Today, a Zig Forumsack killed 40+ people in a Mosque, 40+ innocent people that did nothing but express their faith, and while I ain't a religious person, I have common sense, and I know that, for the Zig Forumsack, we are the same people, the same "leftist kike sandnigger scum". We just need to wait until some schizophrenic Zig Forumsack goes to some leftist convention or manifestation and starts gunning us down.
At least in my country, the right is able to terrorise the left, trying to kill them, and the police is no different, as most of them are also fascist scum, we can't trust no one but ourselves and our comrades.
We need to organize ourselves on Popular Antifascist Brigades, or Zig Forums gangs, to stop this scum from acting ever again, as this is just gotta get bigger and bigger as capitalism collapses due to both it's internal contradictions and climate change.
In this thread, we discuss ways to fight in the streets, strategies, organization and weaponry to use in our respective countries (as every country has their respective set of laws) to try and defend ourselves, and others, from the fascist scum.
Also, this thread serves to discuss ways we can neuter nazis, be it on the internet or in real life, fucking over their conventions if needed, doxing them and ruining their lifes. We must show no mercy to those that wouldn't show it to us either.

This might be true in your country, but in Zig Forums we post from every corner of the world. Try telling that to a polish communist.

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Bump, this is a good idea

We can't hope for self-defence without parallel party political organisation. No Rotfrontkämpferbund without the KPD.
Also pay attention to the reasons organisations like the RFB and BPP failed.

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We need to organize in militias and be a united front with clear political objectives?
Yea that was my point, and even then, we could use Zig Forums as a way to organize, as it's intended with this thread.
Also, by RFB and BPP what do you mean? I can't find anything about it.

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RFB was the Rotfrontkämpferbund, the paramilitary of the German Communist party, the BPP was the Black Panther party for self-defense

We need to form our own damn parties.
All the parties in the west seem so fucking impotent.
*please prove me wrong

the issue being how do we prevent these parties from being compeltely irrelevent


Unity is key
also no infighting unless it's a joke

By the looks of it, by reading the wikipedia article, it looks like it got fucked due to propaganda demonizing them and internal strife due to COINTELPRO.
Looks like one of our weaknesses are the need to have leaders, guys who have the need to make the party centered in them and stuff, making it real easy for the FBI to just cut that head and spread chaos through the party.
Our party should have no actual leaders, something along the lines of Anonymous, a brand more than a name, a concept more than a name, from which we can act, our organization should be like a clandestine Hydra, you cut one head, and two more heads pop up.
The party shouldn't be self-centered in just some leaders, but everyone in conjuction, but with this there might be the weakness that we could lose focus.

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Depends on the country in question. In some countries the situation calls for joining existing larger parties, in some countries entryism and taking over of existing fringe parties to revitalise them might be the answer while in others the founding of entirely new virile left wing parties is the most viable option.

I think the key to this is not organising as a party from the get go, if you and three other lads get together and form a new communist party you'll find it difficult to get a membership, even if you apply all the best tried and tested methods of recruitment and fundraising you'll at best end up with one of the maoist cult groups.
Better to first find a base of likeminded opinion, whether that is directly among the workers, in the union membership or by going into larger left-wing or liberal organisations/political groupings and finding like-minded people, associating them into some 'tendency' within that group, gradually perpetuating your party line among them. Only once you already know you have a firm loyal base and your political line is somewhat widespread and known at least within a larger grouping you should consider formal political organisation on a party basis. Still party building is a thankless, tedious task, but nonetheless a necessary one.

24 hours ago i would of laughed this off as LARPing faggotry, but watching the video, seeing how this fucking autistic manlet was able to mow down 40+ human beings without thinking twice about it, and then able to get away no problem.

I imagine what would of happened if a good guy with a gun was there, it's a meme sure, but imagine if just as he rocked up a patrol of workers militia turned the corner and killed him before he could do anything.

