The most secret jewish conspiracy

I've started to dig on google about the jewish toilet goals.

- The guy who made the world toilet organization received two award from two diferent jewish organizations.
- George soros open society has made sanitation one of their goals, Soros donated 10 million to some non profit organization in bangladesh to install toilets.
- The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance receive funding from the Bill Gates Fundation.
- One of the top 4 major toilet producers (Kohler Co) in the world was funded by a jewish inmigrant.
- Having every human on earth shitting on toilets has been declared a core goal for the Agenda 30 of the Millenium development goals of the UN.
- Jews own several of the major toilet paper producers on the planet
- Procter&Gamble 42% of it's supplier materials comes from jewish companies.
- Kimberly-Clark 60% of it's entire stock is owned by the State of Israel.
- Georgia-Pacific has a jew CEO.
- Central National-Gottesman is family owned by a jew family
- Jews developed an entire market of kosher toilet paper
- Jews also own the soap industry:
- Dr. Bronner’s soap company was made by jews that escaped the holocaust.
- Church and Dwight donates money to Jewish charities and fundations.
- Palmolive entire soap lines are kosher approved
Why is wiping your ass with toilet paper after shitting on toilets promoted among kids and among poor nations by the UN?
Why is George soros donating money to poor nations to build toilets?
Why is one of the major development goals for 2030 of the UN to have every human shitting on a toilet?
Why is toilet paper used as argument to invade venezuela?
Why jewish companies spend millions on TV advertising so we buy soaps and toilet paper?
Why the soap jew meme was invented in the first place?
jews also push for healthy eating and eating lots of fiber.
What happens when you eat lots of fiber?
You shit more?
Eating Fiber = jew propaganda so you shit more and therefore have to use more toilet paper.
Otherwise why the jews want every pajeet and chink and african to use toilets and toilet paper by 2030 if they wouldn't profit from selling toilets and toilet paper?
Imagine billions of people using toilet paper and all that profit that the jew toilet paper companies would have.

Why nobody mentions how nobody talks about the jew toilet conspiracy?

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Could it be true?

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We need to start digging and make infographics where we recolect a bunch of jew nutritionist, jew health and sanitary workers, clearly the jews by pushing eating fiber they're complicit with the toilet paper jews.

Also, we need to make some infographic with the jew health organizations, water treatment organization, food companies, toilet paper companies and the jews at the UN pushing for the toilet jew conspiracy to install the jewish toilet order.

what about the cute jewish gf conspiracy

The real question is… are they involved?

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We need to start digging.

Hope ye have a good Paddy's Day on sunday

wtf I'm never shitting or washing with soap again
which of you posted to 4 Zig Forums?

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Damn, no wonder Evola was so obsessed with the Hindus. Shitting in the street really is the only way to revolt against the modern world.



The conspiracy to make people shit in a toilet is the best kept secret of the Jews.

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that the other Jewish conspiracies are a mere smoke screen for the newbies to ignore the Jewish conspiracy of the toilets.

Until the invasion of Venezuela by the CIA is because Venezuelans do not have toilet paper, so the Jews seek to enslave them to use toilet paper and thus make millions of toilet and sanitary products for cleaning the ass when people shit .

That's why the UN is carrying out education campaigns in India so that the Hindus shit in toilets, it is clearly a Jewish plan to sell sanitary, toilet paper and soap in India.

That's why the Jews pass laws so that shitting in the bush is illegal.
That is why children are brainwashed so that they learn to clean their ass with toilet paper and shit in toilets, Jews control education globally, it is only logical that they promote this since it makes them earn a lot of money selling paper hygienic and sanitary.

There are many Jews in the toilet industry, Jews control the bathroom soaps industry, bath towels and other industries related to shitting in a toilet.

Jews also control porn, which is why in scat videos they are toilets, it is part of the Jewish plan so that people who subconsciously fap with shit use toilets.

On television we see commercials of soap and toilet paper every day to clean our asses, clearly when controlling TV and newspapers too, it is evidence of a Jewish conspiracy to do social engineering so that people buy cleaning products to clean their asses when they shit in a toilet.

Hitler knew of these plans to make people shit in toilets, that's why he made World War II and turned Jews into soaps.

Everything that has happened since then is evidence of the Jewish plan to make everyone shit in toilets.
The other Jewish plans on the NWO and the anuddah shoah are mere smoke screens so that people do not suspect the plan of the toilets.

the left can't meme, cry more

Nobody is upset at all user.

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the jew toilet conspiracy is just a parody of the jew anuddah shoah one, dumbass.

what's that?

I literally made the entire toilet conspiracy to troll retard nazis.

Reel it in chief

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thats a good image :)

Uphold Marxism-Jewism-Toiletism Thought

This comes off as a pretending to be joking and messing around with chuds but is actually sincere about it and says bits of truth in their conspiracy theories

based and redpilled
Most of the internationalist that enslave the working class are Jewish, once you take the redpill and accept that the bankers, politicians, and social elite are Jewish you can finally open your eyes to true communism

they want us to shit on toilets what the fuck jews get your own shit from your own toilet

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That's a good one.

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