Fuck fat people

Isn't it bizarro how being a feminist in the West means you are "pro fat"? When we talk about being the anti-idpol / anti-liberal left and people wonder how that differs from the "SJW" left, we can use the obesity epidemic as an example.

Normalizing obesity:
- sells more food
- sells more fabric
- sells more medicine
- decreases lifespans
- increases profit on previously uncool oversized clothing
- encourages reliance on fuel (fatties don't bike)
- makes it so the everyman can't resist cops/military

Just looking at how hard capitalists and centrists fight for "fat acceptance" should be enough to make a joke of their movement. Struggles for "fat identity" from the idpol crowd should be enough to make a mockery of the idpol movement.

People joke about lifestylism is, but the truth is, if you're some 200 pound (90kg) gorilla you are consuming way more than what is necessary for survival and intentionally crippling yourself to make yourself more needy and dependent on society. The fatty lifestyle is one that is incompatible with Leftist values.

TL;DR – fatties are lumpen, shun them. If someone's definition of feminism includes "fat inclusivity" (???) then shun them for embracing a medical condition that harms & kills women.

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I mean when basically everyone is fat what do you expect to happen?


not sure how we can't expect fat people to be a thing in full automated luxury space communism


you could just as well say that being thin and especially fit under capitalism ultimately does nothing but make you a more efficient worker.

capitalism should be shunned, not the addicts that are its victims

i think like cigarettes it will be stigmatized in beautiful socialist motherland when only scientific papers are published and people can no longer hide themselves behind good-feel articles about their own addictions.

A. Advanced technology will allow fatties to literally have there fat surgically blasted off.
B. Advanced technology will allow genetically engineered healthy foods that taste no different than fatty foods.
C. Advanced technology will incorporate exercise into daily living. You'll be able to take a shit as an exercise routine!

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ok how bout muh epicbacon elon musk science just makes it so obesity isn't unhealthy


My parents died when a bunch of fat people fell over and rolled down a hill
Fuck fat people, they're a hazard

i feel like by pandering to the right with the fat shaming here, we ultimately just play into the meme where socialism is when you starve/have few resources etc. it's lose/lose

..i wasn't the one who brought up the stupid magic science talk dude

my sides

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Underlining reason why we find fatty foods tasty is thanks to our evolutionary traits imposed by our very genetics. We have even artifical sweeteners in usage today, but like with most compounds that are supposed to replace the good taste they are highly addictive and have other health consequences in long term. It would be lot easier just to genetically engineer future generations to find taste of fats and sugar disgusting.

how the fuck are playing into the starving meme? it's true, fat people exist on countries where trash food is everywhere.

No way this is real.

they're perceived as un-entrepreneurial welfare queens, not active capitalist subjects. and i mean it's kinda true, at least for seriously obese people

I'm sorry sir we do not serve transfats xdddd

by op implying that fat people are to be shunned for going over set limits of food, clothes etc. that could be made to mean all kinds of pernicious things. and the right doesn't like to argue in good faith

It is gods honest truth.
I saw the whole thing.
I only survived by hiding behind some other fat people so I guess they have their uses.

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Source me rn

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wtf is this ideology?

This thread and the laugh at leftists thread are both trash and I guarantee pol false flagging. That or the op's are literally brainlets who fell for the tumblrina/sjw meme. If you think obesity is what feminists are talking about, you're a fucking idiot.

socialism is when you eat nothing but gruel

h-he was an special case i swear

Spotted the fatty
Lay off the pie Comrade, share it round a bit


lmfao shut up fatty


wait fat people are the majority WHAT

As a specific example, 71% of Americans over 20 are overweight and 40% are obese. And before you dismiss this as "lol fat burgers" the average BMI is above 25 (considered overweight) in 125 countries.
The world is fat dude.

you're not accounting for the peak fitness ubermensch who find time to scream at caricatures of fat women on the internet all day

Damn dude you're right. For every blue collar fatty we lose in western Pennsylvania we will pick up two gymrats in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin. Soon we'll build a mass movement entirely of cardio bunnies and powerlifters, and crush the bourgeoisie with our superior physical strength

this but unironically

if you're too undisciplined to control your fucking weight as a fatty you're too undisciplined to fight in the peoples' war against capitalism

what if i'm just skinny am i still leftist fit masterrace

Obesity is prole control. It has nothing to do with "discipline". We're under psychological assault 24/7 by the bourgeoisie to make us fatter. If we're going to fight this we aren't going to do it by hating and shaming fat people. We're going to do it by blaming the thing making them fat so they can turn their resentment away from themselves and towards the people making them fat.