One things for sure, I'm joining a local shooting club and learning to fire a gun, when another civil war breaks out I plan on going there and dying in the name of socialism and the workers paradise. on that note, if people have any connections to left wing Venezuelan groups and might be able to point me in the right direction so i have people i can contact and join when the US finally invades that would be much appreciated

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user, you're a Yank, the Venezuelans will probably never want you there in the first place. Sad, but let's be honest.

Ever heard of Breivik?

This site is filled with feds right now. It's a honeypot. I don't think prematurely organizing into an armed brigade is smart.

Yea, hence this thread.

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Pretty much everywhere on the internet is a honeypot nowadays dude.


I put on my robe and wizard's hat.

Just give up now, you can’t resist the awoken Aryan male


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Subscribe to Pewdiepie, cuck


Shit sucks

sorry, im not a pre-teen

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Posting my /leftyk/ collection

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for the shooter this started on the internet. We need to organise better on the internet. I want to spread propoganda in an organised fashion on the internet, and i want people to help me

this whole attack is horrific. want to cry. RIP


All I see are 40 dead invaders, killed in a victory against their invasion.


That faith included mutilating the genitals of boys and girls.

Thought the same thing.

This, mostly children too.

For burgers there is the Socialist Rifle Association and Red Neck Revolt. Both teach firearms are are concerned with collective self defense against Nazis.

O no I'm shitting myself already.
Except for the ☭TANKIE☭s you're all fucking worthless.
Better go bend over for your neolib capitalist overlords, I'm sure they'll protect you lol.

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2/10 I replied

Don't get me started on Anarchotards. You'll kill eachother before we even get to bomb you.

See: Spanish Civil War.

Zig Forums is getting name dropped everywhere now, just heard it on NPR, leftypol is going to get dragged into this, we need to get our shit together and organize an alternative to Zig Forums because its going to get targeted for destruction. Leftypol needs to survive and needs to show the world we are not Zig Forums

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oh fine, have another (you), you naughty little sausage.

This as well. Join the leftypol shillver legion.

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No shit faggot.
Religion might be uncivilized,but people believe in it. And hear me right, people who follow it aren't some type of evil doers that just follow it to fuck up over everyone else, their people who have grow with it, they've been made to believe it since they were children, they're normal people, like you and me
Religion is everywhere, and everyone knows, at least, one person that is religious.
To put an example, my mother is a very religious person, she's an evangelical christian from Brazil, now imagine that, because of this stupid shit about the Nazi masturbation fantasy, some islam fundamentalist (pretty much islamic fascists) breaks into their church, and then start shooting people for Allah. Imagine your mother, as she is trying to escape from these fuckers, and while they're streaming the slaughter, pick her up by the hair while she's crying for mercy, they put a gun into her mouth, and then they shot her brains out, leaving her corpse there while they're laughing for killing another human being.
Imagine that, imagine that happening to you as happened to the families of the victims, as a schizophrenic Zig Forumstard starts shooting your little sister who is already bleeding to death in the pavement.
It wouldn't be hard, as much of america (or at least, deep america) believe in christ fervently and go to church, for that to happen, wouldn't it?.

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america has a lot of circumcision because a cereal guy said it was okay cuz it stopped boys from masturbating, he also wanted girls to get acid poured on their vaginas but thankfully that one didn't stick around too, no religious people were needed, just a cereal guy that wanted to stop boys from masturbating.

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We need to learn from our comrades in Spain and Germany during the 20s and 30s. Who resuted fascism and formed militias. Seriously we need to get our asses of the internet and start organizing no matter how small it may be. Anyways in Spain and Germany they resisted and fought in the street, day in and day out. But now we have this large group of people with tolerance. "You're just as bad as them" "M-MUH FREE PEACH" "Antifa are the real fascists" etc etc. If we wish to do anything we have to remove this group which the right use to their own advantage. But this only ever seems to be a issue here in the states.

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The New Afrikan Black panther has allied with the IWW with prison strikes and the SRA and Redneck Revolt are pretty damn connected. The only thing we need is a radical non sectarian radical unionist organization. That structure kinda resembles Leftypol but without the mods since you can structurlize an org differently irl, lol.

