ‘they’ want to ban it.Attaining to the status of rule of thumb is that whenever a military and/or political organization is proscribed in the West, prudence demands a closer look; this on the basis that in most cases (though not all) what ‘they’ deem worthy of being proscribed and banned is in truth worthy of support.Take Hezbollah, for example, and the British government’s decision to criminalise the Shiite group’s political wing. Previously only the group’s military wing had been banned in the UK. Is there anyone left in the room that seriously believes this constitutes anything other than another feeble manifestation of the UK’s servile toadying to Washington?

Enemies of the Left
It was spring 1968 when Gerald Kirk and “Herb” met one evening at the Hyde Park Theatre on the South Side of Chicago. Kirk was a young student and Communist Party (CP) member. Herb was several decades his senior. He argued to Kirk that the time had come to break with the party.The CP had become “anti-revolutionary” and “revisionist.” Herb was part of the “Ad Hoc Committee for a Marxist-Leninist Party” and was seeking to recruit true revolutionaries out of the CP’s cadres. Kirk declined, but not merely out of party loyalty. He was a paid informant tasked with keeping tabs on the CP for the FBI.Unbeknownst to Kirk, Herb was also an informant. In fact, the entity Herb was supposedly part of, the “Ad Hoc Committee for a Marxist-Leninist Party,” was almost certainly a creation of the FBI. Kirk was tasked with spying on the CP; Herb was tasked with disrupting it. Neither were aware of the other’s efforts.The revelation that the FBI went so far as to invent a fictitious Marxist organization in their efforts to disrupt and destroy the American left came to light through the research of Aaron Leonard and Conor A. Gallagher, who have written two books on the FBI’s harassment, infiltration, surveillance, and disruption of Maoist organizations.

Come on, my friends


So you're saying they forged the video of him saying yeah?


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EFF would be less electoral toxic if they try to branch out to poor whites (if they exist) or just stop making it about race all the fucking time and make it about class

As someone who worked for Dollar Tree for 5 years and was a manager at one for 3, this is pretty surreal.

Also fuck retail lol I hope it all burns.

Deepfakes and voice imitation technology is a thing

From what I understand it it is almost impossible to hold a company criminally liable for anything in the US.

You probably think people landed on the moon.

you prolly believe the soviets went to space HA i gotcha in your own game

They do exist, however, the white working class/lumpen in SA are not as poor as the poorest part of the black population. If the figures are correct most South African whites are not very wealthy but because Africans are so poor I can see how it might seem so.

I doubt this very highly, because English is the preferred lingua franca of South African blacks.

There is no such thing as 'space'.

kant pls.