Cop Hate Thread

Post any media, stories or links pertaining to police…
… brutality…
… racism…
… intimidation…
… murder…
… unwarranted search or seizure…
… unwarranted arrests…
… elder abuse…
… disabled abuse…
… etc.

Also post media and the like about police officers… *ahem*… getting what they deserve.

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ok i'll start


Fair start, I suppose, user

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Ah, yes, The Simpsons. One of the best satirical takes on modern life we know of

Cop hate thread? Boy, do I have a treat for you!

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Thank you, fellow leftyanon

no offense but you sound like a cop OP

And how the fuck am I supposed to track your shit?

idk, magic cop bullshit powers

Right, because the police academy teaches cops how to hack imageboards

the CIA has keyboard emojis for when they need to use them, totally possible

What the hell do you mean by "keyboard emojis"?

Literally doesn't matter. If interacting with a cop on an imageboard will fuck you up that means nothing but that you don fuxed up ur opsec. nobody elses problem.

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God, the comments are cancer.
>in next life i want be polce man in USA

Bots and shut-in MAGA betas who watch Peterson videos.

You'll find some good pro-cop shit on :^)

I think the top one is probably satire but yeah idk.

This is why cops are getting shot by snipers in multiple cities

They are?

(in relation to ) The stupid-ass shit the mayor says is both comical and angering

As awesome as that would be and was it was just one 'sniper' in one city. Sad.

This reminds me of an anecdote from revolutionary Weimar Germany. The working class neighborhoods were so red that the cops would not enter them because the workers and communists would have men with rifles on the roofs, shooting them down if they came too close.

What i wonder is that if like 'no-go areas' of today stuff like this was just hyped up by the reactionaries and media of the time.

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Anyone have any videos of cops getting what's coming to them? Those are pretty cathartic tbh, especially after seeing all this shit

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Fucking inspirational.

Makes me want to get in great shape so I have a chance with cops. I can outrun them, but I don't think I could outfight many cops.

I've seen this one before. 10/10 instant classic