Aren't the New Black panthers the racist ones? I like the idea of the union.

i've heard they are antisemitic or some shit, don't ask me how they got there,

Pretty sure you guys are talking about two different orgs

They seem like maoists to me.

Proletarians of the word univos.

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They are and they have a white branch too.

marielle ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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From what country are these guys?

I think that Marielle was a socialist and a feminist who was murdered by two fascists.

Are there examples of armed Leftist parties that were particularily resistant to infiltration and Cointelpro?

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Homemade firearms m8, CQC is broke tier.

I'm not from the US either, i just posted all i've got, most of the information is still useful also check out murdercube

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Does anyone have any good articles (from reputable sources) about cops working with the Zig Forumsfags? I want to redpill normies with this knowledge.

Hahaha this is the vaguest shit. FOR WHOMST? HOW? WHERE?


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Just some edgy edgelords edgelording.

look into the archive, there was a thread not long ago about cops having private conversations with cops

Though, I think we can all agree with the fact that that the capitalists are using all of these immigrants as cheap labour at the expense of the working class. Right?

of course.

You can make an infograph out of it, too.
We should be making infographs for real redpill opportunities.
One person in our side is a person that isn't on theirs.
Also an edit of this pic, remarking leftist unity, would be pretty good

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I keep hearing this, yet I have to see the evidence

You're not going to find evidence for it unless you read between the lines user. Bourgeois will never admit to this.

The New Black Panthers and New Afrikan Black Panthers are very different groups. The former are racist black nationalists that have been denounced by members of the original BPP. The latter are extremely based, encourage racial solidarity, and offer excellent materialist takes in pretty much all issues.

Sulfuric acid do not cost that much & is very effective in most hand to hand combat situation.

Any Comrades from DK?

I was in the army and could probably help some folks organize and learn the basics of self-protection.

That poor man who tried to stop him. Imagine if he was armed.

user, the upper class wants all of these immigrants to drown the working class and use these immigrants as cannon fodder for the bourgeoisie. You won't hear this from the capitalist media

If you wanna teach something, be it writing it down in here and leaving videos or some shit like that. As for everyone in here, never go out with strangers for political causes, as they could be the CIA or your local secret police organization.
Only trust on long-term comrades that you know aren't infiltrators.

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Paranoia doesn't help us. We must judge people by the merits of their acts, regardless of their intentions and assume that no acts are secret.

sounds to me like a good way to get infiltrated

We'll always be infiltrated. There's no movement that's not infiltrated.
That's the point.
That's why we mustn't think of people's intentions, but rather about what they do does.

me too. and i'm not just saying that because i'm a muslim.

you are 100% right comrade, we need some sort of non larp real time organization. and dying in the name of socialism must be the ultimate goal

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Ok FBI man.
If you can teach us, then teach us through here, on Zig Forums, instead of making us go so you can identify teach us.

Guys, get into ANTIFA.
They're really not as bad as you'd think. Show up to some rallies andaccept that some of them are cancer, and some of them think that you're cancer, but you fucking need each other to survive.

The attack is horrible beyond belief, but I'm glad alt-right terrorism is now officially a thing. It puts us in a way better position.

Buddy, I wouldn't even know where to start teaching combat skills over the internet.

when are we getting revenge

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Ya know, I would've said to not escalate it yesterday, but after seeing all of the posts on Zig Forums today I've lost all faith. So you know what? Go and mobilize.

As a Jew, it is deeply sickening to see nazism in the modern world. It is our responsibility to destroy every nationalist that is white. White people in general can’t be trusted and should be eliminated.

Report, hide and go on with your lifes, people.
Answering to their bait will only derail the thread.

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Whatever you do, don't react with more hateful and senseless attacks. You gotta look sympathetic in the eyes of the public. No left-wing terrorism without broad support for it.

Pretty pathetic attempt at a false flag.

Nigga we making our own antifa.

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Why don't we rebrand AntiFa as a mass-action anti-fashie organization, change the name to something more explicitly anti-cappie to keep liberals out, and name it in such a way that we're still obviously good guys but without any liberal elements?
How about "Anti-Neolib"?
"Antiglo" (anti-global-capitalist)?
It needs to be short and sweet but also scare off liberals

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Nigga, we can make our own groups, but antifa is already a cooalition of groups, so there's no point in not cooperating with them.

