Thoughts? Particularly on Kaczynski's criticism of modern leftism?

The entire text: washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/national/longterm/unabomber/manifesto.text.htm

A summary:

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cuckoo brainwashed by the CIA


can you prove that without linking the dramatization? No.

If you replace "leftist" with "SJW radlib" then everything about his manifesto is correct.

pretty based honestly

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Primitivism is the ultimate form of conservatism. They want us to go back to stone age and it will last until someone develops bronze weapons and exterminate them.

How are you just now getting this?

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He is to leftists what Marx is to conservatives. Both writers accurately describe neoliberal capitalist stooges and imperialist capitalists respectively, but those that subscribe to Marxist and neoconservative ideology cannot reconcile their beliefs with the writers conclusions. His description of academics is spot on, if anything.

he is literally just criticizing idpols and modern ""leftists"" and he makes 0 criticism against theory or economics and he says that.

The ultimate result of Kaczynski's thought, whether the his intention or not, is a defense of the present state of things. It's no wonder his ideas have been so welcomed by the far right.
His philosophy has many functional similarities to fascism. He promotes what is ultimately an extermination of surplus populations, he is deeply opposed to leftism and other truly revolutionary movements even if he and his followers might claim some of their aesthetic, and most importantly, he venerates an idealized past and demands a (not quite but mostly reactionary) return to that past. That final reactionary demand is mostly illusory, something to mobilize petite-bourgeois individuals towards what is ultimately a project of maintaining capitalism by quashing its revolutionary threats.

Polyps jump on him because a small part of his writings confirms there biases about the left and continually misrepresent uncle ted as there guy who is against the left.

No, right-wingers jump on him because they share fundamentally similar goals. see

Yes i just found it out. The point was that going back to feudalism, slave society or stone age is reactionary.

His manifesto is suburban teenage babby's first radical political "theory." His critiques are dogshit. It's obvious he never bothered to study political economy outside of whatever propaganda he picked up at his american university.

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Lol it's just a more concise and watered down version of Ellul's Technological Society which offers up critiques that are far from dogshit.

That's a big oversimplification. Kaczynski references Ellul but he doesn't crib from him full clothe.
More than that, regarding
I think the minutia of his thought is kind of unimportant. It doesn't matter if Kaczynski didn't address political economy, because he didn't *have* to. Rigorous political economy is irrelevant, and often counter-productive, to what are essentially fascist politics.

Kaczynski was based and his critique of liberals was spot on. Industrialism was a mistake



they will, and the truth won't be "lol let's go back to the time we didn't have vaccines or mass produced goods"

You can literally enjoy anprimism now by just fucking leaving society, and we can be out here claiming the stars.

Of course they won’t. Modern society is conductive to the spread of dysgenic elements. Natural selection has been partially inhibited by the conditions of our society, leaving those who would have died under natural conditions due to inferiority to spread their genes to further generations. Only a great catastrophe will return mankind to its natural state and allow the breeding of a superior stock


The primary recruits of the primmie cause are almost exclusively petite-bourgeois. Disaffected grad students, small business owners alienated by a hyper-productive global capitalism they can never compete with.
Further, the main victims of the primitive extermination would be proletarians. This makes sense. Fascists have always made a point to reduce the pool of available labor.


Primitivism is not fascism. We desire a return to primitive classless society

I believe that just as much as I believe the Nazi mythology behind Lebensraum.
The actual, PRACTICAL implications of the primitivist project is the extermination of surplus labor, NOT the undoing of industrial society.

Mythology? Hitler’s rationale was as simple as: “we need to secure the future of our people, we need more land to feed our people and a greater land base to survive in an era of consolidating large states”. No mythos – read Mein Kampf
Industry and primitivism are incompatible. Not everything is a capitalist plot, user. Primitivists point out the unnatural, unhealthy and environmentally harmful aspects of civilization and how the only real sustainable alternative is a return to primitive living

Do you really need me to point out the whole worldview of nazism, and the worldview of other fascisms? I'll make it simple: There was a time when Our Folk were strong and dominant, and to return to that point many people must be killed, particularly these surplus populations, because they are lazy/scheming/etc.

