I'm looking into potentially starting a reading group that can also discusses leftist organizing in New England. I'm from New Hampshire, and besides being a cultural wasteland it is sickeningly liberal. I'm looking forward to Bernie's Sunday rally in Concord, maybe there will be some like minded folk.

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Tbh reading groups are shit, if you want to actually get shit going form a labour circle and get people organised in their workplaces and against their landlords.

If you do this, don't bullshit. Actually read Marx.

What do you guys think about 'Free Keene'? I see their shit everywhere since I watch libertarian/sovcit fail videos.

There's a US general.

Damn, I wish I still up there or I'd join.

But tbh this^

Other New England user here and I think you should visit cities like Lowell and Lawrence to grasp what's changed in a largely post industrial U.S.A and see how beautiful industry can look and also see how the Wobblies utilized A M E R I C A N I S M without being Democrat cops while organizing and incorporating the New Afrikan BPP.

I'm forming a reading group as a way to discuss that. People are so fucking class cucked here, they've never heard of 'labour circle.'

I don't think reading Capital, at least initially, is the best way to get people interested in Leftism. But, I don't really have a better idea. Suggestions?

They're absolute nummies. Christopher Cantwell, the milk nazi, lives in Keene and he is the epitome of the type psychopathic libertarian proto-fascist that is so abundant here.

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This thread is more specified

Never heard of that but will google

what am I seeing in the search results

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Whereabouts, if you don't mind me asking? My Mom's from Springfield and I've spent a fair amount of time in Boston, Lowell, and Lawrence- While I do love these cities and they obviously have a rich labor history; how should it inform my organizational goals?

The worst part is that for a short time they had a foothold in our state legislature.

I've thought about moving back to Chicago, maybe get involved with Leftist movements out there, then try to bring some of it back with me.


we don't need more people interested in liberal leftism. just read shorter stuff. Marx wrote plenty of shorter books. Engels, Lenin too.

Use US general.

checkd. specifically, what would you recommend?

It's funny that you're hounding me to use the general. I've gotten more replies is thread then I ever have had in a general thread

Not them but just start with
It'll act as an excellent filter and it's short

Lowell and not saying anymore.
As for labor history propaganda like related pic is bomb and utilizing the large immigrant slums like the IWW/BPP by using critiques of capitalist immigration is cool

Organizing strategies are deserving of there own thread and this allows focus instead of fucking about

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Fucking about is still fun though

I'm just pointing out the thread is anchored and that you should use the general, dickhead. Not everything is about you burgers, believe it or not.

What you think deserves what is largely irrelevant matey.
Regardless of that this isn't an 'organizing strategies thread' it's a 'newengland let's form a reading group thread'. Clearly.

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Were you a hall monitor/RA type character at school? Anyways, who else am I supposed to be organizing with people from the west coast? Also, goodlook with your theoryless praxis, dipshit

thanks m8

This is cool thanks for sharing!


Heres ur containment board, trash.

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Thanks for adding a flag Broad Volunteer and taking jokes about the U.S way too seriously.