"Antiglo" is gonna sound like "anti-globalism" and that's gonna end up attracting fash.

You're implying globalism isn't a Capitalist thing. Internationalism is different, of course.

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I'm referring to the "globalist" dogwhistle for jew that some idiots use.

Mutilating genitals is an act of evil. They are evil doers. I do not agree with the shooters’ motive, but it is very difficult for me to feel any remorse for people who have butchered children’s genitals.
My mother is a genital mutilator. It would be nothing more than karma.
All of my siblings have blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. I don’t think the shooter would be a very good Zig Forumsyp or nutsac for killing the ethnic Europeans that they are trying to protect.

John Harvey Kellogg, a Christian religious person, who wanted to stop masturabtion in the name of Christ because it was sinful and claimed that he personally admired the Jews for their genital mutilation, made genital mutialtion popular in America.

I am a cut mexican boy and i don't blame my mother, my father (who told her it was a good idea since he got it when he was a teenager and for a dick-something-sickness) or the doctor that did it to me, they didn't know better, it isn't even popular in my country. My crusade against circumcision isn't by killing already cut children or their ignorant parents, i do it by educating them. Might as well kill the majority of american white families that got their children cut.

COINTELPRO killed formal leftism in the US.
The Democrat Cops of America is probably the most organized the left has been since the 60s, not including Occupy which wasn't really an org.


Yes, my mother comes from a poor background, not very educated, my father was born rich and got himself a business from his parents, not the best example of a self-made, intelligent man that does extensive research. I don't blame them because they didn't know it was bad, and believe me i've already gone through this phase, i've talked to her and told her my circumcision is even worse than most, it's extremely tight and certain sexual acts hurt without lubricant. I hate all of the people responsible for my circumcision the same way i would hate anyone for commiting a mistake, a bad decision influenced by doctors, perhaps i do have a problem with doctors, they are supposed to protect us, and they clearly failed in my case. But i don't wish anyone to be massacrated, holy fuck, i wish for people to understand it's a terrible practice.

Just because a father had a body part amputated for valid medical reasons, doesn’t mean it needs to be done to the son. You need zero education to know this simple fact. Legal retards know better than this. If you had your eyes gouged out at birth because a family member had eye cancer, would you still feel the same way?

This is basic common sense. You don’t need to be a doctor to see this is wrong.

No shit, they do it for the money, a single foreskin is worth thousands of dollars.

Imagine the shooters, instead of killing them, tried to educate them. I don’t think any children would listen as they are blinded by their faith. If some did, their children, or their children’s children, would eventually go back to mutilating genitals for religious purposes. Trying to educate them would be very ineffective as they would rather choose the pleasant lie over the unpleasant truth. From a very cold blooded point of view, killing every single genital mutilator on the planet would be far more efficient than trying to educate them all. This is why I feel no remorse for their death no matter what the motivation for the deaths may be. Education is good, and the death of genital mutilators only brings us closer to its total abolishment.

The Bible explicitly states that you’re pretty much damned to Hell for genital mutilation. As for irreligious people, they should know butchering children is wrong through a simple thought process or two.

Again, lots of people like that, they are reproducing right now, there's still a chance to change the current thought, no need to kill them.
Mao abolished foot binding, circumcision can be abolished from most of the world.
Can't you understand? most people simply don't know better, it's the fucking reason why they do it on the first place, that's why my grandmother either didn't care or forgot that bible passage when my aunt old her one of my younger cousins got a circumcision for a medical reason that could have been fixed by lots of other methods. Maybe if she knew, maybe if it was common knowledge, she along with my aunt would have said no, not out of some religious rule but because it's fucking terrible.

How many people browse leftypol? How many people can we get together?

The guy who charged him broke my heart. He almost put an end to the slaughter. The frail brainlet would've panicked, he probably can't fight for shit and is weak as fuck.