In short: the veneration of an idealized past…
and the demand that there is a *reactionary* return to that past

Do I think you're a crypto-capitalist? No, I think you're a dupe blinded by ideology into preserving the status quo with violence and genocide.

The status quo is what needs destroyed, combined with a simultaneous societal levelling. People will die, yes, but they will be the inferior elements. It’s a return to the principles nature in selecting the strong and culling the weak. Give me one reason why this would be bad without using moralistic arguments



From all the times something has been called reactionary in this board, the unfounded belief that humanity would be better off without civilization is undoubtedly deserving of the term.

Natural selection is Natural, as a result unnatural structures like capitalism introduce systems that reward people who look like pic related for being able to have the money to fuck and impregnate strippers.
Everybody has some useful genes btw and people with serious disabilities won't be able to fuck anyways so fuck eugenics.

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Modern society allows all sorts of degenera.tes, autists, weaklings and abominations to breed and spread around their filth without restriction. Healthy babies are aborted and the deformed and autistic are allowed to be born and given “mercy” when in reality it would be far more humane and better for humankind to extirpate them for the cultivation of a higher stock. Eugenics is necessary in any society to avoid the degeneration that Nature prevents naturally.

Where is the proofs

I bet there would be really advanced eugenics in primitive society, it's not like a lot of people in this board agree babies with defects should not be born and aborted with more humane terms, not the way cave man anprim would do it by smashing the belly of cave woman

Same result, different methods. Leftists defend the dysgenic because, like Uncle Ted taught, they identify with their inferiority and accept the truth of it deep down. It has to go beyond mere abortions in the realm of civilization — sterilizations, euthanasia, etc. Nature fixes all of the problems and mankind’s primitive instinct already sees these inferior beings and reacts with revulsion, hence infanticide

Uncle Ted was a cuckoo who didn't bring anything interesting to the table


I have a hard time believing that you can't see your own blood-and-soil rhetoric, but like most fascists, you're probably some son of a guy who owns a car dealership and have a self-induced psychosis to justify your views. There's no changing your mind. But I'll use you to make a point.

Every fascist movement has appropriated a pseudo-revolutionary facade, like this one. It's bunk.
Everyone with a brain cell to their name know that reactionism is impossible. The proliferation of capitalist property relations, the absence of benefiting classes, and yes, technology, make it so. You know why the french bourbonists never recaptured society? Because the aristocracy didn't exist anymore.
This is the reason why fascists can't *really* be classed as reactionaries, even if it is a huge part of their ideological structure.They don't believe in reproducing any really existing past forms of society. Instead, they make one up.
Prims specifically invent a view of pre-agricultural humanity that is totally divorced from reality. For them, primitive society was one where people didn't work as hard or as long, where people had more authentic lives, and where hierarchy didn't exist. All of this flies directly in the face of anthropological evidence (which kaczynski admits in his writings, but then ignores). Then again, they don't have to obey evidence or rationality, because the purpose of primitivism isn't to resurrect a society that never lived, but to kill lots and lots of innocent people.

This is the actual goal of primitivism, and fascism in general. It is the extermination of surplus populations. All the ideology and rhetoric is just pablum justifying this goal.
Why do fascists want to exterminate surplus populations? By committing genocide, fascists shrink what Marx called the "industrial reserve army".

"Big industry constantly requires a reserve army of unemployed workers for times of overproduction. The main purpose of the bourgeois in relation to the worker is, of course, to have the commodity labour as cheaply as possible, which is only possible when the supply of this commodity is as large as possible in relation to the demand for it, i.e., when the overpopulation is the greatest."

Shrinking the industrial reserve army is the dark mirror image to Keynesian "full employment". It is a way of addressing elements of capitalist crises that fascist movements so often emerge during. By culling the human heard, fascists (and thus, primmies) buy capitalism more time on earth.

