Prostitution Sex Work and Socialism

So I just had a brilliant idea about socialist social policy. You see I'm convinced that a big reason why a lot of proles become fascist is because they get no pussy. But rape and exploitation of women bad. So what we could do in socialism is set up a community organization where lonely men can file complaints about loneliness and lack of sex and we can have volunteer workers both male and female who could work there who would be incentivized through awards, medals bonuses and other carrot's to be these prostitute/psychiatrists who would operate kinda like modern home care service nurses so it wouldn't be rape or exploitation.What do you think?

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they want better working conditions and find the wrong explanations

and why not let both men and women fill complaints? some women are lonely too, even if they aren't they can always see someone is looking for love and take the request. oh wait that's called online dating and there's no fucking way you can't ever find someone both through online or going outside means.


in retrospective i can see it is, i was bored

I did say both men and women would work there. Like women get lonely too imagine all those granny's and cat lady's out there right now who would need some lovin. So the way this would work is you file an application and what I assume would be a waiting period then you get a dude that shows up takes the granny out on a date makes her feel young again and then plows her if necessary. These people would have to be incetivized well tho and since they would be perforimig such a vital social function they would be pillars of the community pretty much.

It's not this is an actual real problem that needs to be talked about and addressed and I think this is perfectly reasonable.

this nigga be living all over those sex robotless ass years, you ever heard of robot pussy/cock?

robot pussy sounds so alienating tbh

it's dead labour waiting to be exploited by some plump lips/smashed by some thick meat tubes

I have an unconventional take.

If we take into account that most prostitution is caused by capitalism forcing women and men to sell/rent their only property, their bodies, to others to be used for sexual gratification, then MOST prostitutes today aren't prostitutes by choice and thus under socialism wouldn't be forced to do such work.

HOWEVER There are many people who do need and use services of hookers. They provide many things an ordinary fling cannot.

1) You don't have to go through all the motions and niceties of a one-night-stand date, so for people looking to have nothing but casual sex its good. Certainly better than whacking off behind a screen. masturbating to the fantasy of being the guy plowing the girl there (or being the girl plowed).
2) Prostitutes, due to their job, are often some of the most talented and best at sexual gratification and they can provide a good break-in to sex for virgins (especially guys). As anyone knows its hard to get a hard relationship in school for many people, some are just poor at socializing and no-one wants to embarrass themselves with their GF/BF when the time comes. With prostitutes you can over-come the fright of a first night and learn the ways of being a good partner.

But under socialism, as stated, prostitution would not exist as it does today; exploitation of the working class would be non-existant, so what would be the solution to this problem? Meet up services like Tinder, Grindr and others are just not effective and impersonal for some people. Others may not have available electronics or dislike using them.

My solution is simple; state-owned brothels where volunteers who enjoy sexually gratification (in other words nymphomaniacs of sorts), would work as sexual relievers/teachers for hire.

TL;DR Everyone's Sex Ed fantasy of having the course go sexual becomes reality.

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why would anyone do this exactly? the reason prostitution exists is for easy money for the unemployed. assuming everyone can make a decent living under socialism without wage labor, why would this be any different from a dating website for losers and women who pity losers?

This is what first worlders actually believe.

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One of the points of socialism is to create a less alienated society with more meaningful avenues of socialization. Young pioneer groups, socialization encouraged in within neighbourhoods, more public spaces that don't require money to enter, public hobby spaces/workshops etc.

Look up how the DDR operated on a social level. I don't have any numbers, but I'm pretty sure it resulted in more socially competent, less lonely people than capitalism. And that will result in less alienated virgins with rage.

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It's called "regular work".

That your thread is old garbage, that you are a moron without any hint of creativity, that you don't know shit about Socialism, and can't even shitpost funny.


"Under socialism" only Capitalist form of organization of production will not exist. Everything else depends on actual people making actual decisions.

Independent prostitutes aren't exploited as Proletariat already.

This applies to all labour within Capitalist society - be it self-employment or actual employment.

Penal battalions fighting in the worst places.
Immediate execution at the first sign of cowardice.

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Your idea is absolutely insane, but there is a moment of truth to it. It would be nice to have some system encouraging people to go out and have a good time with socially isolated individuals.

I also think that our culture is unjustifiably hostile to ideas like "dating out of charity" or "pity sex." Obviously you shouldn't have sex with someone because you feel bad for them, but this is different from having sex because you think it'll make them happy. We have an overly romantic view of what sex is supposed to be. It's normal not to be fully into it every time. As long as you're not doing it because you feel obligated to, it's fine. Being nice to other people in this way is good.

Make a coop or a syndicate and I am in

If people really want to work in a brothel then that's fine I guess. They'll be compensated by the hour though. No more or less.

This is your subhuman brain on liberalsim.


What contradiction would that be? Under Capitalist mode of production people can't make decisions. Under Socialism it is possible.

You literally started talking about the opposite of what was written.

We are talking about abolition of Capitalist mode of production, not Universal Justice.

Read Capital to know what "capital" means.

t. you in west during the 19th and early 20th centuries
Sex work must be abolished. Temporary alliances with sex "workers" are one thing but socialist "sex work" is completely out of the question.

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exactly which is why i pointed out that prostitution as it exists under capitalism would not exist.
How? you said that they aren't exploited proletariat, except they are.
Oh fuck off you purist fag. We're not talking about that in this thread, we are talking about that exact issue and how we will address it. Socialism is about giving the workers collective control of the means of production but to do so they need more than just that, they need decent living, education and other parts of the Maslow Pyramid to become full self-realized people. Over simplifying it to "ABOLISHING CAPITALISM" is the retarded take of sociopaths who don't understand what that entails or requires.
Already have, capital is the assets you posses, namely wealth and property. This includes your body.