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fucking this, last night i literally couldn't sleep without eating my Happy Meal™ because porky wouldn't stop screaming at me, fucking piece of shit

You`re speaking as if someone is forcing them to eat over their recommended calorie intake.

shitty thread aside,
that's miniature for Am*ricans

i like to hate on the fats as much as anyone else but it is literally like any other psychologically addictive drug. their brains are fucked up and dont let them enjoy anything but eating. and usually this shit develops in childhood before people have total control over their diet

Gulag them
No fatties in the Gulags

nah we should have communal cafeteria dining type stuff so your neighbors can silently shame you for eating half a cake

Fat people are not Lumpens, they are victims of capitalistic individualism / consumerism. We put so much emphasis on bullshit such as “my body, my choice” when in reality we should be focusing on societal health. Education likewise under socialism should be geared towards the cultivation of both fit bodies and minds rather than being too heavily geared towards the latter along with a shift away from individualist thought.

What do you think advertisers do? What do you think food scientists do? What do you think lobbyists do? What do you think all the data they're collecting is for doing?

The bourgeoisie are spending billions every year to find new ways to assault our minds and bodies and communities, intentionally and unintentionally making us fatter. They get us when we're children. They attack us when we're lonely and depressed. They prey on our weaknesses. They limit our options for alternatives. They use our friends and family against us. They manipulate our senses against us. They lie to us, and they hide the truth from us. And then after all of that, they gaslight us into believing that we did this to ourselves.

This is weak thinking

Holy shit /leftycuck/

nice social analysis guys, fat people should just be shunned and they will get healthy again, it's not like studies have shown bullying to be the main reason for fat people to continue their behaviour

Thats true, one thing socialism does is get rid of fat people.

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god i want to suck on those caramel pups so bad

While public institutions insist on distributing people with education,mandatory PE- classes
in educational institutes etc. the blame somewhat lies with the inactive. Its ultimately a choice even if you were predisposed predisposed to bad eating habits since childhood thanks to your upbringing, adverts or other formats of social engineering.

You mean an average weight for a 6 foot man?

Yeah fat acceptance is stupid and socialists should encourage exercize and open up gyms/community gardens to fight obesity (we've done this with PSL in Philadelphia) but resenting fat people is fucking stupid considering that obesity is largely a symptom of poverty in the west. Nobody wants to be obese and tho that doesnt mean pathologically pretending its a desireable quality we should be sympathizing with these people not condemning that as being tools of the bourgeois because only shitty food is available to them and they dont have the time or energy to exercize with so much work.

Jucheposter, you are quickly becoming my most hated poster here. All you do is express contempt for poor people and advocate some weird socialist deviation of hero worship and s.ocial c.onservatism.

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Do you have an actual rebuttal? I think some fat people are dysgenic slobs too but lots of people have little to no control over their food situation. Healthy foods are often more expensive than cheap processed foods, so this disproportionately impacts the poorer segments of the population, not to mention things such as “food desserts” in poor and urban areas with little healthy and affordable food available. Finally there is the persuasive power of advertising on the population. Don’t forget that modern advertising was quite literally formulated with the help of psychologists and commercials are designed to be as persuasive as possible. Many of these problems can be solved.