Say that, but slower this time."Nature prevents it but we need to act upon it anyways, lel"

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Still confused after more than 4 years why Primitivists don't get the same treatment as the rest of the reactionaries

because they don't talk about race, if along the whole thing they have with "only the strongest babies must survive" they included a race they would get banned, but they don't so uh they are just confused or something.

This is what happens when you skip eighth grade science

Can someone explain to me why primitivism is bad? Utopian it certainly is, but I can't call it "bad" . There are valid points in thinking that modern society causes harm for the environment, people's life, etc. I think technology can be used beter than it is today, but I can understand the desire for not wanting it to exist.

It very well might be reactionary, i couldn't care less. Hardly means that 'waaa reactionary tho!!!!' is going to be valuable to me or not worth mocking.

Because we can't go back to a better primitive time, it never existed.

It wants to maintain the present state of things. see


Your criticism of primitivism as a bourgeois plot to kill off “surplus population” is absurd. Take off the Marxist class-blinders

Lol. How disingenuous do you have to be to unironically believe that this is what primmos believe? pathetic.

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Kaczynski literally tried that but when it inevitably failed because technology society is all-pervasive he decided that bombing people was a better idea instead.

I would rather not, thank you, i believe such method is the only way to achieve socialism.

Great centrist nihlist-anarchist taking the position of the retard for no reason.

First it's not a plot: you really do believe what you say. I'm just noting the actual, practical implications of your politics, which is a defense of what already exists, Capitalism.
You should be familiar with this method: Kaczynski did it with his critique of "leftism". He did not concern himself with the facade, the slogans and the declared intentions.


It seems to be pretty disingenuous to be a Nihilist flavored anarchist without being against Civ.

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You’re so blinded by the concept of class you end up producing the hottest takes possible regarding movements and ideologies that you don’t understand. You search desperately for the hidden kernel of “class” within everything and make a fool out of yourself in the process. Of course class exists but being concerned with it and it alone is laughable.

Respond please to this

Blow yourself up like the worker alienating jihadi you are

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mercy, afroamerican brother.

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Did Zizek memes go out of style on this board?
Your denial of class as an actionable subject is IDENTICAL to fascism. You deny not the existence of class, but say it doesn't matter, and that the volk would be better off if they got together and enacted a program that would kill large amounts of people.
Further, you're denial of class as an actionable subject conveniently allows you to examine your own class interests, falling back on the liberal trope (and fascists always do this) that class doesn't matter.
You're the perfect unaware fascist. We should preserve you in amber for future study.


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You keep saying primflag said things they very obviously didn't say. Are you well user, mentally?

stick it up your ass

he said them, read the thread newcomer

Nice strawman. Take off the blinders, friend and look at what I have actually written. It’s hilarious how bad your reading comprehension is



Uncle Ted and An-Prims get the airlock.

They will get turned into robots.

Nobody's replying to me when saying that nature sorts itself out then anprims agreeing then saying "lmao do it still tho" here
in black

Blow yourself up in your house, you impotent banana chip that doesn't grasp people don't like violence unless it's in self defense.

It IS a denial of class as an actionable subject. By rejecting class as such, you make "class harmony" implicit.
Not that class harmony matters to you, or would be possible. It's another facade. Remember this:

So you will make them die, then! Big difference.

This is out of your mouth, not mine!

Maybe in your disease-ridden Marxist brain, even when I have explicitly called for a primitive classless society here:
Primitivism is a defense of capitalism? Funniest thing I’ve read all day!
“Make them die” is just a periphrastic way to say “kill” — so no. I’m talking about people DYING (i.e. the intransitive verb). People will die of starvation, fail to adapt, die of weakness, sickness, etc. Fundamentally this will be a good thing in the long term. A great catastrophe followed by a regression to the norm for the vast majority of humanity’s existence: the primitive.
There is nothing wrong with people dying, especially the weak

Okay, thread is over, guy was a fascist all along.

