Check if there's any new commiecat OC

Are you people capable of doing anything right?

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what the fuck is wrong with you? that looks great

>what the fuck is wrong with the upper lip
It looks fucking deformed

it's a cat you retard

Oh, I'm sorry, I enjoy feminine features. I guess if you're a faggot that's okay then.

It's straight up not there. Bitch looks like its jaw was removed.

That doesn't excuse the hideous fucking harelip.

what should we name her?
i think "alunya" might be a good fit

i like flat girls


it does

It looks disgusting honestly

i'm done with communism, i can't form part of the same group that dislikes this very specific drawing.

I think NAMBLA might be more your speed sport.

Point out to me where in that pic there exists a lower jaw.

So you're saying that you like Chernobyl mutation looking freaks too?

The art is shit. It looks deformed and dysgenic. The tail is weird and the hair unnattractive.

further proof juche posters are wreckers

This shit is just inexcusable. It's like I'm digging through a barrel of trash trying to find out just how bad it can get out of some kind of morbid curiosity.

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Really doesn't deserve a thread.

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t. Kim Jong Il
This “Alunya” thing is not fine art and does not adhere to a Juche-oriented aesthetic standard. This is NOT art, it’s not educational, it’s not socialist and flat-out reactionary

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sounds like a wrecky wrecko to me, Mister "i will execute all dada painters" juche

Been awhile since I've seen any Alunya art as well. Shame really, she was like Zig Forumss answer to the right appropriating pepe.

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Abstract “art” is not art


Fixed it. thank me later.

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i don't like the boots art ruined forever

It is truly great rape bait, I must say.

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is that the devil? fresco pepe?

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Anything what makes fun doesn't deserve a thread on this board

All the good art is of her getting porked tbh.

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why does she look like a crying retard?

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Bdsm implies it's willing.

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It is. Alunya does what she wants when she wants.

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Not sure why anyone would want to willingly have their eyes put out and be tied to a post and used as rapemeat 24/7, but then again you commies are a rather weird lot.

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that's what bbbbmdsjfs is

Let's be honest /tv/ makes better commiecat OC than Zig Forums


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not really, i don't want to take a screenshot right now but the other anons can to proof we ain't samefagging ova' ere', i'm only two of those posts

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Why do you guys reply to this degenerate faggots bait, he comes here literally every month and spams this shit. That image isn't even new, that was by some monstergirl/furry faggot from a different board a year ago.

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There really is no end to your faggotry is there? At this rate I wouldn't be shocked if you started getting into ntr within the year.


You tried this faggotry before. Either own it or fuck off with your degenerate shit you nigger.

U wut?

It's literally bbm

I'm sorry Zig Forums, as I am not a connoisseur of cuckold porn I can't say I know what "bbm" is. I will defer to your expertise on the matter, as you and your kind seem to have all the experience with such matters as other men fucking your wives nonbinary life partners.

Bbm isn't cuckold (though it's usually involved with that shit), and it's hilarious whenever you faggots try to yell "cuck" when all the interracial/cuck boards are filled overwhelmingly with right-wingers/nationalists.

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That's all very nice Zig Forums; but I don't personally give a shit what "bbm" is. Have some more commiecat.

Let me fix that for you:

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Hey, read the thread they're linked from if you want to, I won't stop you. If what your saying is true, the board should be filled with unrepentant lefties. Some anons also linked /abdl/ threads filled with only reactionaries. I won't touch that shit (no pun intended), but maybe you can confirm that for me. I know for a fact though all the trap boards have only exclusively right-wingers on them, you don't even have to skim through one of those boards to see that from the home page.

It's fun to see you clumsily try to pass off your own proclivities as someone else's. But it's even more fun to post commiecat OC, which there has been a lack of ITT.

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I don't use any of those boards, I just know of them from previous threads linking them. Don't go trying to imply they're our fetishes now and ignore the problem in your own groups. And didn't we address before when we talked that I don't jack off to porn, catfucker.

This is gold.

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The links are all there, I don't have to browse any of the boards. Any information that comes my direction is just free pickings. Come on, are you really going to play this game of "If you post a screencap of someone being a faggot somewhere, it means you're a faggot too!" ? Let's just invalidate all screencaps taken anywhere and everywhere while we're at it. Come on dude, cope harder.

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This pic is alright, but the OP pic is actually pretty trash in terms of facial features, they were probably going for a cat like look but it failed. Oh well at least somebody tried. The sae artist did a different angle and it was alright.

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It's from one of the monstergirl boards, so the "design" I think is made to be as such (i.e. more animal-esc features besides cat ears). Gonna hazard a guess that "normal" features isn't what they're into.

No, because that hasn't exactly worked out well for you so far.

That pic is fucking terrible. It's got a harelip, fucking huge furby ears, shitty hair, dinner plate eyes that look creepy as fuck, a giant fucking divot where the lower half of its face should be, and god knows what on its tongue. Its entire facial structure is 100% shit. There is no reason for any of it.

What kind of response is this? What are you even saying? Was this supposed to be a "no u"?

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I'm pointing out that accusing me of browsing obscure fetish boards just because you browse weird fetish boards is a pretty shit strategy.

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Now wait a minute user, were not you the one who stated Zig Forums and leftists by extension were all cuckolds in response to me simply stating accurately that you were posting bbm porn, like you are again now? I then responded simply by saying that all of the cuckold and degenerate fetish boards were occupied by primarily right-wingers/nationalists, and showed proof. You were the one who started off with implying I had a certain taste after I stated something which was true in regard to what you posted, though admittedly I implied you were on the road to ntr if you kept such things up. See user, I'm even looking after you health here.