Actual Jucheposter here, I’m not OP

op here is your answer eat big juche dick

Which one of you did the alcohol thread? Cause if that's you you're signficantly better than this goofy at least

Yeah I (Jucheposter) am the guy behind the alcohol thread and a lot of other quirky threads here

In that case youre alright I assumed this thread was you and it pushed me over the edge into thinking you were retarded

there's two juche posters, two Zig Forums pot (marijuana weed dude) posters here, one of each is retarded

Thanks user Don’t forget to visit my board /juche/

I’m actually Jucheposter and the namefag “Brother Number One”

i like how you have to play into this lolbert concept of muh free rational agent that you all know is bullshit just to condemn fat people

still not sure what the real point of all of this isoutside of getting Zig Forums-sempai to notice you and how unlike the liberals you are

The bourgeoisie pulled off this neat trick where they convinced us (and our doctors and educators) that the obesity epidemic is being caused by so-called "sedentary lifestyles" and that the best way to maintain a healthy weight is exercise. This was a lie. Exercise is good and healthy, but the amount of exercise it takes to burn even a small amount of calories is fucking ridiculous. I personally spend about 2 hours on my bike a day just to burn a measly 500 calories - barely a single meal. The bourgeoisie have suppressed the fact that weight is primarily lost in the kitchen, because if we knew this we'd consume less and jeopardize market growth.

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i was just joking with the ™ post, unconditional support for fat comrades, you gotta do exercise tho

(me) also eat healthy like he says>>2835029

Also tbh cutting beer (not booze, just beers and ales) out of your diet is a great way to lose weight. I've seen men half in size by doing that over a few months.

Fatties confirmed repulsive

yeah the one you posted is the average fatty, not a total extreme case.

This is an interesting point. But what should we eat to feel "stuffed", without becoming fat?

big ol' bread with cheese

Drink water (drink water drink water, bitch).
Oh one thing to watch btw, if you are dieting avoid starving yourself: great way to get acid chunder,

i drink 9 glasses of water a day, they are as big as this one (maybe a little bigger), is this ok?

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so it is ok, thanks

Eh you're gonna get diminishing returns.
If your case, you might want to try tea or perhaps a low cal raw vegetable like celery or carrots.

Now go outside regardless of weather and do the same.

Eat fewer meals. I cut out breakfast (I'm pretty sure the shit about metabolism and breakfast being the "most important meal" is more bourgeoisie marketing lies) and only eat lunch and dinner, with no snacking between meals. Basically I save up my daily calorie allowance so that I can eat meals large enough to actually feel full. Lost 25 lbs since New Years doing this, but ymmv.

bet you got plenty of screencaps for the funnyjunk thread

It would be far easier to genetically or chemically raise testosterone levels in men along with targeting those genes that favor energy conservation rather than high metabolisms. It's literally just calories in calories out. Obesity is extremely heritable, diets don't work (95% failure rate–worse than many kinds of cancer) and the best that can be said about healthy lifestyles is that the people who are genetically predisposed to get fat don't get as fat as early as those who treat themselves to McSlops every day.

It's literally just a heritable disease like any other, which despite its previous evolutionary advantage, we will be able to cure.

Is stupidity also a "heritable disease"? How about being ugly?

fat people are fat because they become addicted to the pleasure from consuming these foods
these foods are empty in nutrition and high in price because it costs more to process and manufacturer these tastes
these extra steps require more intensive land use and energy consumption but also remove the nutrition from the raw ingredients
however both the consumption of jk creates demands for farms which increases economic grown
economic grown come from selling solutions to problems, and in health many of these are artificially created.
therefore fat ppl are a symptom of a capitalist society that disregards the health of the people and the land in favor of profit. yay.

Whew, another genius who knows better than the medical consensus that says that obesity is a disease. If alcoholism or drug abuse qualify as diseases then certainly obesity does since unlike addicts fat people can't just choose not to eat unlike addicts who chose to start experimenting with psycho-active substances in the first place.

There are literally several heritable diseases/disorders that cause mental retardation. And what makes somebody beautiful is a complex process but lets just say if you have two parents who are uggos then your probably one too.

Reject bio conservatism and its silly moralist discourses and embrace body-modification, evidence based medicine, and transhumanism