The rug is pulled out and they fall down. Fascism is yet another word you throw around recklessly. Paxton, the author of “The Anatomy of Fascism” describes fascism in the following way:
I am not a fascist, but you are a brainlet dysgenic

You are not strong, you will die in winter. Repent, save yourself.

That joke was a dud

I refer you to this post, specifically the second half about shrinking the industrial reserve army:

Appeal to academia? Odd for a follower of Kaczynski. Also, it's odd how you don't bring up my reference to Kaczynski, where I address exactly this! It's like you can't reconcile it!

This is just a trolley problem. Point is, you want people, particularly of the proletarian class, to die, and want to do things to make it happen.

"Nature prevents it but we need to act upon it anyways, lel"
fuck off CIA

nah, just an idiot reactionary

everyone here please pull your heads out of your asses for a second.

I’ve already addressed your Marxist fever dreams before. Not even gonna read it again.
People of every class and social group will die regardless of origin. You worship the mystical prole as a god (or even as spook).

Have fun living in your cramped apartments in a polluted word with not enough food

it may, it may not, we can't tell if you fuck it all up green nigger

Ted's diatribes about "leftism" are not relevant to left-wing ideology as much as they are a product of the inanity of American politics as a whole: they are not about ideology at all. They are about vague emotional states and tribalistic drama, and have been for the better part of a century.

Primmie ideology may be completely retarded, but it is not hard to imagine why Ted was driven to violence. He came to the unavoidable realization that Americans are too stupid and petty to reason with.

developed countries already have negative population growth. if anything, underpopulation will be a problem if everyone gets access to advanced tech.

Being pro-tech is pro-destruction of this planet. Go ahead, solve global warming, solve overpopulation with your precious technology! Technology will solve the problems caused originally by advanced technology!! BELIEVE ME

Just wait until global warming hits full force: Camp of the Saints will be the reality

REEEEEad my post

Those are caused by capitalist hoarding wealth and poverty increases birth rates and capitalists not investing in decent solutions for warming

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protip: it's bound to die in about 5 billion years. feel free to have fun meanwhile.

it was at about this temperature about 65 millions of years ago. there's absolutely nothing wrong about that from nature's point of view. shouldn't you be happy about that?

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ok, let's make a deal, if society collapses and socialism didn't appear or even after it collapses socialism still didn't appear in some posadist masturbatory fantasy, you get to turn me into a tree. i turn you into a robot if i win tho

You haven't provided any argument against how this isn't end result of your program. In fact, you've given me another gold nugget:
No they won't. You know who in particular is immune to, as you say,
Rich people. The bourgeoisie. The people with guns and land and people they can reliably pay to do work.
Your mass death won't effect them, not really. It WILL disproportionately effect the dispossessed, those without property and wealth.
So in the end, the rich and propertied end up unscathed and the poor end up in a worse position than before. Everyone is ready to do capitalism all over again.

Kill yourself

Pollution, the negative health effects of the modern world and overpopulation will not magically vanish with technological socialism

I don’t talk to retards, sorry

5 billion years is tremendously longer than the time we need to become a spacefaring species proper. AGW will kill us far too quickly for that.


Lmao. You are arguing that humanity should be docile, like some fucking tadpoles at the bottom of a pond, always at the whim of nature. Yeah, Earth was hot in the past, it will be hot in the future, equally unsupportive of homo sapiens, and your retarded idea of a primitivist society would be powerless to do anything about it. Have a nice day.

You can work towards ending it in socialism since you kill the polluters and can invest in bio stuff
Dude, no. Don't go "we look at phone "all day" instead of stare at wall" right now.

Anarcho-primitivism is definitely a serious ideology that we should take seriously instead of totally not exterminating its adherents on sight.

lmao. even recent burger history shows this to be bs.

said no successful species ever.

Now THIS is lmao worthy

And why not?

Green New Deal will do this too.