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You responded by claiming to know a bunch of obscure fetish boards, knowing exactly what goes on on said boards, and having screencaps of said fetish boards. I dunno, it sounds to me like you're pretty involved in obscure fetish boards for someone who is totally 100% not very, very interested in obscure fetish boards.

Literally what?

Dude, the thread compiling all that stuff was literally linked here at the bottom. I don't really have to do shit, I can be lazy and just see what people who like to dig up shit end up finding. And none of what you said invalidates anything that was said, so I'm not sure what your trying to do besides try to cope with something that you initially brought up?
Just look up the term dude

I'm not the one who's interested in weird fetish shit Zig Forums. All I like is good old fashioned rape. If you're into this "bbm" shit or whatever it's called, that's all on you. But I'm not going to waste time looking into your obscure fetishes.

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It's literally not that hard to find dirt, all it takes is some user to think "I wonder if Y group likes X" then go to the board X is on and check for Y. Then they post what they find. Everyone does this, pretty sure Zig Forums as well. Now don't go trying to state that I'm the one projecting when you were the one again who tried to say we're cuckolds off the bat based off of nothing. Now it just feels that your the one projecting, and thats not healthy for you user.
Not that obscure, pretty well known about at this point given it's "quantity" and the amount of hate it gets. Also, projecting much? Again, your complaining about projection, but your the only one implying I'm into this shit when you were the one who initially posted the images that contained them. This isn't very healthy for you user.
Nigger-tier fetish

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Well, I'm off to work. Hope you're able to get over your fetishes and your projection problem soon user. I'm only looking out for your health here, so do try your best to get the help you need. Only you can make the difference!

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Jesus fucking christ, have you retards ever thought of condensing your thoughts?

That might be related to the fact that every leftist I've ever seen looks like the heaviest weight he's ever lifted is his wife's boyfriend's dick.

Maybe by people into obscure fetish shit like you, but I'm not into that shit myself.

But it's so fun!

Yeah that's the point, it's a cat you moron, cats and dogs have hare-lips.
And? You keep talking about it like its NOT a monstergirl.
Anime style
Nope, that's just the perspective and stylization, you see this in anime all the time you brainless git.

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It's a catgirl. So it's not supposed to look like a feral monstrosity devoid of any human features.

It looks like a poorly made wig. Are you going to claim it's supposed to be bald too?

That doesn't change the fact that they're fucking horrifying. It looks like a goddamn eldritch abomination. And that's not even getting into the shitty idea to make the eyes red.

The way the mouth is shaped leaves no room for a human sized lower jaw. And speaking of the mouth and perspective, the fact that it looks like it's trying to eat the viewer is weird as shit.

The whole thing is just layers upon layers of bad. You can try to peel away the outer layers of bad, but all that does is reveal more.



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Except its not devoid you bombastic fuck, not to mention that your retarded idea of a monstergirl which is just ears and a tail on a girl isn't what monster-girls always are, you unimaginative fuck
Have you ever seen a wild cat? I have.
No that's just your (shitty) opinion.
You haven't seen fucking horrifying then or you're just being a assholes, I reckon the latter.
Even if that lack of perspective were true;
1) Your hyperbolizing is ridiculous.
and 2) its not supposed to look 100% 1:1 human, take a look at the majority of anime and you will see the same proportions.
Cry harder, its called perspective of image, the viewer is looking down at a child-sized and proportioned character. If you actually knew anything about proportion, perspective or children you'd know
A) from above a person who is looking up has the appearance of having a smaller chin/lower-jaw
B) Children and their proportions are massively different to adults, this is seen in every bone in the body, because different parts of the body grow at different paces, thus children have smaller jaws relative to their bodies, and larger heads.

Nothing to peel away
Yes, more of your bullshit.


It's got a massive cleft lip, giant inhuman ears, a horribly misshapen face, a weird fucking tongue, animalistic eyes, and a tail. Where exactly are the human features?

Perspective causes its entire jaw to be extracted?

This is turning into a can of worms I do not want to open.

Why are you so defensive of your waifu, Zig Forums? You seem genuinely upset that I've criticized alundra for being the disgusting, hideous, horrifically flawed creature that it is.

It's not massive and its inline with the monster-girl idea
That is your incorrect opinion, again, MONSTER-girl that type of giant ear is common on anime style drawings.
Stop projecting
THAT'S THE POINT YOU BRAINLESS MORON, are you fucking blind?

Christ it's the commie cat autist again

Bitch looks like its lip is split in two

So you admit it's shit?

The point is that it's got a fucking sandpaper tongue?

Normally proportioned features.

For what purpose?

So why keep replying, if that's the case? You think that engaging in some autistic defense of your hideous waifu is going to stop me from shitposting? If anything, it does the opposite. You must have some emotional reason for responding so many times and with such hilariously long responses.

Keep whining
Just like a cat's, yes.
Something you fail to understand yourself.
Because that's the character? A school-age monster-girl representation of Alunya.
Because it takes no time to tear your paper-thin attacks to shreds.
Explaining proportions and how they function as well as the concept of a monster-girl is autistic… Ok.
your opinion is noted and dismissed
No, a ban will, but then you'd whine about how le evul lefties can't take 'critisism' despite it being ad hom.

But you admitted it was a monster girl. Therefore, it is shit.

It's not my fault you can't come up with a rebuttal.

And why does it have a bunch of disgusting cat features?

For what purpose?

Also, what's an alundra?

You underestimate the number of VPNs I have.

It's more that you're a bunch of fun-hating killjoys, but I guess that works too.

More like it speaks of leftists' inability to be succinct.