Balkanization of burgerland?

I brought this up in another thread, mostly as a meme, but on a serious note. With the impending collapse of capitalism, what are the chances that balnkanization occurs in burgerland? Would socialism be ripe for the making in a newly balkanized America?

tbh I feel like the only chance any form of socialism would be possible at this point in burgerland is if it was balkanized.

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Almost zero. It's a literal meme. This isn't the 1860s and no one besides maybe Texans feel that strongly about their states

I saw a post in another thread about this very thing about how the US itself (not even California) really want to separate, so i don't think so, not a burger tho

Stop this meme, it’s never going to happen
t. American

What about California? Also, the entire Southern US seems to consider itself a separate country. Same with the North East. They are almost diametrically opposed to one another in terms of legislature, culture and history.
Anecdotal. but I used to be a driver all along the east coast and the difference in culture is astounding from one point of the US to the other.

All it takes is for Texas or California to secede and it will result in a domino effect.

I could see the country splitting into two or three parts under really extreme circumstances, but I don't think it is likely for now.

meant to say they don't want to separate, not that they want to separate.

The “Calexit” shit had a 60-70% unfavorable rating in polling, not to mention the dubious constitutionality of a state every seceding while the US government still exists in any type of powerful form. The feds would never let it go even if people truly wanted to. I wouldn’t be surprised if a large portion of the “yes” voters on that poll were trolling, either
It’s more regional pride and fat white dudes hanging a confederate flag in the garage or riding around with a confederate bumper sticker on their car.
Haha, no

That's a given. I'm not disputing that at all. I'm referring to the balkanization of the US in the aftermath or ongoing events of the future impending societal collapse.

Literally no way to know something as vague as that. Might as well be writing fiction novels at that point

I think its less an issue of secessionist sentiment among certain states and more an issue of the fact that civil conflict in the US is increasingly likely. Say the US degenerates into a hot civil conflict based along political lines like Syria did, then it's not inconceivable that some states may declare neutrality and try to stay aloof from the worst of the violence.

Give independence to the reservatioms, fuck everything else.


actually give the reservations high quality arable land before independence, then fuck everything else

For worst-case scenarios I would look more for Latin American examples like La Violencia in Colombia back in the 1950s. That reminds me of American political polarization gone into a downward spiral in a really extreme way. These are, after all, Western Hemispheric countries so their histories and social divisions "echo" with each other more than any do with Syria.

Like Texas, for instance, I see as almost like a Latin American country except the dominant class is Anglo, speaks English, and is Protestant instead of Catholic. But it's domination by a similar class of landholders and resource extraction interests.

It's simple: divide the landmass into regions based on biomes (bioregionalism).

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if that did happen, it would be urban vs rural, not region or state-wide. If you think a limbaugh fanboy living out in the desert or central valley of california will rush to support liberals in san francisco or L.A because they happen to live within the same arbitrary set of lines, you are delusional.

Like, just live in total harmony with nature man

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What do you mean? I'm sorry do you not believe in national self determination?

Basically this. Other than national liberation movements for actual oppressed nations the whole "balkanize the US" thing is a huge meme.

Bioregionalism is pointless. Do you actually think the average Portlandite has anything in common with the rural/innawoods residents of Oregon?

What did he mean by this?

Good idea

1. No one is keeping them there, they can leave at any time. The only thing stopping them is "muh heritage, muh sacred land". A lot of reservations are fucking dumps anyways because of tribal corruption. Pretending like native [americans] are somehow less assholes than anyone else is liberal horseshit.
2. Land based on heritage or genetics is, again, liberal horsehit. If I was born somewhere, then I'm a native, it shouldn't matter if my ancestors lived there or not for an arbitrary length of time. This "native" mentality is the same rhetoric that Israel and the alt-right uses. A lot of native groups aren't even in "their" original territory anyway (due to forced migration, trail of tears, etc.). If it turns out that a Creek tribe is currently living on territory that used to be Navajo, should we kick the Creek's out? The Inuits only recently arrived in Greenland, should the Danes kick them out as they've been there longer? Can I go kick black people in west Africa out because my Homo hablis ancestors lived there?

not begging a question, would like serious responses

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Isn't this shit only done by "Anti-Globalization" people like Vermont Republic, League of the South and etc?

