Anglo genocide is a moral necessity

Why are Anglos such savage barbarians?

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Is this a national hatred thread? For me it's Turkey.
Granted I'm a Burger so I probably don't have any right to talk shit about anyone else

Buttmad Grecoroach

no, we don't kill people, ever


You are a LYING, GENOCIDAL DEMON who will NEVER SUCCEED in your SATANIC plans against the White race!

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Yeah but it's such a laughing stock now that its not even worth noticing or criticizing

what did 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧he🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 mean by this?


What I am is the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords!

t. Türker Öztürk

It's so beautiful how they have become an irrelevant vassal state of their former colony whose only news for the last 3 years is Brexit and retarded football hooligans

They have turned from their true path, and are headlong for destruction just as they were warned!

You realize not everyone here that hates the US is a burger right? Stop assuming everyone here is a burger. I'm chilean and I hate the US for what they did to my country and many other countries in similar situations to mine. The UK stopped being an empire years ago and had little to no imperialist influence over my nation, so obviously I hate the US way more than the UK. Also the UK is much more likely to go down a socialist path than the USA, so there's that too.

Top lol, London is second only to NY in terms of capitalist enterprise and the UK back dictators in Oman.

Still stronger movement than most NATO countries.

Where to even begin on Russia, thought?

Nope. They need to be subverted from the inside to our side as America is the last superpower left. Combine communism with freedumbs and you get anarcho-communism instead of your orwellian dystopias.

*blocs your path*

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oh boy, first thing i read on pic related was "KIKE" and wondered where this thread was going

Wrong again. Trump was the last gasp of the American right, I doubt a republican will ever be elected again. Once Sanders wins, at minimum he will open up dialogue about socialist policies. Conversely, the UK will forever be a slave to their imperialist masters in Brussels. Moreover, 69 percent of Americans have less than $1000 in their bank account to cover an emergency, vs 25 percent of Brits. America is headed for disaster at a much faster rate than the Brits are.

If you're incapable of making the elementary distinction between the state and civil society you have no right to call yourself a communist. This is a left-wing board, not a shizo-nationalist one. Educate yourself or leave.

Meant for As OP was being more light-hearted.

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What timeline do you live in, user?

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The timeline where Americans were so desperate for change that they elected Trump. I don’t see the same desperation and frustration in the UK.

t. never been to the UK burger.

I’m not American, and as far as I know your country is now deeply regretting their Brexit decision and wants nothing more now than to be obedient servants of the unelected imperialist EU aristocrats in Brussels.

The fuck you on bruv?

lmao wat?

Burger, please an hero.

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Fair enough, but without the white man you concede going back to the dark ages (or beyond)? No brown/black/yellow person ever advanced science enough to hone the earth – you are living in the husk of a white world, you are a roach that has infested it.

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All polls show that if Brexit vote was held today it would fail by a large margin. If the British are not prepared to sever political and economic ties with their imperialist overlords then a conversation about severing political and economic ties with their local aristocracy is totally out of the question. Americans however by and large hate their capitalist masters and were willing to risk electing someone like Trump to do it. Of course, Trump is a member of the very same capitalist class and betrayed them as expected, so Bernie is their next choice.

Bottom line is European countries are subservient to Brussels and will not rock the boat whereas the Americans are ready to change due to significantly worse economic conditions among the working class and rapidly changing demographics coming into conflict with racist capitalist power structures.

Polls before the last campaign showed brexit loosing, too. it's meaningless.

Where do you get your warped worldview from, burger?

Are you a Brexit supporter? Your show of misguided reactionary independence is even more pathetic than the American election of Trump because at least with the US they can pivot in a leftward direction in 2 years, the UK will be a puppet of European aristocracy forever.


All of us brits here are you fucking mongoloid. kys.

National hatred shit is obviously meme tier but I hate Körds and their reactionary autism

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all polls already did show brexit fail before the vote, see how that turned out

Walker just said on radio that PM should call a GA ifwhen she looses this vote. Are the men in grey suits coming for her?

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63 million Aboriginals? population of australia

I call bullshit

get the fuck out'a here with that idpol cancer