Karl Marx died 136 years ago today. Press F to pay respects, and say something nice about him

Karl Marx died 136 years ago today. Press F to pay respects, and say something nice about him.


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lassale, the jewish nigger, has been doing some shady shit and he didn't give me a loan fuck him

he changed my entire worldview

ocialist man RIP (5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883)


When I look back on my political history, it was inevitable I would find my way to Marx. It started with corporations have no real reason to pay people more.

The smartest socialist to have ever lived. One day we'll make him proud.

Baruch dayan haemet. May his neshama have an aliyah to the highest of heights in Gan Eden. Omayn.

he was based and redpilled

ps F

Same here. He caused a serious identity crisis to me.


What a brilliant mind this man had. The exact opposite of an NPC. Imagine having impacted the world for hundreds of years (and most likely many more) with the theory you created.

literally name someone with such an ever lasting impact

u can't


Jesus Christ

ok, two based jews.

How jewish was Marx? Enough to say he was fully jewish or just half-jew? I've heard different explanations on this one so a proper definition would be appreciated.

Idk as far as i'm aware both of his parents were jewish but he didn't receive any jewish education

Lol he died on le epic cake math day

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Thank you for personally killing 100 gorillion people.

nigga slowed down the carbon emissions by killing half of the earth population

"Ordinary harps play under any finger, Aeolian harps only when struck by the storm."

F will say a prayer for him late

His parents converted to christianity before he was born to avoid getting rekt, but Marx became an atheist in his teens and they didn't practice any judaism.


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F to the man i think about literally every single day of my life

Thank you for writing TGI in response to taking Stirner's shitpost seriously. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.


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Seconding this.

no homo


omalia will win



Rip we just killed the club

which club




I don't mean religiously but ethnically.

Our greatest prophet, each time reading his words, I still something new that I haven't thought before.
For the cause of proles!

who would you photoshop onto Big Boss's face during the Grave salute scene?
Engels? Lenin? Who is big boss and who is zero in this scenario

Stalin could be a good grave boy since he had to be pushed down the stairs by capitalist propaganda but fought the good fight. Big Bill is fitting for the salute.

to the most useless ideology when it comes to critique of capitalism.

he didn't even adress how capitalism makes you gay

wow! didn't know leftists were allowed to use such naughty words.
Btw it is faggot not gay.

he said all working men should own guns
something i can always get behind


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he didn't adress how to deprogram the npc people of the right what a jewish nigger

He didn't write about how you stop being a AutCel what a libtard pussy who gets fucked right up the ass faggot who wants blacks to live amongst us and arabs to have equal rights cuck who voted for obama

karl marx adressed that in "On the Nigger Cock Question" actually, you gotta suck it up, he said on passage 69:69

"My first gay experience was with my cousin Johann at boy scouts camp. It was a warm and dry summer that year, and Johann and I had snuck off to the nearby lake. While I was sitting in the shade of a tree chewing straws, he turned to me and asked me if I had ever stroked my penis before. I was 9 and he was twelve. I blushed and confessed that I hadn't. I wondered why he asked me. He told me that he wanted to show me something that felt good. He took off his shirt and asked me to kiss him. first on the cheeks. Then the mouth. Then he took my shirt off and licked my nipples. It was then that I could fel myself getting erect, and as soon as he saw it, he grapped my bulge. He then took out my rod and began to pull it. slowly at first, then getting faster, rougher more passionate. I felt a warmth within me that I have never felt before that nor since. Not long after a clear warm jizzim poured out of my fat pink mast, which Johann would fellate until it was quite clean again. I will always cherish that summer.

- Karl Marx, Critique of the Gotha Programme

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Engels is Big Boss and Lasalle is Zero, except it’s not Lasalle, it’s a blackface cartoon wearing a yamaca.

t. Engels


One day we'll make you proud Karl, even if it takes another 136 years, we may have failed before but one day, one glorious day we will archive an world full of love, peace and compassion, global communism.


for fuck marx

My man face goin snack dab in the center of the flag

he's not around any longer and soon enough neither will his ideas

F, for a man who worked tirelessly to understand the human condition and raise mankind from servitude into self-actualization

It's history anonrade

stay mad jewish polniggers

Marx was a nerd.

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