Nuclear doomsday

Let's have a comfy thread about this topic. The possibility for a nuclear war is high as never before and somehow people don't seem to recognize it.

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Factors increasing odds:

Factors decreasing odds:

So I expect kind of a solidarity between cultures that are somewhat already interwoven but the odds of china-usa escalating all the way to nuclear aren't that bad. I'm worried about the future, we need socialism now.


Sure, it's as high as ever but I still don't think it's really that high. Who would be stupid enough to start a nuclear war?

India and Pakistan, two nuclear states were just last week shelling each other and shooting down each other's planes. The risk is higher than you'd think

I'm just saying but it would be OP's fault.

It will never happen. The same things that prevented nuclear warfare in the past will prevent nuclear warfare now and in the future. Still gotta say, too bad no good guys have nukes now.

what about Kim?

Nah, they're shit tier countries they could never endure what would happen to them if they started a nuclear war

He's in the same boat as these guys

China and the DPRK both have nuclear missiles.

Moranbang celebrating a missile launch:

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i don't think any country could endure a nuclear war

I posted it already: we need to apply some spicy dialectics to analyze internal contradictions of nukes. I claim that either 1) we only keep a small arsenal under international control to defend ourselves against ayylmaos and asteroids or 2) we will nuke each other in a fight for resources and so on. Option (1) is only possible under FALC, which leaves us with option (2) Eventually someone will fire the nukes.

Gotta nuke something

Especially India and Pakistan

During the 2016 election I really got the sense that if Hillary was elected the US would use tactical nukes in Syria. I wouldn't be surprised if Israel, US, or Pakistan dropped a "small" nuke or if Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, got a big nuke, or if ISIS, Al-Qaeda got a small device from the Saudis.

Someones going to do it in the next 20 years and there will be so many bureaucratic double checks because its small that no one will fire the MADs NuKleer Winter buttons but headlines for 48 hours will be "X responds to Nuclear Threat with Big Words" before articles start coming in about how the world didn't end and it didn't end on Hiroshima either or all the tests in the desert etc.

People will start justifying the tactical advantage and writing think-pieces and pointing to the fact that people live in Nagasaki, people live in Nevada, libertarians will talk about radiation cleanup technology, elon musk will tweet about self driving solar powered radiation vacuums. They are really small nukes and the fallout is not bad. You can eat apples in chernobyl safely. Radiation is a big spook the liberals made up to stop us from using our most powerful weapon.

To a capitalist, who is naturally an absentee owner, they don't have to work in the irradiated land they own. If the US glasses everything from the Mediterranean to the Himalayas the only thing stopping them from going in to collect the mineral and petroleum resources are the labor laws in those countries that may currently have unfair and unfree market regulatory practices like forcing employers to equip their labor force with certified protective gear. Two birds one bomb.

Going to Mars is a literal red herring. They are going to nuke us all and build domes in New Zealand and Hawaii .


Whoops yeah my bad I had forgotten he still had nukes. My mind tends to go to Russia and China when I think about that shit. So we have the DPRK and no one else, I'm still hopeful that nuclear war will never break out though.

the fuck is that retarded take ? literally 'poor ppl cant nuke for… huh reasons'

After the fall of Berlin wall people started to pretend nuclear threat doesnt exist and live in lalaland where climate change is a important issue. Its too horrible for people to even think about it.

climate change will have worse effects than nukes tho, unless porky goes hogwild for some reason and launches more than a few nukes nuclear winter won't happen.

Climate change will cause a lot of climate refugees. Maldives are already fucked, lots of coastal cities are gonna get swamped. The Syrian refugees already caused a bunch of right-wing dipshits to get elected which makes long-term stability difficult, it's only gonna get worse. I can see India and Pakistan trading a few bombs within my lifetime, especially if Bangladesh floods and all the Bangladeshis stage their own refugee crisis into Calcutta.

… I mean, sure, a small arsenal will be enough, go for it.

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A nuclear war would end capitalism 🤔

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Memes and jokes aside, it will be interesting to see what happens if/when tactical nukes start becoming more prevalent in the resource-wars of tomorrow. The threat of them exists currently, but I don't know of any examples of their actual field use yet.

It might also be an interesting development if high-altitude nuclear detonations are tested in the modern era too. There's a lot more tech around today, so the implications of that might be pretty interesting.

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ok mr NUKE tell me the chances everyone throws nukes around willy nilly