Probably the biggest divide in this country is the partisan divide and even it isn’t all that geographical. The closest think you might get to these silly maps is the “Black Belt” becoming a sort of African-American oblast.

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You might as well ask why black people don't just leave the ghetto lmao.
I didn't say anything about their moral fibre; I'm talking about the oppression they face.
I don't think anyone here is talking about genetics (especially since so many natives have white and/or black ancestors). And unlike Zionists and the alt-right, I'm not calling for anyone to be oppressed based on nationality.
True, but (mostly) not relevant to their current problems.
I never said anything about deportation. When the SSRs were created they didn't kick out all the members of other ethnicities.

Even autonomy for the black belt, which was once a communist position, was only feasible in a time when most blacks lived in the black belt and before the big migrations that came later.

If the USA breaks apart there is no fucking way that everyone is gonna be all peace loving hippes, there is gonna be a plan for reconquering it all.

Thus why the US shouldn't "break apart" it should be "broken apart" as in taken by various foreign powers and transformed into several artificial countries that are constantly at war with one another.

Nobody wants to be in a ghetto lol

not even ghetto wants to be in ghetto

god I hope so. the zoos are going to be beautiful

The Black Belt is still mostly black though. I don't see why it couldn't get autonomy (admittedly with less territory than it would have gotten before the Great Migration). Also hypothetically if it did get autonomy a lot of blacks elsewhere in the US would probably move there and bolster its population.

Imagine my shock.

Perhaps you misunderstood me: the main reason so many Indians stay on their reservations is because they're in dire economic straits (among other problems) and can't simply move. That said, most Indians today don't live on reservations.

Except it is also filled with white people and racial divisions aren't nearly as significant as they used to be in the south. Especially not for young people.

Fuck off Aldous Huxley.

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Create racial ethnostates since the only real source o cultural and ethnic affiliation in the US. I think along :

A southern Black ethnostate
A New England/Midwest Wypipo state
Native American reservations
Small Asian ethnostate around the Californian coast
The majority of California and the Southwest ceded to mexico.

That way an independent Black ethnostate is more likely to evolve into being socialist since the blacks have very anti-ruling class sentiments.

The white ethnostate can destroy itself trying to be an ancap utopia, or without the bourgeoisie having the nonwhites as a scapegoat, the white working class can have enough hatred of the bourgeoisie to rebel and establish socialism.

Also I'm really curious what unique culture, language, and values would a white ethnostate develop with enough time.

Meme ethnic group. There are more dot injuns than feather injuns in The United States,

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come back to europe. or, actually, please don't.

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This ain't it chief.

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t.non burger

I heard some talk about the 11 nations of america whereby there are 11 different seperate cultural , social and political tribes. Maybe it will form the lines around this?

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Here is a better but shitter image

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Jesus fucking christ, cease.
Multiculturalism while valuing history is fun and eating Chinese and Nepali dumplings is blessed, and folk music is also amazing.
Would you support Tartars in breaking from the U.S.S.R? No, that's because it's ridiculous.

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Jesus fucking christ, cease.
Multiculturalism while valuing history is fun and eating Chinese and Nepali dumplings is blessed, and folk music is also amazing.
Would you support Tartars in breaking from the U.S.S.R? No, that's because it's ridiculous.

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Accidental double post, sorry.

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haha yeah guys socialism is when we turn the working class against each other and promote ethnonationalism and anticommunism right

It is impossible to create any of these states. They are demographically impossible as every region of the US, save the reservations, would contain significant populations of the other ethnicities, not to mention the sheer economic unfeasibility of them being self-sufficient. You are utterly retarded. This thread is retarded, this board is fucking dead.